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HWF Seeks Volunteers for Fundraising and Calendar Design

Wildlife News

It's that time of year when we need to start designing the Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF) calendar for 2016.  For that we need a volunteer who knows how to do this on a computer.  The photos that will be sent to HWF for consideration will be scrutinized by David Hancock who will then select the ones he wants the calendar designer to use. 

In the past we were fortunate enough to have one of our members, who is a designer, donate her time to produce the 2011 - 2014 calendars and they were beautiful.  Last year she had to retire from this volunteer project and someone else volunteered who did not have a PC.  Therfore, at the last minute, David Hancock had to hire someone and the cost of producing the calendar made it less than what we would call a "fundraiser".  As beautiful as our calendars are, if they do not bring us in a profit then it is unfair to ask those involved to put in the hours to produce it.

We also are in great need of a professional fundraiser to volunteer their time to help with fundraising at HWF this year.  We are now in our tenth year of streaming the eagle web cams and our forum admins and mods have run out of ideas.  Our expenses always far exceed our yearly costs so we are in great need of attracting some major funding.  However we also need ideas for smaller campaigns as well. 

If you can volunteer to design the calendar or help with fundraising please email karen@hancockwildlife.org


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Delta 2 Miracle Mom Having Tough Time!!

Wildlife News

Hi all:

Last year our Delta 2 Miracle Mom accomplished several things I would have absolutely predicted as impossible. First after she had her left leg cleanly broken - within 2 months it had solidified and she resumed nesting and initiated laying 2 eggs only one month late from the previous year. Second she not just completed the incubation, certainly getting a lot of cooperation from Pa, but she fully reared and fledged both offspring. This was quite incredible for a bird that "should"  have failed -- and I had defined her a biological reject.

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Echo Lake home to diverse and endangered species

Wildlife News


Jackie Korn of the Ancient Forest Alliance (left) and tree climber Tiger Devine of the Arboreal Collective (right) hang suspended from an old-growth redcedar tree during the Echo Lake Bio-Blitz. - TJ Watt
Jackie Korn of the Ancient Forest Alliance (left) and tree climber Tiger Devine of the Arboreal Collective (right) hang suspended from an old-growth redcedar tree during the Echo Lake Bio-Blitz.
— image credit: TJ Watt

by  Contributed - Agassiz Observer

Preliminary surveys by biologists reveal diverse, endangered, and new species inhabiting the extremely rare lowland old-growth forest at Echo Lake west of Agassiz. Conservationists ramp-up call for the BC government to protect the area from logging.

A biodiversity survey (ie "Bio-Blitz") of an extremely rare but endangered lowland old-growth forest between Agassiz and Mission, the Echo Lake Ancient Forest, famous for its bald eagles, has revealed that it is also home to a large diversity of flora and fauna. This includes many species at risk such as various bats, frogs, snails, dragonflies, and moss. The surveys, conducted over a weekend last year by biologists and naturalists, and co-ordinated by the Ancient Forest Alliance, have now been compiled and will be submitted to the BC Ministry of Environment’s Conservation Data Centre and Wildlife Species Inventory. Over two days, approximately 174 plant, 55 vertebrate, 153 invertebrate, and 38 fungi species were found around Echo Lake.

Read the rest of the story here:



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Charge: Man clubbed eagles to death, tried to sell them

Wildlife News

Read the story here:


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Hawk gets friendly with cows in barn

Wildlife News


Red-tailed hawk appears in P.E.I. barn in advance of snowstorms

CBC News Posted: Mar 24, 2015 9:35 AM AT Last Updated: Mar 24, 2015 5:06 PM AT

A hawk seeking shelter from winter storms on P.E.I. has used the refuge so often this winter it is starting to get friendly with the cows there.

"He sat there while the cows were actually licking him, very close to him," Bonshaw farmer Jeff MacQuarrie told CBC News.

Read the rest of the story and view the photos here:




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More Eagles Killed

Wildlife News

I am sad to report that more eagles have been killed for their lucrative body parts and feathers to be sold on the black market.  This time it was in the South Delta area near Delta Port. It was called to my attention yesterday and the media have been alerted.  We are hoping that the culprit/s will be caught and severaly punished. 

Larry Pynn of the Vancouver Sun has written an article about it in today's paper.  You can read it here:

The province is seeking public assistance with an investigation into the gruesome discovery of up to five plastic garbage bags full of badly decomposed bald eagle parts in a South Delta ditch

Read the rest of the story HERE


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Heroic snow-covered bald eagle protects her eggs

Wildlife News


By:  Nick Kirkpatrick
March 6 at 7:10 AM

A female bald eagle covered in snow sits on two eggs in a nest located near Codorus State Park in
Hanover, Pa. (Pennsylvania Game Commission via Reuters)

With only her head peaking out, a snow-covered bald eagle in Hanover, Pa., kept her eggs warm through the storm. The eagle was captured yesterday on Eagle Cam run by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

“They will sit on their eggs during all kinds of weather,” naturalist Jack Hubley told LancasterOnline. “You’ll notice that she’s covered with snow. … What does that tell you? That tells you ......

Read the rest of the story HERE





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Ma Delta 3 Lays First Egg of 2015 at HWF

Wildlife News

I am so happy to announce that our newest nest, Delta 3, has become the first to lay an egg. Today, March 1, is the earliest we've had this happen on one of our nests that has a Hancock camera. We do know of a couple of other nests in the Lower Mainland area of Vancouver that lay eggs in the last week of February so this is not unusual for this area.

You can watch the Delta 3 cam here:


Read the forum discussion and see the screenshots and videos for Delta 3 here:



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