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Expanded Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival Ė Season of the Eagle & Salmon -- a must to attend for 2014!!

Wildlife News

Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival Schedule of Events  ---  2014

Eagle Release and preliminary schedule.

• November 12, 2014
Official ‘eagle release’ at Pretty Estates Resort 

Season of the Eagles Festivals:

The season will be marked by THREE weekends of festivities, lectures and displays.

• Weekend #1 November 15 -16     19th Annual Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival (FVBEF)

David Hancock will provide lectures on the Wondrous Bald Eagle Recovery at Harrison Mills, the Bald Eagle Capital of the World, at the Tapadera Estates viewing site and act as a guide on numerous Fraser River Safari Eagle Tours through November and December.  Other speakers will give presentations each weekend on other natural history topics. The FVBEF will host displays and various open houses at different locations on this first weekend – see:  www.fvbef.ca for schedule of events.

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Osprey Nelís back in Nelson, hopefully joining fledgling friends for fall migration

Wildlife News

Nel the orphaned osprey gives warning to a photographer at the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation (OWL) centre in Delta. A healthy Nel was returned Friday to Nelson, where she was born last spring.

After months of rehab at a Delta wildlife centre where she learned to fish and fend for herself, Nel the osprey has gone back to Nelson.

Workers from the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (OWL) began the short journey to Nel’s place of birth Friday morning with a free flight to Castlegar, courtesy of Pacific Coastal Airlines.

Read the rest of the story here: 



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David Hancock to Speak at Richmond Raptor Festival

Wildlife News

On Sunday, August 17, David Hancock will be speaking at 2:30 PM at the annual Richmond Raptor Festival.  Hancock Wildlife Foundation will also have a booth there so we hope you will come out and meet us. 

Here's the details:



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FledgeFest 2014 Report

Wildlife News

Hancock here: FledgeFest 2014 & Hancock Open House: What a wonderful day for Mary and me, great weather, totally wonderful guests and so much exciting reaffirmation and good talk. The day started with a small caravan of 5 cars on a tour to various Lower Fraser Valley Bald Eagle nests. Most of the participants were out-of-towners who were up for FledgeFest and we got to visit a few nests. Mary suggests I left on the tour to get out of the final food prep!

Many of the nestlings were already fledged. The lone surviving chick from Nest #169 in Delta was feeding on the nest. The previous day we got sad news. While electrocution is still the largest killer of eagles, roadside kill by vehicles is a close second. Now we have to sadly add trains to the category of "killers". The juvenile at #169, on its 2nd or 3rd day of flying landed on the railway tracks and then flew off but in the wrong direction. It was run down by the approaching engine. OWL collected up the badly damaged bird but the vet decided the broken bones and huge open wounds were too much and the bird was sadly put down. My records will read: HWF Nest #169: 2 young fledged, 1 fledgling died 2-3 days after fledging when run over by a train engine - July 12, 2014

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Sea eagle chick rescued after falling from its webcam nest

Wildlife News

A rescue mission to save a famous BBC sea eagle chick after it fell 30ft from its nest on Mull has been successful.

The eight-week-old chick became a TV star on the BBC Springwatch show and is currently being viewed from around the world on a live webcam.

The eagle was seen at the weekend but by Sunday evening the nest was empty.

Worried bird watchers raised the alarm and two tree climbers from Forestry Commission Scotland later found it in the undergrowth.

After a thorough check, the chick was confirmed to be in a healthy condition.

Full story here: www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-28111221

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Financial Needs Update for 2014 - 2015

Here are the plans for this season and specifically for the upcoming season that starts in August, 2014 as the resident eagles have departed for the northern early fish spawning.

Bald Eagle Nest Cams: all existing cams to be cleaned and redone for next year

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Nelson osprey mystery solved

Wildlife News


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Keeping your Feeders Full!

Wildlife News

Comment from David Hancock re Wintering Hummers and Feeders.


Hancock here: Nature's creatures never stop amazing me, be it the rearing of 2 eaglets by our Delta2 Ma who had her leg snapped in half just as the mating season was starting, or the current attached note on Hummingbirds, now advertised winter residents of the Lower Mainland.

Sure we have seen them wintering here sporadically for years but I had not expected to see someone say not to worry about removing their feeders in late summer so we don't interfere with their southern migration. That migration is apparently only for the Rufous Hummingbird and some of the Anna's. The rest of the Anna's are now regular winter residents.

So is this largely a followup to climate change or something else. I suspect the former as far as the big picture is concerned. A few years ago I saw an Anna's choose a night perch over the White Rock cliffs, the minute bird perched on a 3 inch branch directly over a running drainage pipe that constantly oozed "warm water" and warm vapour that kept the little hummer warm through the night. Many observers have also seen how this little bird will select a small microhabitat high in the dormer of a peaked roof where warm air oozes out from the house to give the bird the needed warmth.

I guess my biggest concern is that in spite of many hummers finding food in greenhouses that generally they are dependent upon a constantly provided food supply from human provided feeders. So please keep up the supply, the cleaning of those feeders and arrange some nearby alternative feeder, like you do for your cat or dog, when you go south.


Read "Keep your Feeders Full"  from Wildbirds Unlimited



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