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Vancouver Island eagle poachers sentenced to jail time, fine, and a ban

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A bald eagle feeds on a dead salmon carcass on the Harrison River near Harrison Mills in the Fraser Valley November 17, 2010. Two eagle poachers will be serving their weekends in jail, must pay a fine, and are banned from possessing bird parts for three years, a judge decided at a sentencing hearing at the Duncan courthouse last week.

Photograph by: Ric Ernst, PNG

Two eagle poachers will be serving their weekends in jail, must pay a fine, and are banned from possessing bird parts for three years, a judge decided at a sentencing hearing at the Duncan courthouse last week.

In April, provincial court Judge Michael Hubbard convicted Jerome Seymour of 16 of the 27 counts against him related to killing and selling 10 bald eagles, two swans and one kingfisher in Ladysmith, Duncan and Chilliwack between January and April 2006.

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Eaglecrest Red-Tail Hawk Nest Blown Down by Strong California Winds

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Super strong winds have blown out the nest of a pair of Red Tail Hawks in Fresno county in California this week.  This is known as the Eaglecrest nest.  Fortunately this is not the time of year when they were nesting.  The red-tail pair have been seen flying over the tree which is now 90% gone!!  Thanks to our HWF forum member, Bonnie, for sending in the link to the YouTube video.

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Where are the bald eagle cams at Chehalis this year? - Reposted

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This article was originally posted last year at this time but the question still remains so this is re-posted on behalf of David Hancock:

With all the media attention on this record breaking number of bald eagles here in the Fraser Valley on the Chehalis/Harrison river estuary, we've been asked "why don't we have even one Chehalis cam running -- with 5000 eagles out there"?  Well it is dollars.  $6-7,000 is needed immediately and at least $2-3,000 more to keep it running for a couple of months.  And perhaps someone with $10,000 to spare will give a call.

The equipment for the platform is all ready and waiting for delivery. We need transportation out to the platform plus money for fuel for the fuel cell and for the server and network infrastructure at the base station. The previous base system has been re-located to another site and is in use, and we need to do some changes to be able to get at the equipment without going into the regional district's pump house; a new, external enclosure for the equipment.  The picture shows one of the cams ready to go if the money comes in to do this project.

604-538-1114 or 800-938-1114

Thank you.

Karen Bills                                                                                                                                               

Project Coordinator for HWF

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Anne Murray: Billion-dollar boondoggle? Port infrastructure upgrades need accountability

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Billions of dollars are being spent on container port expansion at Deltaport, despite stagnation in container traffic. Many of these funds are public money. Officials at Port Metro Vancouver claim that future growth will justify the current exponential expansion, yet they have failed to demonstrate the urgency for such a huge public investment. Deltaport, Canada’s largest container port, is currently operating at only 56-percent capacity. At a time of financial constraint for many families, it is reasonable to expect accountability from federal and provincial leaders regarding both the need and the speed of these projects. Instead, developments are being fast-tracked, with minimal public discussion or consultation, and inadequate environmental oversight.

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Anne Murray: Billion-dollar boondoggle? Port infrastructure upgrades need accountability | Vancouver, Canada |*

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Red kite increase weathers storm in Scotland

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By Dave Miller

BBC Scotland environment correspondent

The latest figures show the number of red kites is increasing
The latest figures show the number of red kites is increasing

Numbers of one of Scotland's rarest birds of prey, the red kite, have increased this year despite violent storms in May and illegal poisoning.

Red kites became extinct in Scotland in the Victorian era.

But a reintroduction programme began in 1989 and the number of fledglings has reached a record high.

A report from RSPB Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage said there were now 186 breeding pairs of red kites, an increase of 22 on last year.

A total of 314 young birds fledged.

More to the story here:

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Residents Help Bald Eagle Couple Nest in Vancouver

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Eagles live among cottonwoods in West Point Grey



picture of eagles Ethel and Bert looking at their new nest

 If you build it, they will come.


 We here at HWF have a discussion thread for this Jericho Beach nest in Vancouver.  The powers that be would not grant us permission to put a cam in this nest.  Here's the beginning of our forum thread where you can read the history of Ma and Pa Jericho and their trials and tribulations in raising young.

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Redding bald eagles fly the nest

Redding's most famous bald eagles are apparently abandoning their nest.

Patriot and Liberty have begun building a new nest a couple trees from their current home, said Terri Lhuillier, who has followed the birds the past four years.

Read the rest of the story here:

Follow our HWF discussion forum for this bald eagle nest here:

Turtle Bay, CA - 2012 - Bald Eagle Cam - Hancock Wildlife Foundation*




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Update - TWO Tagged Bald Eagles Spotted in Alaska

David Hancock has called me to say that they have now spotted a SECOND bald eagle with a patagial wing tag at Haines, Alaska at the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival being held this week.  He also has additional information about the first eagle spotted, whose picture is shown in the article below this one.  That eagle sports a green tag with the number 24 on it but they have now discovered that it also has a MICROWAVE TRANSMITTER on its back.  So some wildlife  organization is definitely attempting to follow this bird.

The second bald eagle has a blue tag with the number 84 on it.

The Institute for Wildlife Studies in southern California was contacted yesterday to see if the first one is one of their birds but so far we have not heard back from anyone down there.

Anyone with identifying information, please contact me at as David would like to be able to announce to the festival attendees up there who these special eagle "guests" are.

Thanks for your help.


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