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Endangered harpy eagle chick hatches at Zoo Miami

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Zoo welcomes new addition to Amazon and Beyond exhibit
Published On: Jan 04 2013 03:03:49 PM EST 

MIAMI - On December 2nd, a harpy eagle chick hatched at the harpy eagle enclosure within the Amazon and Beyond exhibit.

Because bird hatchings, especially those of large raptors, are extremely delicate and experience relatively high mortality during the first few weeks, the zoo’s protocol is to wait 30 days before formally announcing the hatching to the public.

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Wind turbine company Nextera & MNR destroy Bald Eagle Nest & habitat

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Today, at approximately 10:30am, Florida basedwind company Nextera Energy chainsawed down the tree limb (large cottonwood) holding  a beautiful, active, bald eagle nest (species of Special Concern in Ontario).
How is this possible? Yesterday at 5:00pm the MNR gave a permit to this corporation to destroy this eagle pairs nest, and cut down the tree— as long as they were able to do it by January 6th -


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Entangled eagles saved from icy death

Wildlife News

Sian Thomson, Campbell River Courier-Islander

Published: Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Two eagles, stuck in a death lock in the chilly waters of the Campbell River with their talons entangled, were rescued thanks to the remarkable efforts of a local couple.

Ed and Jo Ivanisko, whose Maple Street home is on the banks of the Campbell River, were alerted by Brenda Hancock, a frequent walker of the riverside Myrt Thompson trail, that there were two large bald eagles tangled up in the water close to shore.

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Eagle Gigapixel Photo of Harrison/Chehalis River Estuary

Wildlife News

On Dec. 1, 2012 we had Ronnie Miranda and his partner, Ashley Drody, with us on the Fraser River Safari.  Ronnie came out with us last year and took spectacular gigapixel photos of the area and the thousands of eagles out there.  Ashley has now sent us the link to her work.  Despite the weather, she says it was a great experience and they got some great shots out of it.  If you look closely you can see us in the boat.

Ronnie's blog is here:

Click on the panoramic picture there and zoom right in on the eagles and other wildlife, etc.  You can play with a photo like that for quite a long time.

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Final Tour with Fraser River Safari & David Hancock Dec 15, 2012

Wildlife News

Don’t miss out on the final tour of the season that combines the  classiest way to get out to see the eagles with the most entertaining eagle biologist in town.

Book ONLINE at

Or Tel# 604-826-7361
Toll Free # 1-866-348-6877

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Flock of brown pelicans make rare appearance in Victoria's Inner Harbour

Wildlife News


By Sandra McCulloch, Times Colonist   December 6, 2012

A large contingent of brown pelicans has dropped into Victoria harbour for what's expected to be a short stay.

About two dozen pelicans, including at least two adults, are hanging out on rocky outcroppings - from Ogden Point and Fishermen's Wharf to the small island in the harbour where a wind sock assists the takeoff and landing of float planes.

It's not the first time brown pelicans have been spotted in Greater Victoria, but there are more of them than Victoria birder Ann Nightingale has seen at one time.

The range of the brown pelican has been moving northward up the coast over the years "likely due to climate change," Nightingale said.

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Turtle trapped in frozen puddle rescued by Scottish student

Wildlife News


By Nadine Kalinauskas - Good News

Theo Parvarie, an 11-year-old Aberdeen schoolboy, discovered a terrapin trapped in a frozen puddle at a park. He broke the ice and freed the turtle's legs. He brought the wounded animal to his teacher who then contacted the SPCA.

The animal is now recovering at the Scottish SPCA's Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Drumoak. She has been named Theodora, after her rescuer.

As terrapins require heat, Theo's rescue saved her life, an officer for the Scottish SPCA told BBC News.

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Bay Village nature center welcomes bald eagle

Wildlife News


Published: Saturday, December 01, 2012, 9:30 AM     Updated: Saturday, December 01, 2012, 9:30 AM
Bruce Geiselman, Sun News

A new resident recently moved into the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center in Bay Village — a bald eagle.

The eagle, which has an injured wing, will become a permanent exhibit at the wildlife center. The bird came from an out-of-state rehabilitation center, where efforts to heal the bird with treatment and exercise proved futile.

Read the rest of the story here: ... elc_1.html


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