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Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF) was established to further the concept of live streaming wildlife cameras as the lever in work to study, conserve and educate the public about wildlife in general and the top predators of the river systems of the Pacific North West in particular; the eagle, the bear and the orca. We are developing and using the streams from these cameras for direct public education as well as through program development for formal education courses and curricula, especially for K-12 students. David Hancock, biologist, film maker, writer and publisher has seen the opportunities offered by the CAM projects as so important to conservation, education and research that he has brought together a group of advisors, who became the board of directors of the Foundation.

As experience and funding permit, the Foundation is undertaking school and public education projects, particularly those that encourage local community organizations and individuals to get involved, to become active in the care of local rivers, forests and beach and water preservation. Without a lot more care, without a lot more concerned stewards, the fast escalating environmental losses will become catastrophic.

It is our objective to initiate projects in our backyard -- but these issues are in all back yards. Our eagles, our wilderness, our pollution are your eagles, your wilderness, your pollution. The world is so small. We will just as happily put a camera on your continent, your back 40, your exciting wildlife happening. It is your identification with the need and urgency to protect our world that is so crucial.

Stewardship is the Foundation:

The Hancock Wildlife Foundation is coordinating and seeking funding for projects which include research and conservation initiatives, especially in the urban and suburban environments. As the foundation grows we will be hiring full-time staff -- many younger talented people committed to our cause must still make a living. As David Hancock says, "If we can support that, then that is marvelous. In fact we will hire staff as we can afford to do so. However, it is both my position and belief that we will also find, as we already have done, so many additional talented people with some time (and or dollars) to give that "community stewardship" is planned to be our biggest resource. You the volunteers, the 'stewards' of your community, my community of earth, are our biggest asset."

If you can spare us some time and enjoy the computers please contact or join our moderators and other CAM teams.

If you have some teacher qualifications, some expertise on how to focus environmental issues into different curriculum around the world please contact us 

If you have some technical expertise, some skills at setting up CAMS, transmitting the microwave signals or video editing some of our backlog of exciting material please contact us.

If you are a local photographer we need a number of videographers we can call upon for shoots.

If you have skills and expertise on fundraising please contact us.

If you are a photographer -- still or videographer -- perhaps you have a library of "unused film or video or still images you could donate to us! Perhaps you could reactivate your passions and take and donate images or videos to our projects or other projects near you.

And particularly, if you have some biological background we desperately need your assistance in preparing the background reference files on different wildlife topics.

And if you have editorial and writing skills you can further help with not just putting together effective communications in the WEB files, but in preparing educational books, power points etc. for schools or the public.

If you have an anthropological and cultural background we need your help in moderating the forums or writing material to support First Nations and other cross-cultural environmental projects.

We need peoples, talents and time and committment. I'll bet you could help us or one of your local conservation organizations -- or BOTH at the same time.

David Hancock, Chair 
Hancock Wildlife Foundation


    PS: when you see our committees listed or referred to, this is misleading -- a gross understatement of recognition. We would have NO site, no cameras, no advisors, no visual reference files, or anything, unless it was created and placed there due to our volunteers and stewards. I also volunteer my time totally, as do all the Directors. Even our small paid staff of two (really 1 1/2) are only there due to the donations of the volunteers and supporters.
    Thanks supporters and stewards.

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