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Support the Eagle Cams - We need advertisers

Wildlife News
As you'll now see, we're set up to run advertising to sponsor the Hancock Wildlife TV - cameras, discussion forums (soon) and lots of video.

We need business supporters - and we're prepared for you. We already have in place the software to track exactly how many people see your ads and how many click through to your site. We already know that our next season is going to mean millions of people tuning in to watch and comment on what is happening in the nests and with the other sites we have in preparation - and you need to hook your wagon to our advertising horse.

Of course we're a great place for tourism advertisers from here in Beautiful British Columbia - but did you know that over 40% of our viewers came from outside of North America? True - and we're looking for you to talk to them - about whatever it is you are selling.

Please contact us at: for rates and options.

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WiTS has a NEW Exciting WEB Site

Wildlife News

The Wildlife Tree Stewardship Program has NEW Informative WEB Site

The WiTS Program has now brought together a great supportive WEB site for our stweards, the public and as a great resourse for schools.

If you want to know about habitat preservation on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland or the Okanogan, where the WiTS programs is functional or being initiated, or if you wish to see how a good community stewardship program functions please check out this site.

Stewards and their combined efforts are the backbone of conservation.

Go to it.
David Hancock.

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WE Need Technical Help for Live Streaming & Support

Wildlife NewsThe following is a review of some of the needs of the Hancock Wildlife Channel. We are very interested in talking with persons or companies with the ability to help us with the technology to bring everything from more Live Eagle CAMS, Live Whale CAMS, Live Spirit Bear CAMS etc. etc. to the waiting public. Other parts of the world awaits!

Hancock Wildlife Channel Needs:

a) New WEB Site to be developed:

To integrate traditional Web services of:

- Product presentation (on the fly) and Sales. (Shopping Cart - to accommodate our existing Visa / MS programs)

- Forums different levels for eg to Public and Education / school use; archived referenced data of files, images, videos.

The Web site development part of the project is already underway but we are open to offered help and suggestions specifically detailed below under ... read more...

b) Quotation Request: for LIVE Streaming & Hosting Facilities:

The Hancock Wildlife Channel, famed for bringing to millions the Live Bald Eagle CAM from both Hornby Island and Sidney BC, after a very successful exploration of educational potential of this distribution, now wishes to expand. We hereby seek bids on the supply of the various components necessary to Stream to millions of people and a great many thousand streams simultaneously.

If you have the technical capacity to provide us some of the different services we would appreciate a quotation or email us should more details be required. (Further details are provided by Richard Pitt our IP man below at ... read more. ) We will alternatively consider independently or simultanaeously the lease or purchase of facilities to accomplish the above. The details of the specifications are available but largely include:

1) We send down stream: 340 kbps

2) Steaming Servers:

capacity & cost to serve; 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000 or more people simultaneously. - our experience is that the site has run full capacity 24 hours per day. - do you do this independently or via ??? sharing servers?/

2) Ability to supply:

additional videos on demand: possible large numbers - these are our reference and archives files - 30 sec to 1 hour /

3) Ability to supply:

Host a web forum for posting of viewer generated video streams. - single frames . to 5 min. duration?

4) Ability to oversee and collect revenues from advertisers:

A) Supervise the getting of advertisers?
B) Supervise the insertion of ads into Web screen & Vodeo screen
C) Deliver video without and with ads: (Subscriptions vs no Sub)

5) Oversee and administer:

Subscriptions: to individuals, to corporate accounts

6) Satellite Transmission:

We urgently need contact with some organization or individuals to assist us in getting the Live Streams from remote locations to the Servers.

We must use satellite transmission from solar and battery power sources. We need portability. So we need your knowledge and products (?) to satisfy our needs in both of these fields. Urgently!

David Hancock
Hancock Wildlife Channel
Hancock Wildlife Research Center
1 800 938-1114

For more details from our IT man Richard Pitt see more ....

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World's Largest Bald Eagle Sculpture

Wildlife NewsMetal Animation Studio Inc. (formerly Masterpiece Stainless Creations Inc.) is very pleased to present "the world's largest steel bald eagle sculpture", a masterwork by artist Kevin Stone, titled "Power and Authority."

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Nests the size of small cities

Wildlife NewsWe've had some questions about the size of eagle nests now that the Hornby Island nest is online.

Over the past years I've kept my eyes open for nests in and around the Vancouver area as I visit customers and ride my Honda Goldwing for pleasure.

Here are a couple of pictures I recently took of nests.

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Banded Bald Eagle Observed -- Who Banded it?

Wildlife News

Juvenile Bald Eagle seen Dec 8, 2005 along the Harrison River wearing BLUE wing marker on Right Wing.

Does anybody know about this marking? Where is the eagle from? When banded? We would like to know of your study?

OUr incredibly interested group of eagle followers here on the Chehalis -- Harrison River complex is keeping notes on this bird but we would like to pass these along to the biologist who did the baniding. There are likely already over 1000 eagles on the river today and the numbers will likely double by early January. My point is our group of eagle watchers could provide various studies with some interesting notes.

FURTHER REQUEST: --- Eagle Study Clearing House? ---

I would love to offer a site / forum here for anybody to submit notification of eagle studies, your contact details. This could act as a clearing house for observers to hone in on marked birds and who to tell. I havd been given numerous sight records over the years but I have never known where to track down the study supervison and who to tell. This might readily be a possible service here -- and at no cost to anybody. We will provide the Web space.

Please call David Hancock 1-800 938-1114 or email me at:

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UBC -- Sells out the Alumni

Wildlife News

Dec 3/05 UPDATE: a great many responses have come in here (our WEB site) after I posted this item and it was picked up by many press and other WEB servers for distrilbution: This travesty has pricked a few ears and rightfully! Now newly attachd are the minutes of the meeting between UBC, its realators and the Public at a very "public restricted" meeting. I see nothing less than saving this incredible piece of land as a Park as acceptable -- the Government ministers must stand up to the plate and be counted! ---{{{{ Seeking to have the new owners show responsibility is TOTAL NON-SENSE! A buck is a buck as we see UBC stating so clearly and unconsciencely. The ONLY solution is total preservation of this site as Parkland.}}}--- DONORS BEWARE -- UNIVERSITY SELLS OFF LAND GIFTS FOR QUICK PROFIT.


A November 28, 2005 meeting in Campbell River of the UBC / Realty company and the Community members accentuates the behind the scenes shannigans that UBC has been invoilved in. The minutes of the meeting presented below show:

--- That UBC largely kept the sale secretive from the community.

--- UBC did not even tell its tenants such as the hatchery and numerous community volunteer based organizations using the property of the pending sale.

--- the Campbell River Meeting was not open but RESTRICTED to only 1 member of a few community groups involved in the use of the property or working within the community as a whole.

My conclusion, and I don't have to live in the community and have to face Realators unhappy at the prospects of loosing a jewel to sell or pay dues to UBC greedy policies, is that I want people who might be contemplating donations to the University -- and this might well apply to any University or Alumni -- to give second thoughts to this. Are your donations going to be a continuing asset to the community as you hope or be sold off as some greedy financial manager sees fit? In this case the Oyster River Farm has been a contributor and receipient of hundereds of thousands of hours of donated time and dollars to develop the projects on its grounds. It has been a community asset and should remain one.

Perhaps the government should simple step in and pay the University a reasonable price for the property and turn in officially into a park -- it largely is and has been one for the community for years and should remain that.

The details of the limited access meeting are attached immediate below:


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