The Hancock Wildlife Foundation WEB Site and How We Function





A.     HWF Mission Statement,  Objectives & our Structure:


    (i)    Mission Statement & Objectives    


            The mission of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation is to promote the conservation of wildlife and its habitats through science, education, and stewardship.


            Our site is designed to offer insight into how our world works: how species exist and co-exist: and how we can contribute positively to that end which has a goal of a “Sustainable World.  Our approach is based upon commonsense scientific knowledge.

            The Foundations goals are to be achieved though distribution of Live Wildlife CAMs, and interaction with the public through all media including the digital formats, publications and direct lectures.

                    ----------  ---------  ----------  ----------

                   Ultimately our goal is to contribute to the preservation of the
                   World’s Biological Diversity and Sustainability
                      – and you can’t have one without the other.

    (ii)      Board of Directors

            Chairperson:        David Hancock
            Other Members:    Mary Scott:        Sec/Tres
                        Dr David Bird:      Science Advisor
                        Richard Moore:    Fundraising Chair
                        Tom Cadieux        At large


(iii)       Administration of Hwf:    Board of Directors + Appointed People

        a.  HWF Administration:        Chairman from Board: David Hancock,
                      Executive Director:                    Richard Pitt
            Departmental Heads as they come on-board.

        b.   CAM Coordinator + Committee        DH, RP
            This is supervised by Chairman DH, Ex. Dir: Richard Pitt

        c.   Education  Project Coordinator:        DH, +?

            David Hancock oversees the education committees for
            each different media.

            - Book Editorial Committee:            MJ
                The volunteer book editorial committee
                 oversee development of books originating
                 from web topics or to support Web topics.

               - Schools Projects                        ?    
                This committee of volunteers  is charged with
                stimulating schools and students into participating
                in various CAM or HWF educational projects.

            - Video Productions                   ?
                This volunteer committee is charged with
                gathering both the daily video screen shots and
                still images from each live Web cam for use by
                the HWF departments and producing videos
                and visual presentations.                

        d.  Science Project Coordinator:        DH, Dr. Bird

            The FWF has a Scientific Advisory Committee who oversees
            the Science projects promoted or discussed on the Web. David
            Hancock oversees the day to day operations of these projects.

        e.  Fund Raising Projects Coordinator:    DH, Richard Moore

        f   Web Administration:                       DH, RP. JudyB + Admins    

           (iv)       Administrators  of  Web:     DH, RP, JudyB + Admins

        While these positions are constantly being added to we are also always searching for more volunteers to bring their skills and time  to the table.  Please contact the listed person or .  This site, except for our hired Executive Director, is entirely run by volunteers.
        These groups can each have their own working area in the Discussion Forum for private communications:   Volunteer Area.
        Each Division managers can be assigned aa email
        The different Committee Chairs / Managers can pull together their own working committee or will emerge from a committee by that committees choice.

        a..    WEB Manager + Committee:        DH, RP, + Admins

            Richard Pitt, Craig Phillips,DH along with Web Supervisor JudyB and her Admins oversee the general function of the web. This covers bringing in the CAM signals to working with the volunteers to oversee projects and keeping the Discussion Forums and other Programs functional.

        b.     WEB Auditors:               Selected people who report to DH

            This is a select committee, not publicized, who report directly to David Hancock so he has some broader personal touch with the different web programs than he personally experiences.  These people are my pulse and window on what and how well we are doing.  It gives me different eyes with which to see what we are doing.   David simple invites  people personally and privately for their input.  

            If you think David Hancock should be aware of some issue but you don’t wish to air it publically on the Forum (which generally we prefer) then please privately contact:  

        c.    WEB Design:                               DH, RP,     more needed

            The Web Design, like most of our web projects, are volunteer driven and we are always looking for people with Design talent to tackle part(s?) of a program that could visually or functionally be improved. And there is lots of room for improvement so don’t feel embarrassed  to ask – we know this!!  Please volunteer.  Or or

        d.    Content Provider Coordinators:      DH, RP, Admins, Mods+ needed

            We have an entire section devoted to Content Providers and how we depend on them for their contributions. The point is that we are particularly wishing not just people reporting of different eagle nests but people with a little time to share on helping to develop our Biological Reference data bases.

