The Turtle Bay Eagle's Nest
Live from Redding, California

Courtesy of Turtle Bay Exploration Park

There are two cameras - and each can be viewed in either a full-size 640x360 or in a smaller 400x225 size that may work better on smaller screens or if you want to peek in while multi-tasking.  The Night Time IR Cam uses infrared lighting (which can not be seen by the eagles) to allow us to see what they are doing day and night; the Day Time POV Cam offers a different point of view and works best in daylight hours.
Both cams have sound - and it's the nature of streaming that they will often be out of sync; both cams have excellent views of the nest, so you may want to use the links below to pick your favorite cam and size to watch.

Night IR Full Size ~ Daylight POV Full Size ~ Night IR SmallDaylight POV Small


  Turtle Bay Eagle's Nest Night Time IR Cam:

Live Webcam Streaming provided by HDOnTap


  Turtle Bay Eagle's Nest Day Time POV Cam:

Live Webcam Streaming provided by HDOnTap


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