Media Information and Links - Live Eaglet Rescue, May 19, 2011 - Sidney, BC, Canada

Please note this page and revisit - as we accumulate information, edit video, pull in images, etc. we'll link them here. Note that not everything may be here immediately - new information is being added by our members all the time.

Note: Copyright 2011, Hancock Wildlife Foundation - see the license link at the bottom of all pages. In addition, use of this information and any images or video from the HWF site for news purposes is specifically allowed with attribution.

Sidney Nest Basic Resources

Specific Stories/Links (original to HWF only - other news links may be found in the Wildlife News topic and in the Sidney topic)

Video Files (link to all of them)

MP4 raw video files from hand-held camera in the crane bucket

Imgages From Videos

Individual frames from the above videos - some frames have been removed as they are not relevant or of poor quality


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