            We also want people to pull together some specific data set that might be useful to either the public or researchers at some later date. This can be finding and summarizing biology on any species  – we will post it to our Bio Ref section   Who can add biological details on bears, fish, orcas etc. Or on different topics. . See examples at:   Archives of Nestling Growth of CAM Reared B.E.    JudyB or Records of Bald Eagle Mortality

        e.       Gift Shop Manager:            Manager + Comm.  needed

            Our Gift Shop is an important tool to raise funds for our Projects. We need volunteers to find and organize interesting products to sell. The Hancock House sponsors of the HWF will undertake the storage, distribution and invoicing of these items.  

            Our Store Manager and committee members are to find good product and particularly good art for display and sale in our “soon to be exhibited” The Eyrie Gallery.of quality prints and original art either donated to us or available to us on consignment. Please contact:  or

        f.    Fundraising Projects Coord:    KarenB + more needed

            Here we want people who can organize projects where we can sell something special for a specific Fundraising Event that the Committee can promote.

            Productive  examples have been Harry and  Franks fine prints; Lori’s Sidney 2009 Thumb Drive. Etc.  An annual auction would likely be another good idea – suggested by many but lacking a coordinator.    If you have ideas or wish to work on a projects, or donate some items, please contact:

            It has been suggested we solicit donated product for companies appreciating our efforts: yes yes!!

        g.    Video Productions Manager:        needed                

            Finding some volunteers who can make us 40 sec., 3 minute, or longer video summaries on any related topic would be wonderful. We recently had a couple of students from BCIT give us a couple of school projects Fish CAM at Chehalis and Bald Eagle Release at Campbell River  – quite wonderful. Perhaps you are associated with a school or can pull together such a project.  We have lots of ran video.   Please contact:

        h.    Forum Administration:        RP, JudyB + Admins + Mods

            The Forum is of course our most important interactive program and enables us to hear from and talk with the public and school children.   We are always looking for more people to help with the administration of this program and to expand our outreach.

            Finding people who can then relate the public’s questions to our already posted Biological Reference material is very important. And if they can write more of the reference material that is an added asset.    JudyB coordinates the Admns and Mods:"judyb -- Forum Admin" <>


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B.     HWF is Dependent Upon Volunteers - our Environmental Stewards

    Content is king!  However, our worlds resources, our content, is quickly disappearing or being degraded.   It is the worlds “stewards”, those individuals with commitment to documenting the problems but more importantly making suggestions and actions to correct our collective wrongs that are needed.  This web site is a vehicle for “Environment Stewards” to present and discuss the options and particularly point out to the next generation a better way.

    (i)    We Need Your Help.     Stewards & Volunteers Needed.

    The HWF is constantly seeking more good “content” – live CAMS,  good reference files and knowledgeable people who will help advance this information into understandable units.   I stress that ‘content” is of little value unless it is effectively presented and interpreted.   We seek volunteers at all levels: providing information, designing & administering our “steward driven site”,  and helping us to interpret our natural world  to different segments of society: the public, the students and the schools for further use.

    I consider the most important part of our site is the “content”.  Without good “Content” and enthusiastic encouraged “Content Providers” we have nothing for our viewers to see, to better understand or to discuss in the Forums.  Furthermore,  good educators drive that content into something more useful in attaining a sustainable world  – and  that is where we depend upon your efforts.  If you can help at any level please contact us.

    (ii)    Our Volunteers fit into many categories with different skill sets.

        Can you assist with managing the Forum?:
        Can you help with the design of the site?
        Can you wright some of the needed Biological Reference fies?
        Can you write grants to help us fund projects?
        Do you have a CAM you would like us to distribute?
        Can you devote some time to helping wire-up CAMS or place them?
        Can you help raise us funds for projects?
        Do you understand school curriculum to help direct our projects?
        Can you help organize a book or video for schools? Or the public?
        Can you help in finding interesting items on the conservation news?

        Have you another talent to offer?

        Please contact us if you can help.  Thanks David Hancock.


