Raptor Biology - The Urban Eagle

The Bald Eagle has invaded Vancouver British Columbia and the surrounding lower Fraser Valley Region.

---- We have over 147 nesting pairs in the GVRD and another 100+ pairs nesting up the lower Fraser Valley -- a WORLD RECORD for nesting raptors

----- Do you know of some of these nests? Do you care?

============= ============= ===========

This section is here for you to send us your sightings and pictures of eagles in and around urban areas

---------- Any interesting observations to tell us?
---------- What have you seen them eat?

----- (b) -- Site Maps of region where eagles nest

---------- Do you know how many young were raised in any nests?
---------- Do you know of another nest?

Note: we do not need to post the exact nest location but we want to know of them. Some sites we keep the location private as they are only obserable from private property

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