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Additional Ways to View the Cams


Please note that not all cams are currently operating. 
The Sidney Old Nest cam was probably damaged when the nest blew down in early April.
The Chehalis cams are offline until the fall salmon runs. 
And the Delta cams are showing the remains of the nest which collapsed this spring,
fortunately before the eagles started nesting.


Sidney = the currently occupied Sidney "New" Nest unless otherwise specified.


One over the Other

Side by Side

Hancock Live Cameras

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Current Sidney Nest
Lafarge Vancouver Nest

(large format - 576x488)

Current Sidney Nest and
Lafarge Vancouver Nest
Side by Side

(medium format - 410x350)

Two Cams on One Page


A convenient way
to watch two cams
at the same time.

Sidney over Lafarge

(small format - 320x296)

Sidney beside Lafarge

(small format - 320x296)

Sidney New Nest
Sidney Old Nest

New and Old Nests
Side by Side


Delta OWL Overhead
Delta OWL Side View

Delta OWL
Overhead and Side Views
Side by Side


Chehalis PTZ
Chehalis Fish Cam

(Fish cam starts after brief ad.)

Sidney New & Lafarge
Sidney Old & Delta OWL WA


Sidney New & Sidney Old
Lafarge & Delta OWL WA


 Four Cams on One Page

The cams on these pages are slightly smaller than the rest so all four will fit on most monitors.

3 Wide Angle Cams

Both Delta OWL Cams


3 Wide Angle Cams

Both Delta OWL Cams




Mini Cams

The cams on these pages are just big enough to show that an eagle is visiting, to help keep an eye on the nests while working on something else.

Live, in conjunction with WildEarth.TV

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