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Two Eaglets at White Rock - And Delta O.W.L. Has Likely Failed

David Hancock and Richard Pitt comment on our latest hatchling at White Rock as well as the new chick at Lafarge and ongoing potential failure at Delta O.W.L. - April 22, 2011 (about 30minutes)



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David Hancock and Richard Pitt - White Rock #1 nest now has 2 eaglets and Lafarge has one, so 4 of the 5 nests with eggs have at least one hatchling. Only Delta O.W.L. nest appears to have failed, being over 1 week late for the first egg to hatch - should have been the 14th and today is the 22nd.

Feeding at both the White Rock nest and Sidney nest are watched in detail while David comments on the food supply and an ongoing discussion he has with another biologist about whether the eagles around the Boundary Bay area are eating sea ducks they might have picked up from other predators or that have been shot by hunters and abandoned for some reason.




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