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  1. We require registration if you wish to comment on existing articles or submit new material. .. This facility is privately owned and operated. Your privileges as a registrant may be revoked at any time for any reason. You may request that your account be removed at any time.
  2. All articles or comments submitted may be reviewed for content, suitability and language. Topic Moderators and Hancock Wildlife administration have final word on whether any submission is published and/or removed at any time.
  3. All submissions are copyright by their authors, however by posting you grant Hancock Wildlife unlimited right to display, copy, publish and otherwise use your submission in any manner in perpetuity unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Hancock Wildlife prior to posting.
  4. The comments on any Topic may be functional or its functionality terminated by Hancock Wildlife or the author / moderator administering that topic. The comment facility may also be turned on/off on a per article basis. It takes considerable time and energy to supervise an interactive site and that time may not always be available to the author; therefore, if the Hancock Wildlife administrator is too busy to supervise the comments they may be turned off.
  5. Postings and comments should be on topic and informative. This is not a discussion forum where "flaming" or other inflammatory statements or arguments are tolerated. If you persist in posting off-topic, derogatory or otherwise unacceptable content your privileges may be revoked and your postings removed.
  6. Commercial and solicitation postings other than for Hancock Wildlife products and/or services or other solicited commercial content are not allowed without special, written permission prior to posting.
  7. We define soliciting to be any of several behaviors, including posting commercial announcements, off-topic announcements, links containing affiliate codes for merchandise on e-commerce sites, requests for private information, etc.
  8. Please do not include within your postings any URL pointers to commercial sites other than Hancock Wildlife related specifically sanctioned sites without prior permission. Please see the Terms of Use statement and the Creative Commons license this site is licensed under.
  9. This system uses ‘user-chosen identifiers’ (aka Screen Names) The only way to ensure that no one else uses a screen name is for you to register it. We will not reserve screen names for you. We will not attempt to arbitrate disputes over screen names. The registration system gives out screen names on a first come, first served basis. If you really want to use a screen name that no one else can use, then you MUST register one. We may, at our discretion, restrict the number of accounts you are permitted to create. Please do not create multiple accounts. Contact our admin staff at if you have problems registering or feel compelled to create a secondary account.
  10. Other policies and procedures may add to or override this one and may be changed without notice.
  11. Authors must obtain permission to use copyright material in their postings. Hancock Wildlife cannot be held liable for copyright infringements.


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