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Only One More Egg to Hatch!

David Hancock gives a brief overview of our hatchings - only one more (maybe two) to go out of our 10 viable eggs (Delta O.W.L. does not appear viable). David also talks about banding and what it takes to band eagles in the US and Canada - April 24, 2011 (about 30minutes) note: David's microphone fell off part way through - appologies for the less than stellar sound - richard



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David Hancock and Richard Pitt - Sidney's 3 chicks, Delta 2's 2 chicks, White Rock's 2 chicks and now Lafarge has 2 - only one more egg left to hatch, at Lafarge. But wait! Is there still a 4th egg at Sidney?

After today's update on the nests and their chicks, David tells us what is involved in getting eagles banded in the US and Canada - includes pictures of several banded birds including a wing numbered bird.




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