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Controlling your cat helps keep birds singing

Wildlife News


Story: By Anne Murray, June 1, 2011
Photo:  By Stephen Hui
Your cat may be a serial bird killer.


The world is rich in a great diversity of animals and plants, but many species are disappearing, including some in our own province. To stop this, we need to make clear choices about human behaviour, and make them fast. Among the many factors causing extinction are habitat loss, the influx of alien species, direct kill from harvesting, bycatch, highways, climate change, and pollution. Some of these may seem too daunting to tackle, yet there is one issue where it is easy to make a difference: controlling free-roaming and feral cats.

Cats kill a huge number of songbirds and small animals every year. It is estimated that they kill hundreds of millions, perhaps even a billion birds and animals within North America alone. Cat Crazed, a lighthearted documentary aired earlier this year by the CBC, had an important message: abandoning cats to a feral existence by dropping them off in the countryside is cruel to cats raised as pets, as well as being a very bad idea for native wildlife.

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Drainscope - Eagle (eaglet) rescue:

Wildlife News

Article by Derek Rathwell

Photo by:  Ian (Mr. Elle)

EAGLE RESCUE SUCCESS!!! Little Baby Eaglet saved

 It was a wonderful & very successful day on Thursday May 19th 2011. With help and efforts from many involved we helped save the little baby ealget from the fishing line in North Saanich BC. VIDEO1 click here - Video2 click here - Times Colonist click here

I, Derek Rathwell, the president of DrainScope had offered our services and most importantly the drainage mats to help the crane truck get into position. I watched a local news cast the night before and heard David Hancock mention the hard to reach area. Since we (DRAINSCOPE) specializes in wet areas doing drainage repairs and installations during very wet times we knew our specialty protection ground mats from would do the trick. Mat Video

I contacted David Hancock and the Wildlife foundation via email after the 11:00 local news broadcast and offered our man power and our ground mats. The David Hancock Wildlife foundation contacted us very early thursday morning and said "we are on our way" so DrainScope went into action with our crews loading the mats to heading out to the rescue site.

 For the rest of the story go HERE

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Raptor Resource Project president of Decorah ‘eagle cam’ team dies

Wildlife News


The president of the Raptor Resource Project, the nonprofit group behind the Decorah eagles birdcam that became an online video sensation in recent months, died Sunday while helping his fellow residents clear tornado debris in the Minneapolis neighborhood where he lived.

Rob MacIntyre, 53, collapsed after using a chainsaw to help remove a felled tree that had been blocking the street. His Raptor Resource colleagues said that he died from cardiac arrest – a shock to them considering his relative youth and active lifestyle.

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Rescuers dangling from crane finally free eaglet trapped by fishing line

Wildlife News

They have the bird! Wildlife experts Jeff Kreiger, left, and co-rescuer David Hancock bring tangled eaglet, Flyer, into the basket of a crane, nearly 35 metres above the ground in North Saanich Thursday. Then they loosened a fishing line looped around Flyer’s toe — a predicament from which the young bird could not escape in its nest high atop a dead evergreen tree.

Photograph by: Lyle Stafford, Times Colonist, May 19, 2011

Flyer, the eaglet that got its leg caught on a fishing line inside a nest, is free again after a dramatic rescue Thursday.

Two wildlife experts went up nearly 35 metres in a crane’s basket to untangle the line from the bird, which would have died without help.

Read the rest of the story and view the video and other pictures here:

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Crisis averted: eaglet survives intervention

Wildlife News



Read the online story here:

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Sidney Eaglet Rescue

Wildlife News


Hancock here:  Sidney Eaglet Rescue -  May 19

Some days go well, others not so well.  Today was superb.

Yesterday was exciting, full of hope and promise but ended with Donald/Flyer, the Sidney eaglet chick, still caught by a nylon fish line in his nest.    By 6:45 this AM, already having received two calls of further assistance, I again felt the well of optimism.

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David on his way to Sidney nest!

Wildlife News


11:46 am



David, Richard and Karen are on the 11:00 am ferry!  Richard is going to attempt to broadcast live, from the ferry, IF the signal is strong enough.

So keep an eye on the home page video player! NOW!

All things being equal, the "mats" for the crane are supposed to arrive on site at 12:30 pm and the crane at 2:00 pm. Richard will attempt to broadcast live and, of course, we may be able to see something from the cams.

There will be someone from WildARC there as well.


David is taking the11:00 am ferry to Sidney arriving there just before 1:00 pm

Someone has seen the newscast and donated the mats required for an attempt to use the crane to access the nest.  It will take awhile to get the mats in place before the crane arrives at 2 p.m.

Bear in mind that it still has to be detemined if "operation mats" is feasible.

There will be updates if and when they come up! 

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David to be interviewed on CFAX 1070

Wildlife News

David will be interviewed on: 

CFAX 1070 AM, THURSDAY, 8:45 a.m. - 9:00 a.m, with Al Ferraby.  

Listen live here:



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