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Swans Found to Windsurf Across Water

Wildlife News
19 Oct 2016 by Traci Watson

Photograph by Blickwinckel, Alamy

When these birds want to go fast, they put up their wings and tails to catch a breeze.

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Young Bald Eagle Expected to Survive After Being Shot by Hunters Near Huron

Wildlife News
Photo by Roger Whittle

Bramble Park Zoo zookeeper John Gilman was nearly giddy last week when he was presented with a bald eagle with two broken wings.


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Trooper Swoops in to Help Injured Bald Eagle

Wildlife News19 Oct 2016, By Gal Tziperman Lotan Orlando Sentinel

The eagle was hit by a Jeep on Tuesday 18 Oct 2016. He was rescued by the trooper and turned over to the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey. He is expected to recover.


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Court Mandates New Recovery Plan for Mexican Gray Wolves

Wildlife News18 Oct 2016 By Susan Montoya Bryan, Associated Press

Federal wildlife officials are now under a court order to update a decades-old recovery plan for the endangered Mexican gray wolf, a predator that has struggled to regain a foothold in the American Southwest despite millions of dollars of investment in reintroduction efforts.


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Iowa State Patrol: Bald Eagle Hit by Car

Wildlife News18 Oct 2016,
Allamakee county, Iowa

State Patrol rescued a bald eagle they believe was hit by a car. They are searching for a place to rehabilitate the bird.

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Pennsylvania Ospreys on Their Way Off Threatened Species List

Wildlife NewsOctober 17, 2016

With a rebound in population, state officials are considering moving the osprey status from threatened to protected. (Jacob Dingel Pennsylvania Game Commission)

MCALL.COM by The Morning Call

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Why animal eyes can give off an eerie glow

Wildlife NewsThis is interesting and educational too !

Spooky sight: Why animal eyes can give off an eerie glow
'Eye-shine' is a phenomenon in the animal kingdom that gives certain creatures that iconic glow to their eyes

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Rescuers Working to Save Badly Injured Bald Eagle

Wildlife NewsA bald eagle was rescued from Warren Paving in Gulfport this morning, but rescuers from Wild at Heart Rescue tell us the bird is not in good shape. One of its wings is badly injured.

Video of rescued eagle

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Sorry to say just found an update, they had to put him to sleep, his wing was too badly injured.


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