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Open Letter to an Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) User

Wildlife News

An open letter to a member who has complained that because we've changed our software, they can't use IE6 to view

I've posted this here because among other things, I try to teach my readers and customers about what is going on in the "Wild Wild Web" and why they should be thinking all the time about the security of their computers and access. The lesson applies not only to IE6, but to every single thing that is on any computer that might come in contact with the internet. The hackers and crackers our there - the "bad uglies" as I call them, are not sitting still - they are evolving their abuses of the internet as fast as the creators of web systems can fix and deploy them. Sometimes, as in yesterday's Adobe "zero-day" PDF problem, the hackers attack a vulnerability the day it is noted to exist.

"I think it is unfair that you would change software in the middle of the Horby Eagles' Hatchings.  Those of us living outside Canada (from BC) watched it faithfully and then one day we just could not. As I only have Microsoft Int. Explorer 6 you are now unreachable."


Dear member


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More on Hornby Viewing - cutting one of the cameras for now

Wildlife News

The saga of the video feed from Hornby Island to the rest of the world continues.

As noted in the previous item we've tried to put a second modem into the Hornby location (thanks Doug Carrick :) but are currently not able to. Telus, the provider of service, has put a hold on new accounts until it can re-do the whold island's network infrastructure.

In the mean time we're going to cut the problem in half by turning off the wide-angle camera for the next while, at least until the eaglets start moving around on the branches (branching).

There will be notices in the discussion forum and we'll post a note on the actual camera page - but nothing will be done until we can coordinate with the WildEarth.TV people - some time in the next day or so.

Turning off one of the cameras should allow the main, close-up camera, to work without any hesitations due to the crowded bandwidth on the local link. There may still be some hesitations due to the fact that the Hornby network infrastructure is stretched - but this should not be all the time as it is now.


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Welcome to our New Look

Wildlife News

Hancock Wildlife Foundation's Channel web site (the one you're reading this article on) has grown to the point where its initial simplistic design no longer allows or encourages our readers to visit the vast depths of information on it. This past weekend we installed a new version of the underlying software (GLfusion - formerly Geeklog) that has some new and exciting features that will allow us to highlight our site to you, our viewers.

In addition to the camera pages - which will also be undergoing changes over the next while, we have an incredible depth of news stories and media gallery items contributed by our members. The items cover all manner of wildlife, not just our own cameras and subjects.

Our new menu bar at the top now features direct links to our most popular areas as well as some new items - like the Article Topics button that shows the various topics that articles may be contributed to (and you can request we add more if you find you have news in another relevant area)

There are some features of this new system that are not yet turned on - watch for them. They'll include some interesting news feeds from both this site and others as well as some active components that will liven up your viewing.

We'll be extending this new look and feature set to our Foundation portion of the web site ( and doing some spring cleaning on the discussion forum too.

IE6 error message with new glfusion software installOne thing to note with the new software - if you try to use an old browser such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 6, it will complain. This is due to two very different things: 1 - the page layout for this site uses some of the more recent advancements in page-layout technologies and may not look right with a really old browser such as IE6 - and 2 - IE6 is no longer supported properly and is full of security holes, so you should not be using it in any case. Please look hard at using a more recent browser such as IE8 or Firefox, etc.




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Hornby Viewing - and other Video Problems

Wildlife NewsHi all

I've received a number of comments and complaints about the video coming from the various cameras, notably the Hornby Island close-up with its color bars and interruptions. This should let you know what is being done and why we may not be able to do anything until after nesting season - sorry, but that's the lot of dealing with remote locations and wildlife

JudyB did a wonderful job of describing the spots where problems can (and do) occur for the Hornby feeds (see her post in the discussion forum at

read on for the details...

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A Special Note of Recognition, An Update, and a Particular Thanks

Wildlife News

A Recap -- History: As the "old regulars" know and some of you newcomers hopefully realize, the Hancock Wildlife Foundation set up the various Live CAMS, the background web pages and the Forums for you on the premise that we wanted to share this incredible vision of the wild with you. At the same time, from day 1, Richard Pitt and I schemed that ALL components of this site MUST be managed for and BY the participants. Richard has done this masterfully. No I did not mean that you the viewers have to manage the technical components -- that is Richard and Ken and on the Island Bob. I mean that under the supervision of Richard the keenest volunteers, our admins and other program supervisors and our many new (and hopefully many more to start contributing) Content Providers, have tackled this almost "thankless job" that I know many of them spend more than a full 8 hour day at! And all on a volunteer basis. None are paid -- probably not thanked enough and only chastised unreasonably by newcomers who simply don't understand either the volunteer nature of the work, the incredible time each devotes and how, like many positions in the world, only are called upon when something goes wrong.

