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Latest Pics from Roberts Bay Nest with Hawklet

Wildlife News

We've named the little hawklet 'Spunky' because it so fits his/her personality.  Here are the latest photos from the nest taken this morning by Terry Venables.


Spunky is now doing what we call 'branching' but s/he has not yet left the nest tree.  That is when the flying is considered 'fledging' for the first time.

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Bald eagle takes the bait, swipes salmon from fishing boat

Wildlife News21 June 2017

A man in British Columbia Friday managed to capture a slow-motion video of an eagle stealing his bait.

Read More: http://fxn.ws/2sryxwK
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Little Rock Zoo mourns death of two bald eagles

Wildlife News20 June 2017

The Little Rock Zoo says two of its bald eagles, including a 42-year-old female, have died. Lecuas, a bald eagle about 25-years-old, died earlier this month due to an age-related heart condition and Hillary also died to an age-related illness. We know that …..

Read More: http://katv.com/news/local/little-rock-zoo-mourns-death-of-two-bald-eagles
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Updated Video of Hawklet in Eagle Nest Taken by David Hancock

Wildlife News

Yesterday when we were at the Roberts Bay eagle nest in Sidney, BC, David Hancock made the following video which Christian Sasse has now uploaded to his YouTube page here:

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Robotic falcon takes flight at Edmonton International Airport

Wildlife NewsRobotic falcon takes flight at Edmonton International Airport

19 June 2017

A drone that looks and flies like a falcon is being used to help keep birds away from planes at the Edmonton International Airport.

Read More: http://globalnews.ca/news/3540654/robotic-falcon-takes-flight-at-edmonton-international-airport/
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After Dozens of Duck Deaths, the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool Gets Drained

Wildlife News13 June 2017

The National Park Service emptying the parasite-ridden pool for a thorough cleaning on Sunday.

Read More: http://www.audubon.org/news/after-dozens-duck-deaths-lincoln-memorial-reflecting-pool-gets-drained
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Bald Eagle numbers fully restored in central California

Wildlife News16 June 2017

“the species almost went extinct but now we have a robust and growing population of bald eagles,” said lead researcher Kelly Sorenson of the Ventana Wilderness Society

Read More: http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/06/16/bald-eagle-numbers-fully-restored-in-central-california/
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Lineman called a hero after rescuing bald eagle

Wildlife News15 June 2017

PLANO – A bald eagle tangled in a power line was set free by a Rocky Mountain Power employee Tuesday morning.

Read More: http://idahostatejournal.com/outdoors/xtreme_idaho/lineman-called-a-hero-after-rescuing-bald-eagle/article_034a742a-b0e1-56a0-8d23-4679b52df3b8.html

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