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OWL Featured on City TV's Breakfast Television

Wildlife News

Yesterday OWL (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society) was featured on City TV's Breakfast Television.  The video can be seen on the station's website here:


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The Herons of Stanley Park

Wildlife News

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Hancock here:  Some of our long time keeners will remember that one of our first web cams was at the Stanley Park Herony back in 2006 and 2007.
Many of you will also know Martin Passchier from his exquisite images of the Vancouver bald eagle nests that he frequently visits.  Some of them can be seen in the Lafarge and Vanier nest discussion forum threads here on our website.
Now Martin has teamed up with Julie Emerson to do a fine introductory book, "The Herons of Stanley Park". As you would expect the images are all totally fantastic, each carrying the Martin insight.
If you also love our Herons you will want this fine primer. Last week I was out at the Tsawwassen Heronry with its eagle nest and the seasonal action is well underway.
While the text of this is meant as a kids book, the images will be appreciated by all.  It is available from Wild Birds Unlimited (Vancouver and North Van), Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Nature House in Stanley Park, Kidsbooks Vancouver, Albion Books and Amazon.ca for $12.99.  The Stanley Park Eco Society will receive 5% of the profits of this book.
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Victoria Humming Bird Cam Owner Interviewed on CHEK TV

Wildlife News

Eric Pittman of Victoria, Humming Bird fame is interviewed by Monica Martinez on CHEK TV!

Watch the interview HERE

and follow the discussion forum for Eric's hummer cam here:


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Update on Phoenix, the Golden Eaglet Burned in Forest Fire

Wildlife News

Here is the latest update on Phoenix the burned baby golden eagle from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah where he has been living for 2 years now. Even with much more recovery to go he is absolutely beautiful!!!


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Fierce fight between bald eagles attracts attention in SE Portland

Wildlife News

By Stephen Mayer, KATU News
Mar 3, 2014 at 9:08 PM PDT
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2014 at 2:26 PM PDT


PORTLAND, Ore. -- A neighbor first spotted something strange in a tree off Southeast 55th and Division around 9 o'clock Monday morning.

People started grabbing binoculars and cameras to get a closer look and saw two American bald eagles seemingly in distress, their talons locked together.

But of course this isn't your ordinary bird; this is America's eagle, so word spread like wildfire through social media.

"People are fascinated by the eagles. They are huge and majestic and beautiful," said Kate Carder.

Carder and her husband got an alert from the group Oregon Birders, and drove all the way across town to see if they could help.

"I didn't think it would be that traumatic to me. I'm still shaken to the core, Carder said.

But soon help arrived. A local tree company volunteered the use of their ......

Read the rest of the story HERE




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Rewilding of Vancouver, BC

Wildlife News

Hancock here:    The following article by Anne Murray on the "Rewilding of Vancouver" is a fascinating read and perspective.  It leads to all sorts of wonderful suggestions.  As many of you know I earlier defined Vancouver, BC as the Bald Eagle Breeding Capital of the World.  Then within the regional area, the Greater Vancouver District that includes the lower Fraser River sits the Chehalis/Harrison River Bald Eagle & Salmon Reserve, where the greatest concentrations of bald eagles in the world have been counted.

Vancouver's Mayor, Gregor Robertson, a leader in greening cities in the world, needs to build upon this incredible link to the "wilding".  Eagles could symbolically  lead the way in Vancouver.   Please read Anne's article:


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Moodyville tree cutting raises ire

Wildlife News

Brent Richter, North Shore News
February 26, 2014 12:00 AM

City, Port say work near eagle's nest in compliance.

A bald eagle perches near its nest in Moodyville Park. Photograph by: Mike Wakefield, North Shore News

A Moodyville resident is raising concerns about the way the City of North Vancouver and Port Metro Vancouver have handled cutting down trees and working too close to an eagle's nest as part of the Low Level Road project.

Melanie Ptashynski did a walkabout of Moodyville Park with PMV and city staff on Jan. 24 to get an idea of how many trees would be cut in order to move the Spirit Trail. After learning it would be a two-metre swath for the trail plus a two-metre buffer, Ptashynski said she was pleased.

But since the work was done, Ptashynski says it is closer to five metres.

"I got my husband to put out measuring tape.  Visually, you know it's not," she said.

Beyond that, Ptashynski was incensed to see the whole slope side "devegetated" and work being carried out next to an eagle's nest just south of Moody Avenue. The barrier placed around the eagle's tree only extends about 10 metres, when the port's wildlife habitat assessment recommends one-and-a-half tree lengths or up to 100 or 200 metres if it is during the breeding period. The report states that starts on Feb. 1. And despite almost daily trips to the park, Ptashynski said she has scarcely seen ............

 Read the rest of the story HERE



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Lemmings fuel biggest snowy-owl migration

Wildlife News

Hancock here:  Snowy Owls largely missed us this year but a huge eruption probably picked up the weather fronts, directed by the southward shifting winter jet stream and got carried to the east, causing unusual numbers in the eastern and southeastern States.  Several were seen in early winter along Boundary Bay here in B.C. but I only saw one in the region I cover in my bald eagle surveys.

Here is an interesting article and how the invasion is being tracked in the east.   




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