Haines Alaska Bald Eagle Nest Camera

The American Bald Eagle Foundation and Hancock Wildlife Foundation are co-sponsors for this nest cam. The camera is located in a nest in Haines Alaska. Due to bandwidth limitations at the site, the camera is transmitting at about a frame every 3-4 seconds with no audio.

Time is Alaska Daylight Time - Latitude is 59° 14’ N. - so sunrise/set in June is before 4AM and after 10PM for a very long day with extended twilight

Note - due to damage, the camera has not been available to us since 2009 season - please enjoy the archives.



Please visit the American Bald Eagle Foundation's web site for further information about this site.


Haines, Alaska -- the Home of Our Most Northerly Eagle CAM

a brief Introduction by David Hancock

The Haines CAM is operated by the American Bald Eagle Foundation
---  a favorite organization in a favorite place of mine.  Furthermore I am also a Director on the ABEF and have for the last number of years been attending the November Bald Eagle Festival to give a few lectures on eagles, whales or other wildlife.  Haines, Alaska,  and the adjacent Chilkat  and Chilkoot Rvers are magical places.  I first visited the Chilkat River Valley and Haines in 1964  -- and I have been back over 40 times since.  So you know I love the place!!  It's the Harrison River of the north!!!!

This entire region will be the topic of many background discussions,
reference files and visually exciting opportunities over the next year.  Not  only does the American Bald Eagle Foundation have a spectacular Museum in Haines but we work cooperatively with the Tlingit First Nations people of the area.  The story of nesting eagles, the ABEF Festival and the bald eagle releases (we usually get 4 -6 birds for release each November) are but a small part our the story that will be revealed.   Check out the ABEF WEB  site:   www.baldeaglefestival.org 


    The Tlingit Culture
    The Bald Eagles of the Chilkat:   usually 2500 to 4000 in November!  Yes, 4000 in 3 miles of river.
    The Grizzly Bears of the Area.  We will even allow talking about humans catching fish!
    The History of Haines, Alaska:   the first Army Fort of the new State.etc
    The Bald Eagle Rehab Releases.
    The ABEF Museum Exhibits and Research Projects.
    The adjacent British Columbia & Yukon areas:  they are awesome!!
    Our GIFT:  from Hancock Wildlife Foundation & the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival society!

   ((We -- the ABEF will be looking for MANY volunteers to assist with the moderating of this site next season.
       We will want people with an Alaskan historical, wildlife and cultural background: 

        Please contact:

        a)    admin@hancockwildlife.org
        b)    "Haines Live Eagle CAM" <info@baldeagles.org>
    David Hancock

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Haines eagle foundation gets healthy donation

Haines Alaska Bald Eagle Nest

Haines eagle foundation gets healthy donation

Before the Haines Bald Eagle Festival ended last month, problems seemed to stack one atop another.

• A Juneau eagle planned for release as a centerpiece of the November festival injured its tail feathers just before it was due to be shipped north, making it unable to fly. Two possible replacements from Sitka weren't healthy enough to be released, either.

• A chocolate eagle expected to be the centerpiece of the festival's "chocolate extravaganza" developed a cracked body that could no longer hold the wings and had to be scrapped.

• A blizzard of wet snow blanketed the area.

But more than balancing the problems was the announcement of a $739,000 gift from a Georgia family of bird lovers to Haines' American Bald Eagle Foundation.

Read the rest of the story here:



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Haines Alaska Nest Back Again for 2009

Haines Alaska Bald Eagle Nest

The Haines, Alaska, bald eagle nest is once again back on our pages.

This nest has a single camera overlooking it, and due to the network bandwidth costs in this part of Alaska we're only able to bring you still frames every few seconds. We're about to bring you created video at 10fps from our archives - watch for it.

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Haines Bald Eagles Nest -- 2007

Haines Alaska Bald Eagle Nest
The Haines Bald Eagle Nest Update:

This nest and site is the effort of the American Bald Eagle Foundation of Haines, Alaska.

At this time we only have the bandwidth to allow for single frames to be sent every 2 or 3 seconds. We are hoping by the time we get back to a million viewers that we get a sponsor or two to help with this.

Interestingly, this nest camera was placed in this nest tree some years ago. Because of differing times, the technology of broadband broadcasting and other variables, the world did not really find out about this CAM until after our HWF Hornby island Live CAM, which seems to have made Live Wildlife CAMS a popular topic around the world.. But the American Bald Eagle Foundation was a true pioneer of Live CAM broadcasting. Due to the cold windy winters the camera itself is removed from the housing and then replaced in the housing each spring just before the eagles return.

Haines, Alaska is literally surrounded by nesting eagles. If I remember correctly, but I am surely to be corrected as this exciting site and surrounding area becomes known to the world, Haines has 18 pairs nesting along a 23 mile section of the Chilkat River. But it is not nesting eagles that makes this place world famous for eagles. It is the fish rich waters of the Chilkat River, particularly along the 3 miles of the Council Grounds, that feeds 2500 to 4000 eagles all winter that is their claim to fame. But this is supposed to be an introduction to the pair of eagles nesting in downtown Haines that live in the nest they have 'camerized"

First, it appears that the two young just fledged this past week -- about August 29. They do show up occasionally.

If you arrive in Haines by high speed catamaran from Juneau or Skagway (a spectacular way to get there!), this nest is just beside the docks. If you come by cruise ship it is 100 yards further South.. If you come by the Alaska State Ferry System, you have to travel past several more eagle nests and across town -- that is two blocks along the waterfront -- to get to it. And if you drive in, coming down the "my favorite drive of North America, the Chilkat Highway (passing the other 18 nests) from Haines Junction in the Yukon via BC, it is at the end of the road. If you went up this road to the lovely homes along Lynn Canal, you would pass another 3 nests in about 3 miles. I say this because I don't want the first question to be: "Are you sure you want to let someone know where an eagle is nesting? Yes I do. End of that story. Like British Columbia, Alaska has thousands of nesting pairs of bald eagles. Every Alaskan along the coast knows of many. What I want you all to do is continue to care for them, to keep their environment clean and healthy and protect them. Learning of their interesting ways from these CAMS I hope is the beginning of that journey for more of you. The followers of the Sidney and Hornby Island nests are already there!!

Someone from Alaska who knows the detailed history of this nest will hopefully come forward -- maybe they will become some of the contributors and moderators we hope will surface. This is your Forum, it is up to you to inform each other. Stewardship is the collective care of the earth.

Below are a few of the photos I took of this nest site on one of the three trips I made into Haines this summer.

Also see a group of the eagles and events I shot during the 2005 Bald Eagle Festival.

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