HEET - creating books about our experiences with the Eaglets

The Hancock Eaglet Editors Team (HEET) has formed to prepare one, two or more books / booklets to (a) summarize the Live Eagle Watch CAM experience and (b) to seek out better ways to get more from such a project next time or with other species.

The HEET volunteers will be writing two books and producing a DVD about eagles and the Live Cam experience. One book will be written for adults and the other for children/students. These books will be published by Hancock House Publishers and all proceeds will go towards eagle research.

Volunteers will review of all the 100,000 forum responses and input into a web based program for the foundation of the books. Working groups have been established to address writing/editing and video/arts.

If you have a basic computer web knowledge (use of browser and search engines) and would like to find out more about this project, email Mary Jane, HEET Project Coordinator, at maryjane@hancockhouse.com.

Note: There should be no cost incurred by the volunteers except their time.

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