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Crisis at Sidney - Eaglet Caught in twine/string - What to Do?

David Hancock and Richard Pitt discuss the crisis at Sidney - "Donald/Flyer" has a foot caught in what appears to be fishing line - what can be done - May 15, 2011  (about 60 minutes)



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Somehow, Flyer, or Donald as David like to call him, got his foot caught in something and has been tugging at it for the past many hours. 

Today's discussion is about the options as HWF swings into action to deal with this crisis.

The potential rescue of Flyer is an expensive proposition. Just the cost of the crane is likely to be around $1000. Getting us to/from Sidney and adding in the cost of setting up a new camera, and we expect the bill to be something around the $3,000 area. This is in addition to what we were budgeting for the Fall when we are hoping to have the resources to put in the high-resolution cameras and circuits similar to what we have at White Rock - another close to $10,000. Please keep this in mind when you see the "Donate Now" button. HWF is almost 100% reliant upon your donations to continue our award-winning live wildlife video and research programs

 Update: See David's post in the discussion forum - the ground is currently too soft to support the crane


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