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C.     HWC  Categories  of  Viewers,  Contributors  and Members

    (i)    Categories of Viewers and Supporters:

        a)    Passive Viewers: they come and observe or read and leave – they do not sign-in, comment or post.  They, like all groups, are totally worldwide. They are the largest category by statistics.  Since they are here by interest, it is our challenge is to get them more involved in world issues.

        b)     Active Viewers: They sign-in to be able to read more, to post comments,  discuss and ask questions.  The drive the Q&As, what we try to achieve in terms of objectives for public and school viewing.

        c)    Contributors & Content Providers:   these are our Volunteer workers, the Admins and Mods; and our many levels of Content Providers.   These are our base resource providers that provide the breadth and depth of what we show and present.

                See:    How to Become a Content Provider

        d)    Sponsors & Financial Contributors: these are our supporters.  They keep our Charitable Not-for-Profit Foundation on the air, presenting programs to schools and undertaking research..  They range from people buying a book,  DVD or print, to contributing $5.00 to those funding a nest, new research or giving a monthly donation.  Others pay for ads and contribute to revenue base.  We thanks you all.

                See:     How to Become a Supporting Member

    (ii)    Our Viewers Categories     – below:

        a.     Signed-In Member:    See: How to Become a Signed-in Member

            This enables the viewer to both fully see some restricted data  and post to our Forums. It also give the viewer the opportunity to receive our HWF In-House News and the World Wildlife News monthly by email. Also the Sign-in Viewer gets advance notice of some events and a discount on special offers ONLY made to Members.

        b.    Content Provider: =  CP’s    See:  How to Become a Content Provider

            This is our treasured group of contributors with not just the above priveledges but with approval to Post Observations, Images and Videos to specific Programs: Their postings are our Site!
                        See:   Content Providers Categories

        c.     Supporting Member:       See: How to Become a Supporting Member

            These Supporters have gone beyond the moral and volunteer support and dug into their pockets and to assist in funding the Foundation.  While the organization is basically volunteer driven we still have incredible costs to install and maintain the cams, support educational and scientific projects and sustain our presence on the web.  To the Supporting Members we send that extra thanks.

            These members are acknowledged on a special “Supporters Page” (if they allow this), receive our Supporting Members News Letter, which give advance notice of Foundation activities, and get a special discount on any foundation sales through the Gift Shop.
                        See     Supporting Members Categories


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D.     How our Site Works        Content & Discussion

    The Foundation and its volunteers provide:  Content and Discussion:
        – then we hope you viewers undertake local Stewardship action
        – then please use our site to tell us what you are doing in your community
        – this will be a stimulus and guide to others.

(i)    What we Provide at the Site:        Content & Discussion!.

    a)    CONTENT:      is live CAMs, Archived Observations & Posted Images & Videos , and  many Research Files of collected data,     

            The Content is contributed by a range of Content Providers:
            - Volunteer field workers who regularly report or post on a nest,
                record wildlife observations or summaries etc.

            - The big need is also for data coordinators, researchers on topics of related interest, and good old fashioned editors & designers to effectively present the data and even promoters so we work towards our own ‘financial sustainability’.

            For Details of Content Providers:     See Content Providers

    b)    DISCUSSION FORUMS: for the Public, Schools, contributor--helpers etc.

            The Forums take a special kind of organization and control that enables freedom of thought but does not invoke general provocation – well sometimes!   Our site promotes and demands a scientific open  approach so we do not allow a Religious or Political doctrine.. Flaming  is also not allowed.

            - Our totally volunteer team of Administrators and moderators are always looking for further assistance as we expand our scope.

            - we eagerly take on discussion of anybodies local issues as well as the bigger international issues.  

            - we particularly wish to develop good data and discussion on the world’s most pressing issue: overpopulation driven by GREED & supported by blind and often purposeful IGNORANCE!  For the survival of the human race, and the other species we depend upon in a sustainable world, we must get away from our immediate drive for greed and power.

            For Details on Discussion Forums:    See Discussion Forums

-    ----------------------------  -------------------------------  --------------------------------

(ii)    How to Navigate our Web Site:    

        A    How to Navigate our Web Site:
        B     Discussion Forums &
        C      Content and Content Providers

        NOTE: For consistency all our Web based programs are GL Fusion based

        You can navigate our new web site from the top line of “White on Black” Menu Drop Screens.  These are constantly being refined & many contain “Sub-Indexes”  to lead you to more detail by hot links.   You can use the Google search option to search within the files or programs. This is best when searching the GLFusion News files like World Wildlife News etc.  Because of our science base, we try and divide our content by Topic and Species accounts – particularly in the  Reference Data Bases.  Here we have incorporated the GLFusion DokuWiki plug-in structure to better present the Indexed details.

