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Welcome to the Lafarge Vancouver Nest Camera Page


The Lafarge downtown Vancouver concrete plant is on the waterfront of Vancouver's inner harbour, beside the main CP rail tracks and sidings, in the heart of Vancouver's busy container and grain port facilities.

The nest tree is alone on the property, right on the water's edge and outside the property's fenced area. An artificial nest structure, designed by David Hancock, sits beside the tree where it can be used by the eagles both as a perch and as a replacement nest site if something happens to the tree. For the 2010-2011 nesting season, Lafarge funded the installation of a new fixed-focus, high-resolution camera mounted in the nest tree.  Unfortunately the camera malfunctioned shortly after installation.  It should be back online for the 2011-2012 season providing spectacular viewing and sound.

The original, non-functional camera installed on the feeding platform has been removed, and the replacement PTZ mounted on the "sand tower" next to the tree will continue to show the tree and surrounding areas. We hope you'll join us in watching this camera year-round as it shows random views of the tree and the beautiful Vancouver harbour and surrounding mountains while we wait for the eagles to get back to re-furbishing their nest for the next season.




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The Lafarge Eaglets Have Names!

Lafarge Eaglets, s'capped by terrytvgal
(screenshot by terrytvgal)

The great folks at Lafarge invited the students at the Admiral Seymour School, which is an inner city school located in East Vancouver near the Lafarge concrete plant, to name the three eaglets being raised by their parents in a nest high above the bustling facility.

The names chosen by the students are Sky, Starlet, and Sorrior (which stands for a warrior who soars through the sky). 

Our thanks to Lafarge for providing this up-close-and-personal look at the eaglets as they grow - and to the students at the Admiral Seymour School for giving them such fine names!

Watch our web cam of the Lafarge nest here:

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Getting Crowded at Lafarge

Both adults and all three chicks at the Lafarge nest - May 16 2012May 16, 2012 - It's getting crowded at the Lafarge nest!

The youngest chick was three weeks old yesterday - and the oldest one will be four weeks old tomorrow - and all are growing very fast!

You can watch the Lafarge bald eagle nest cam by clicking on Live Cameras at the top of the page. 

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Taking Advantage of our PTZ at Lafarge

Hancock Wildlife Foundation - Lafarge New Camera - Vista of Vancouver's North ShoreNow that Tenas Chakchak, our eagleHancock Wildlife Foundation - Lafarge New Camera - Feeding Platformt at the Lafarge site, has fledged, we get to take advantage of the fact that the camera we're using has the ability to pan, tilt and zoom around the tree's neighbourhood.

The parents and Tenas have been in and out of the tree all day, and when in the tree they've been on any of several branchesHancock Wildlife Foundation - Lafarge new camera - Overall Nest Tree or up on the feeding platform.

Rather than trying to track them, a problem made difficult by the fact that the video is about 30 seconds delayed from the control inputs due to the network, we've put in place a program that visits several of the many "waypoints" that we've defined at fairly random times and in fairly random order.Hancock Wildlife Foundation - Lafarge Cement Plant Vancouver - New Camera "branch2" eagle perch

Hancock Wildlife Foundation - Lafarge New Camera - Nest cup with Tenas Chakchak eagletThe waypoints include vistas of the Vancouver harbour, North Shore and of course the Lions - the most famous of the local mountain peaks.

We'll leave this program running for the time being - chances are that you'll see one or more of the eagles on each cycle which lasts from about 1 to 5 minutes.

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New Camera at Lafarge Eagle Nest Site

LaFarge Vancouver Eagle Nest

Thanks again to Lafarge Canada Inc. - they've purchased another camera and mounted it on their "sand tower" to the East of the nest tree. The current position is temporary while their machinist makes up a mount extension to position the camera more to the South and higher to escape another branch that has grown on this impressively surviving tree in their concrete yard on Vancouver's waterfront.

The fact this tree is growing so well is a tribute to the work Lafarge has done to halt the erosion around its roots and preserve it from further damage now that they have their plant on the property. The problem is that until we can get a camera mounted in the tree (hopefully after the chick fledges near the end of the summer) we have to rely upon looking through the tree's canopy at the nest. The original camera, situated on the newly installed feeding platform to the West of the tree, has been largely blocked by new growth and we can't get at it to move it until the eagles leave for the salmon spawning season.

The new Axis Q6032 camera should be operational on our site some time in the next few days - possibly before the mount has been changed. In the mean time I've pulled some still images from it to give you a flavor for the view it presents. You can see them in the Media gallery album and some slightly different ones in the discussion forum for this nest.

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Second~YES!!~Second Chick hatches at Lafarge Sunday Evening

LaFarge Vancouver Eagle Nest

The Lafarge Eagles have had a remarkable day. This evening at about 7:30PM the second egg surprised us all by hatching! This hatch is only about 12 hours after the first hatch, which is a bit unusual. Nest watchers were there as usual and documented the event in real time. To read about it, check the Lafarge Discussion Thread




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