Well I too almost feel guilty drawing this to the public's attention since I know most of the volunteers don't do it for the accolades but for the public good. Furthermore, since it is YOUR site and maintained by you all, I almost feel awkward even giving more thanks as I don't want it to be considered "a pep talk" -- I know you all work well past what is logical or desirable by your other family obligations. But anyway -- I do want to say you all do a marvelous job and so much contribute to the vision we have launched. More than that -- you are that vision. You all, volunteers and viewers, are the watchers of the wild, the stewards of our environment, and I thank you. I hope we get to build up in you more indebtedness to our earth -- our survival depends upon that.

A little personal update: as a few of you know I have had a health problem this past year and it has periodically raised its ugly head and totally incapacitated me for a while. At the same time we were able to get all the cams in place last fall and have extensive plans for this year. I hopefully am on the mend. I want to thank those again who so kindly have expressed best wishes, sent cards and flowers etc. -- even some marvelous chocolates!!! What made this all the more memorable is that, not was it just our overworked keeners who passed on their kind thoughts, so many I have never met or heard of did the same. Very gratifying and I thank you all. Your all have my particular appreciation -- particularly Karen, who is not just my "unofficial secretary" but has tried to "protect me" from now over 6000 unanswered emails that I will not possibly get to. I say this in case you have written a particular note and thought I would respond. I have always tried to do this unless it was answered on one of our web pages or addressed in the Forum -- I simply am down from the 17 hours a day, 7 days a week effort due to the health issues -- so I have to beg your forgiveness in not being able to catch up on the past emails. Karen and the other admins and volunteers are there to answer your questions. They of course do not have access to my emails so any very important emails in that unanswered 6000+ will have to resend it to me or Karen.

read on for more...

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Webcam eagles abandon nest

Wildlife News
Two bald eagle eggs being watched by a webcam were abandoned in their nest in the last few days.
Photo courtesy Hancock Wildlife Foundation

There will be no Delta eaglets on the webcam this year.

The two eggs in an bald eagle nest being watched by online birdwatchers are more than two weeks overdue, and have now been abandoned by their parents.

“The eggs are obviously infertile,” said Karen Bills, project coordinator at the Hancock Wildlife Foundation, which set up two cameras to watch the nest at the OWL Rehabilitation Society.

“Since this is the first year this pair has laid eggs, they probably don’t know how long they are supposed to wait for their eggs to hatch,” Bills said Friday.

Read the rest of the story here:

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Peregrine falcon pair first to nest in Madison in more than decade

Wildlife News
Peregrine falcon pair first to nest in Madison in more than decade
Associated Press
This undated picture provided by the state of New York Department of Environmental Conservation shows a peregrine falcon. A peregrine falcon named Verne and his mate have taken up residence in a nesting box on the grounds of Madison Gas & Electric's Blount Street power plant.

(3 images)

TUE., APR 21, 2009 - 6:52 AM
Peregrine falcon pair first to nest in Madison in more than decade

Though it seems a choice location, with great access to Lake Monona and in the middle of Downtown, it took more than 10 years to find a tenant for this Madison address.


But the couple that finally moved in seem very comfortable. They may be having youngsters. And they love the dining opportunities in the area — plenty of grackles and pigeons.

Read the rest of the story here:

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Overdue baby eagle hatches on webcam

Wildlife NewsOverdue baby eagle hatches on webcam
  hancock wildlife foundation

A bald eagle feeds two eaglets in its nest in Sidney, B.C.

April 15, 2009 5:55 a.m.
An overdue Vancouver Island eaglet hatched yesterday morning live on webcam.

Its two siblings hatched last week as thousands of people watched the nest in Sidney, B.C., online.
For bald eagles it is rare to have three successful hatchlings, according to Karen Bills, spokesperson for the Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF).

Read the rest of the story here:

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