        The key issue is that our posters, both casual and our regular Content Providers, are encouraged to post valuable data for both discussion and then archiving in the Media Gallery or other permanent Web programs – not within the Forums.  The images or videos are then archived and available for future viewers and researchers.  In short the Reference based data files are never lost or disappear to the 65? page of postings!.

--------------------------------  ----------------------------------  -----------------------------------

A    How to Navigate Our Web Site:    For Content & Discussion Forums

(i)    How to Sign-In to Post::                See:   Becomming a Posting Member

(ii)    How to Become a Content Provider:         See:   Becoming a Content Provider

(iii)    How to Become a Supporting Member:    See:   Becoming a Supporting Member

(iv)    How the Topics & Threads are organized:   See:   Discussion Forums:
(v)    How to Post and Ask Questions:             See:     How to Comment & Post .

    (vi)    How to Set up Your Own Media Gallery:    See:  How to Post to Media Gallery:

--------------------------------  ----------------------------------  ------------------------------------

B.     DISCUSSION  FORUMS    – see Index to Discussion Forum – Topics & Threads:

The Topics and Threads in the Forums are largely organized by Volunteer Admins and Mods under the fine supervision of   JudyB and her team.  (How to become a Volunteer)

Viewing, Posting to or Contributing to our Web Site is relatively simple when you understand its overview.  

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C.     CONTENT   PROGRAMS:       and Their  Organization:

Our Content is the sum of many different programs:

All these programs are organized and posted to by our Volunteers. Are you one?

(i)     Live CAMs:        those of HWF or other CAMs  we carry.
                -  Live Cameras  -  - access from Menu Drop Screen = MDS
                - See:  How to have us Carry your CAM or
                - See   How to Support a Live  CAM

                We want to distribute as many CAMS as feasible: Do you have one needing wider distribution to schools or public?

(ii)    Media Gallery:     folders of  Images & Videos posted by Content Providers
                -  Media Gallery  - Access from Menu Drop Screen
                - See:   How to Post to Media Gallery:

(iii)    Biology References:    our folders by topic & species of biology data
                - Biology Reference:   Access from Menu  Drop Screen - Indexed
                - See How to be a Content Provider:    and help us!

(iv)     World Wildlife News   our folder, by date, of World Wildlife News
                - World Wildlife News     access from Wildlife News  Menu  Drop Screen
                - See:    How to be a Wildlife News Contributor.

(v)      Events Calendar:     our Calendar of key relative events- regional?
                - Calendar:  access from Menu Drop Screen
                - See: Personal Calendar - your calendar - HDS
                - See:  How to Contribute to Calendar:

(vi)    Festivals & Fun:    our selection of event details:
                - Festivals & Fun access from Calendar Menu Drop Screen
                - See:   How to Contribute to Festivals & Fun

(vii)    HWF: About Us:    - See: our Logos  for Links & PR Images
                - See:  Mission Statement
                - See:    Our Directors
                - See:   David Hancock Bio & Lectures Available
                - See:   Our Projects:& Cooperators
                - See:  Science Projects:
                    - Those Seeking Funding Support    
                    - Those Underway
                    - Finished
                - See:    Education:
                    - Those Seeking Funding Support    
                    - Those Underway
                    - Finished
                - See:    CAM Projects & Projections.
                    - Those Seeking Funding Support    
                    - Those Underway
                - See:   How to Donate to HWF

(vii)    Other Ref Files:    listing by title:   
                - See     Sub-Index of Reference Files
                - See:     How to Become a Content Provider

        -eg.    - Bald Eagle Nest Chronology & Behavior Chart
            - Audubon Christmas Bald Eagle Summaries.
            - Bald Eagle “Media Killing Records”
            - Bald Eagle CAM Rearing Records & Growth - JudyB
            - Archives:       Old:     World Wildlife News
                    Old:    HWF - In-House News
                    Old:    Members ONLY News
                    Old:    Pre-2009 Forum posting.
            - we are constantly seeking other material
(viii)     The Gift Shop:    - our place to sell products for Hwf profits.
                - See:   General Gift Shop  -  Books, DVD’s etc.
                - See:   The Eyrie: Wildlife Art Gallery.  Special        quality
             Prints, Limited Edition Prints, Origins etc.
                - See:   How to Buy:
                - See:   How to Donate or
                - See:   How to Donate to Gift Shop

