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Forum topic moderators are needed for all manner of topics within this site. We want to stimulate informative discussion and exchange of information of topics related to Hancock Wildlife's streaming and web topics.

Some Forum Administrators may simply wish to post some background research on their work – or solicit more info on a topic. Other people might just want this FREE and EASY-TO-USE-SPACE to post current data on bird or eagle counts in an area, run an interactive site exploring native issues, wildlife conservation issues, or ?????

Terms & Rules of Hosting a Forum

Please contact the forum administration if you wish to become a moderator or forum editor for your own topic at

Hosting or moderating a forum involves the creation of articles and may also include the solicitation of articles from others with the added requirement for editing and/or vetting such articles and taking responsibility for approval of their content prior to allowing the general public to see them (posting). It also involves moderating and management of any comment postings allowed for articles in the forum area(s) of responsibility.

Editing and approving others' postings involves ensuring that copyright rules are obeyed as well as vetting for off-topic and other unwanted postings and verbiage.

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