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Update on the Harrison Mills Wintering Eagles -- the numbers are up AGAIN!

Wildlife News


Hancock here;  
Here is a quick update.  Our Bald Eagles arrive from the northern salmon runs when the cold onslaught of winter freezes the northern spawned out salmon under the ice. The eagles have no choice but to move south where the rivers continue to serve up their winter buffet.  Our Harrison Mills area has traditionally been one of the southern retreats when everything to the north is frozen.  Our Harrison-Chehalis area does not freeze.
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The eagles are at the end of the rainbow.

Wildlife News

Here is a short clip of the wonderful eagles that David and I saw this morning.


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Bald eagles descend on southwestern B.C. for salmon, overwintering

Wildlife News


Bald eagle lovers say thousands of birds are expected in the Fraser Valley

CBC News Posted: Nov 13, 2014 7:12 AM PT Last Updated: Nov 13, 2014 7:38 AM PT

Thousands of bald eagles are expected to return to the Fraser Valley this year to feast on salmon along the banks of the Harrison River.

Read the story and click on the small video window to see the CBC newscast story here:


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HWF 2015 Calendar Now Printed

Wildlife News

The Hancock Wildlife Foundation has again produced a beautiful calendar for 2015  -- Bald Eagles & Salmon from Harrison Mills to the Salish Sea.  As usual we are featuring the Harrison Salmon Stronghold and the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, the two organizations with which the HWF works most closely.

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Bald eagles in Redding, California near Sacramento River

Wildlife News


Here at Hancock Wildlife Foundation, we have a discussion forum thread for these Redding bald eagles.  You can follow them throughout the year here:



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Exceptional HWF Projects

Wildlife News


Hancock here:  Some projects seem to offer more return than others and only rarely do exceptional projects come along.  Those of you who have followed the HWF efforts over the past years will recall the month long tour of schools we organized to take Grand Chief Dr. Rose Charlie and me to talk about “With Rights come Responsibility” and “The Bald Eagle in Spirit & Reality” by Rose and me respectively back in 2007.
The Bald Eagle Café evolved from this same incidence.  We wanted ways to increase the value of Bald Eagles to the public and for the pubic to appreciate the roles of eagles in the ecosystem.  The creation of the Bald Eagle Café, an interpretative center where school kids and adults could sit in a blind where eagles have been conditioned to feed, seemed to offer lots of opportunity.  Finding the perfect location on the Sts’ailes lands gave more potential.  I have defined the Sasquatch Crossing Bald Eagle Café in more detail elsewhere.
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Season of the Eagles and Salmon Video

Wildlife News

For those of you who have not yet seen the latest promotional video from Christian Sasse for this year's Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, Nov. 15 and 16, here it is:



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Vote for MARS

Wildlife News


Hancock here:   Our eagles need the support of the various rehabilitation centers around the world.  We thank them for their incredible devotion to our birds and all animal welfare. 
One of my all time favorite people, committed to conservation in general, is Maj Birch.  She has devotedly saved a great many birds from a cruel death.  Maj runs the Mountainaire Avian Rescue in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC.  Like a lot of such facilities around the world they have run out of room and need a new facility. She has brilliantly organized her fundraising around an AVIVA competition.  AVIVA is an insurance company that has a public conscience and hosts competitions with enormous prizes for those that gain the most public support through a daily vote.

I have been voting for MARS each day and would recommend you do the same.

You can learn about MARS at:  www.wingtips.org


P.S.   If you are on the Island in late February come to the MARS Bald Eagle Festival.  I will be there giving a talk.

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