(ix)     Misc other sites.    To be added as needed or when we get a volunteer


Admins Only:

(x)    Admins ONLY    Stats:
                Banners & Logos for use.
                Forum Admin Files;
                How to Set & Edit:  Stories, Topics, Static Pages:
                Members and Cooperators Guidelines.
                Setting WE pages: ??


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E.     Content Providers:       What they are!  And How to Become One!

Content is king.  Without our Live CAMS and all the regularly provided observations, images & videos on wildlife or in summary files posted by the volunteers  there would be nothing to comment on, argue over, use as a platform for understanding the world we all share.  Without your content there would be no Discussion Forums – no WEB site.

Needed:    Content Provider Coordinator + Committee:   so far JudyB has handled this but as we expand into more species and topics and she needs an expanded committee of volunteer Admins and Mods and various Committee members and Chair people..

(i)    What is a Content  Provider:

    HWF presents a number of Programs for interacting with the public.  These programs are firstly, content,  and then we encourage discussion of that content.

    The people who provide this content are collectively our Content Providers or Contributors (=CP’s).   They give of their time, effort and creative energy.  We in turn , give these volunteers credit and some additional operational authority, and sometimes assistance from other volunteers on how the site works so they can post their contribution.  They also  get Supporters  Membership status & Gift Shop discounts – lots of appreciation and I hope good satisfaction. If it was not for this last element most of us would have given up a long time ago.

    The Foundation has to have a record of the Content Providers real name, address and contact details. The Contact Providers are our biggest asset and we need to have complete mutual respect routed in knowing who is who. This data is not shared with the public.

    Content Providers drive the site.  Our Admins and Mods steer its path.

(ii)    Categories  of  Content  and  the Content Providers:  

    (a)  Live Wildlife Streams:  - initially all the Live Streams were provided by David Hancock.  Today we are wanting to collect Live Streams into our Production Facilities from as many other sources as possible to increase the regional coverage.   This will enable us to offer a wider variety of species and a wider seasonal coverage for schools and the public.  If the teacher wants to offer live Eagle, Barn Owl or a Beaver den coverage – she will want it live – and at that time. More Live Streams from around the country will enable us to deliver our streams live and when the teacher wants them.
          See   Our School Needs for CAMS
    (b)  Nest site Content Providers:  regularly posting videos and stills of their site(s).
        - generally these CP’s are anywhere in the world but most will be in NA.
        - our CP’s gather information, images or videos and deliver it to our site.
        - this is our prime data.    See: Becoming a Content Provider

    (c)   Media Gallery:   this is the place  where the CP’s  post their content
        - for   CPs and general public        
                See:    Index to Media Gallery;
                See:    How to Post to Media Gallery:

    (d)   Biology Reference Files by topic.     By DH or other approved authorities = CP’s
        - this is the biology data to help interpret the images, CAMs & Discussions.                See:    Index to Biology Reference  Details
                See:    How to be a Content Provider

        (e)   World Wildlife News       Editor: TerryB   This is a world review of conservation issues.  Without this world perspective we would be missing how to interpret our data.        See:   How to be a Wildlife News Contributor

    (f)  Discussion Forums:   Q&A, comments etc.  JudyB coordinator + Admins
        - this is our key way to solicit comments and give perspective to/from
        followers with links to the other Programs. See:   How to Post to the Forum

Additional Files / Programs or Files with Content that need volunteers:

    (f)   Calendar of Events:   enabling viewers to get further involved in important issues.
        - if Calendar became more popular it could be broken down by regions.
                        See:  How to Contribute to Calendar:

    (g)   Special Files Archived by Topic:   ie;     Some Projects need a coordinator.
        Indexed under Biology References.      See How to be a Content Provider

            Archives of Nestling Growth of CAM Reared B.E.    JudyB

            Records of Bald Eagle Mortality;            ??? who did this

            Summary Nesting Activity:                Needs updater
            Summary of Food Remains per Nest.                  Needs updater

