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Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF) relies upon donations and sponsorship of our programs. Our various public camera streams sport advertising to pay for the network bandwidth they use, and our web site currently (Spring, 2010) still has advertising on it however we are hoping to be able to remove it in the near future. Your corporate and personal sponsorship of our projects will aid in this.

  • What is the difference between sponsorship and being an advertiser?
    Sponsorship is generally tied to a specific project or activity. Monetary donations as a sponsor are recognized with a charitable tax receipt. Donations in kind, such as time, goods and services are also appreciated but are not covered by a tax receipt.
    Advertising with HWF is a fee for service and is not covered by tax receipt. At this time we are not soliciting new advertisers, but rather using Google Adsense to populate our current ad spots.
  • Do you have different levels of sponsorship, and if so, what are their basic differences?
    Our sponsorship programs range from basic monthly or annual donations recognized by inclusion of your company's name and/or logo in our "Supporters" area on our right border, to site and page recognition of sponsorship or co-sponsorship of one or more of our cameras and/or education or research programs. Once we have our production center up and running this will extend to sponsorship of specific video programs and archive activities as well. The production center itself is also available for prime and co-sponsorship.
  • Is there a minimum dollar level you consider for being a sponsor?
    We will work with a potential sponsor on almost any level, however we have set a $25/month base sponsorship level for general recognition.
  • Our company would like to sponsor a camera. What would a typical camera installation prime sponsor be expected to donate?
    HWF's camera installations have both capital and annual costs. Capital costs, including initial installation, purchase of equipment, etc. varies from a low of about $1000, to as much as $50,000, and more, depending on the specific species, location and number of cameras. Ongoing maintenance again ranges from about $100/month (for network fees) to in excess of $5,000/year including on-site inspections, cleaning and repairs to equipment as well as some fairly high network costs associated with specific locations.
  • At what level would you expect a co-sponsor of a camera project to be? What recognition would we get for such co-sponsorship?
    Co-sponsorships for most camera projects are available for as little as $100/month with a commitment of a full season, typically 6-8 months, but in some instances year-round.
    As a co-sponsor, your corporate logo and a brief note of your sponsorship would be featured on the camera's main topic page. We would also expect you to put out a press release about your sponsorship, and would have a copy of it in our story system which could be linked to your sponsorship entry on the camera/project page. Your entry would also be linked to your own web site in whatever manner you wish, either directly or through a "landing page" of your choice. In the case of a sponsor of several projects, we will provide extended background information about a sponsor on our own site where several such sponsorship links can lead people, and from which readers can link to the sponsor's own site.
  • What projects do you currently have openings for sponsors for?
    Please see our current project list, however we are always looking for co-sponsors for our ongoing camera projects such as Sidney and Chehalis/Eagle Point, as these are our major sites at the moment (Spring, 2010).


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