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Turf war erupts over federal kill permit for gulls drawn to Delta compost operation

Wildlife News




A Delta turf farm that receives regional food waste for composting has a federal “damage or danger” permit that allows the use of firearms to harass and kill scores of nuisance gulls per year attracted to the operation.

David Hancock of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation said he is outraged at Environment Canada for issuing the permit, saying: “That’s incredible. I find the issuance of a kill permit to be an obscene way of handling an obvious turf-farm, self-induced problem.”

Hancock said in an interview that he received three calls on Sunday from individuals who witnessed multiple gulls being shot on the turf farm. 

Read the rest of the story  and view the photo here: 


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Killing Wildlife Permit at Delta Turf Farm should be illegal.

Wildlife News

The following is an open letter I just sent to the local and provincial governments as well as the media:

Today, June 12, 2016, my phone has rung off the wall in response to extensive shooting of gulls, crows and starlings and …..?? at the Delta Turf Farm on 72nd Ave. in Delta, BC.

As many people know the Turf Farm has taken on the processing of a significant part of the 'organic waste' from the Vancouver Landfill immediately to the north across Highway 99.  The Turf Farm policy of exposing these food sources openly for scavengers to feast upon, particularly in the location immediately between the Boundary Bay Airport active runway (10m across the road to the east) and a new major Highway 17 (South Fraser Perimeter Road bordering the Turf Farm to the west), not only endangers many wildlife species mentioned above but exposes bald eagles to incredible threat of traffic and aircraft as well as the direct threat to vehicular human life and aircraft passengers approaching the Boundary Bay Airport.  Both vehicle traffic and aircraft at this location I understand have already collided with eagles.  I suspect each level of government will be party to some pending law suit for allowing this egregious land-use policy.

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Eagle likely hit small Alaska plane before crash that killed 4

Wildlife News

Originally published May 7, 2016 at 7:05 pm


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OWL's Open House Reminder

Wildlife News

A reminder for our local viewers and members

Tomorrow and Sunday, April 23 and 24, Hancock Wildlife Foundation and David Hancock will be at OWL's open house in Delta.  HWF will have a display booth and David will speak at 11 AM both days.  Please come out and see us and view the amazing raptors at OWL.  Also on both days there will be a rehabilitated bald eagle released at 1 PM.  Don't forget to bring your cameras.

For more information: http://www.owlcanada.org/

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Orphaned Wildlife Open House, Apr. 23 & 24

Wildlife News

We hope to see some of our Hancock members at OWL's open house next weekend, the 23rd and 24th. David Hancock will be speaking at 11 AM both days. I'll be at the HWF booth and I'm still looking for help to man our table, especially on Saturday while David is inside giving his eagle talk. The raptor release will be at 1 PM both days as well.

For more info:  http://owlcanada.org/

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Baby bald eagles in golf course nest

Wildlife News


Photo courtesy of Terri Lhuillier
One of two eaglets is shown in the nest with adult bald eagle Spirit at a tree at Riverview Golf and Courtry Club in Redding on Monday.
Photo courtesy of Terri Lhuillier
One of two eaglets is shown in the nest with adult bald eagle Spirit at a tree at Riverview Golf and Courtry Club in Redding on Monday.
By Damon Arthur of the Redding Record Searchlight

Redding eagle watchers said they have confirmed two baby eagles have hatched at a bald eagle nest on a golf course in Redding.

Terri Lhuillier, an avid eagle watcher, said she and other members of the Fans of the Redding Eagles have taken photos of two eaglets in the nest.

Read the rest of the story here:


Follow the Redding, California eagles in the Hancock Wildlife forum here:



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Community anticipates eagle egg hatch

Wildlife News

By Nathan Solis of the Redding Record Searchlight
Posted: Yesterday 6:00 p.m.

A dreary wind blows over the Riverview Golf & Country Club fairway as a pair of bald eagles incubates an undetermined number of eggs in their nest.

That's at least according to Terri Lhuillier, avid eagle watcher from Redding.

Lhuillier sports a blue parka as rain falls sideways and winds blow forcefully. The eagle pair, Liberty and Spirit, cannot be seen from the ground as they hunker in the nest.

Read the rest of the story here:


You can follow the Redding, California eagles from day to day in the Hancock Wildlife Discussion forum for that nest here:


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David Hancock Wins Environmental Award

Wildlife News

David Hancock was the recipient of an Environmental Leadership Award at a banquet last night put on by the Rotary Club of Abbotsford-Matsqui. Congratulations, David.

David Hancock receiving environmental award

David Hancock Receives Environmental Award


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