            Bald Eagle Annual Counts at Festivals:        needs person to update annually

    (h)    Gift Shop:    Regular + Art Gallery   What qualifies?
                See:   How to Contribute Items or Time to GS
                See:    How to Submit Art or Prints to HWF
                See:   How to Buy Books & Gifts

Additional Content Projects::  Projects available through Sub-Indexes:  ie. Reference Pages:

        - projects of CP’s, some completed, other needing Content Providers

(i)     Eagles Seasonal Behavior:   Ref File   Sid 2007      Lyndabird, Sandragee
                    ( Data base + Summary Graphs, Charts etc from Observation Thread)
(j)    Archives:                All need filer.  All are searchable by public.
(k)    School Program Coordinator:                     DH, karenb
                        The Elder Speaks                            DH,  Karenb    DONE

(l)    Book Program Committee;                     DH, MJ +
                    ((If you have images or ? for any project please contact coordinator))

              Coordinator / Editor Books:        
                  a.     Story of Eagle Bk;                      DH, SL    PUBLISHED
                  b.     HEET Book:                              DH, MJ, Nancy                   c.     Carrick Bk:                             DH, JN    PUBLISHED
                  d.     Nancy's Bk:                             DH, Nancy
                  e.     Benn's  Bk:                             DH,  
              f.       Fish Live History            ?
              g.     Bear Ecology                ?
              h.     Bear Facts                DH,  KS
(m)     Video Program Committee:                            DH, MJ +
                ((If you have images or ? for any project please contact coordinator))

             Coordinator = Video Editor:
                  a.    Doug Carrick     2005:                     DH,  DC,    DONE

             Screen Capture Committee:       to support Video Editor                                 b.    Sidney Nest:      2008-09:          LoriM        DONE
                  e.    Sidney Nest:    2009-10        LoriM        
          d.     Need others ?                  ???

(n)    CAM  Tech Installations:                            DH / RP  /
                            Bob Chappell  - Vancouver Is.
        - We need more volunteers with CAM &  Microwave experience     

(o)     Bald Eagle Distribution:
                   Audubon Winter Counts:                 Judy (=jkr)

(p)    Wildlife Mapping:  Virtual Earth Nest Records    DH, Bird, Dwayne Lamb, +
        Urgently need person will high computer skills: virtual earth, etc.

(q)    Promotions Committee:            RP, CraigP + need committee.    to assist in gathering info for promotions of projects.  . Need more help.

(r)    WEB Design Support Group:            Here we need a few web design people
         who can design projects,  campaigns or ads or promotion pages  for
specific projects.    Please email me:  

            (s)     Scientific Research Assistants Needed:    We need several volunteers to assist in             up coming projects..  The science background need will not be extensive but rather some familiarization with topic, conservation and time to devote to some research or coordination of birder records.
                    Please contact:

    (t)    Summer 2010 Students needed:   
            2 volunteers to plot date
            2 volunteers to record field data on eagles

    (u)    Most Projects  need more volunteers as we are going forward so quickly.

            Please contact any of the specific people suggested or:

Thoughts to our Admins and Cps:       -  on Developing Rules for Different CP’s

    (i)     List basic rules (applicable to all CP posters), objectives, rights listing etc. - rights of this group, since they constitute one of the most valued assets of the HWF should be that of Moderator but they would probably not all be encouraged, or even want, to intervene in general Moderator overviewing unless they encountered some obvious "fact or science based" error related to their field of expertise.  On the other hand some Research Coordinators will also have independently come up from being Moderators and already have this status.

        All are  to also get the privileges of Sponsoring Members  - Discounts etc.
            See:   1. G.  REVIEW of   HWF Supporting Membership Categories

    (ii)    Prepare Mast Heads of all Projects:    To list the :Project Coordinator / Content Provider and members of any Committee

    (iii)    Special Indexer Needed: I think we need a well organized person to overview the different Content Programs and make their Indexes effective and consistent. These are hierarchal Indexes.   Whatever you learn about finding your way around in one program should enable the viewer to find there way around in another program. That needs a Content Provider Coordinator.



F.    Forum Administrators:      What they are!  And How to Become One!



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