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Mark Your Calendars for FledgeFest 2014

Festivals and Fun


I want to make this a personal request to each of you to attend our FledgeFest 2014 this summer.  The date will be July 13, Sunday.  I am sure the program will develop as the time nears.  I just wanted to let you all know well ahead of time of our summer gathering date.  This is the time when we celebrate the fledglings from all of our nests.  Stay tuned for more details.


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Eagles, Eagles, Eagles Everywhere

Festivals and Fun

Eagles, eagles, eagles everywhere -- was my line but as of today I have to amend that: Eagles and Salmon, Eagles and Salmon and Eagles and Salmon and PEOPLE everywhere! Wow!

The 18th Annual Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival was incredible. Twice the number of eagles heard of the buffet being offered and appeared. The salmon, live spawning and already dead and offering their bodies to the eagles, were present in the 10s of thousands and the weather supported the largest crowds ever. What more could we -- or eagles -- ask for!! Well -- we think about twice as many people also visited the Festival to view our eagles and salmon.

The Saturday "at dawn" count revealed 2380 eagles on the Chehalis Flats and Harrison Bay -- about twice the number over last year. Rain had been sparse the past couple of weeks and the river was very low revealing lots of salmon carcasses for the eagles to eat. About 260 great majestic trumpeter swans came in and over-nighted on Harrison Bay -- always a magnificent addition.

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Pretty Estates Bald Eagle Observatory getting ready!

Festivals and Fun

Hancock here: Wow -- the Pretty Estates Bald Eagle Observatory is nearing completion.

Click on image to download

This site will offer the public the greatest opportunity to view Bald Eagles anywhere in the world. The attached composite of Christian Sasse will be part of a regular count that we perform throughout the season to help us determine the seasonality of the eagles.

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Hancock and Sasse Count: Nov 8, 2013

Festivals and Fun

Indeed the eagles are arriving. - This morning at light Christian Sasse took a composite image of the Chehalis Flats and I just finished counting the birds present.

Nov 8, 2013: Composite Image of eagles sitting on the Chehalis Flats. I did not try counting eagles in the trees!

Adults: 343
Juveniles: 638 + 1 = 639

TOTAL: 981 + 1 sitting on our Chehalis Live Cam Tower. I didn't initially see him as he was above my count area on the first run through.

((NOTE: Here is the url to Christian's composite image. If you wish to look in more detail please allow the 20+ images to expand. I have to copy the image to my desktop before I can enlarge. Note that our Chehalis Tower is surrounded by eagles and one juvenile sits on the top. Probably that bird is full!


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2013 Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival Program

Festivals and Fun

Hancock here:  The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival is firing on 1000!

This week the eagle count was already over 500 birds and next week it would not surprise me to be pushing 1000 eagles -- all lined up on the Chehalis Flats.  Will we reach 10,000 again this year? Only time will tell.

Please book your schedule to join us at the Festival or on the following weeks -- I will be out with Jo-Anne and Rob on their wonderful warm and dry tour boat many times during the fall and winter -- and that is the best way to see the most birds.

Also check our our  Chehalis Tower cams:

The 2013 Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival program of events is now on line:

I have even written a few short items for this publication.

See you at Harrison Mills!

David Hancock


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