Hancock Wildlife Foundation Appointed Wildlife Book Marketing Agency Hancock House Publishers


Hancock House appoints the Hancock Wildlife Foundation its exclusive agent for Wildlife Titles.   The Hancock Wildlife Foundation gets another boost from Hancock House Publishers Ltd -- the Foundation will take over the entire marketing and promotions of the Hancock House specialized wildlife titles and generate a revenue source for this function.

Because Hancock House has the existing order entry, Credit Card and distribution function these functions will still be handled by Hancock House.

Note from David Hancock: As many people know, Hancock House Publishers' main reason for existing has been to fund the research and conservation work that drives my life's interest. In 2005, our first foray into live streaming wildlife video on the Internet was initially run from the Hancock House web site for the Doug Carrick Hornby Island Bald Eagle 2006 breeding season. However we quickly realized that the sheer numbers of people, over 53 million that year, interested in Live Streaming would drown our small site, so we put together not only a new web site, but then turned its operation over to the new Hancock Wildlife Foundation, a Not-for-Profit tax credited entity,  to carry on with that effort.


Since then Hancock House and I have continued to support the Foundation in many ways. We've donated funds, facilities, office staff time and about 5 full years of my life. We've made special deals on books that paid HWF a portion of the proceeds and other similar ways of getting funding to the Foundation's coffers. In essence, HWF is the continuation of my own personal research and conservation efforts and will be expanding/extending that service. with this expanding relationship with Hancock House wildlife book sales. In light of this ongoing support by Hancock House and the fact that the Foundation now needs a steady source of funding, it makes sense for the Foundation to get into the publishing business itself.


In fact HWF is already publishing in a small way. The recent release of Jim King's incredible biography of a flying biologist, Attending Alaska's Birds and Bald Eagles in Alaska by Bruce Wright et al were co-published with the Hancock Wildlife Foundation.


Also with Hancock House's help the Foundation has published DVDs and of course the Sidney 2009 archive key-chain flash drive, and there are more products in the works. Furthermore, there are numerous people who want to publish under HWF's Not-for-Profit banner rather than under a commercial company, if only because of the tax consequences and donations. Because of this, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Hancock Wildlife Foundation is now the official marketer of all the Hancock House wildlife titles, and the Foundation will receive a sales commission no matter where the actual sale is linked from.


Over time we will pass the actual publication of these books to HWF's own publishing arm, which will have the same mandate to promote "conservation education and research". There are other things in the works too. In addition to the many general interest wildlife books Hancock House also has some very specialized books, especially in the avian world, but also for example in Cryptozoology. The Foundation has been approached by a couple of organizations to host and foster public and membership-based web sites under Hancock Wildlife Foundation's web presence for at least two of these areas.


The first of these is the "Relict Hominoid Inquiry" - a site devoted to the peer review of scientific papers on the topic. The second is Raptor News, including reviews of publications, reports on raptor research etc. with discussion forums for both the public and for private research. Each of these sites offers opportunities to attract not only the web membership but authors who wish their works published in the more traditional sense. The web pages will be released shortly. While the public will be able to view most offerings, some benefits like discounts on purchases to support the Foundation, will be restricted to signed-in members.



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