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Delta rehab centre's help lets young eagle spread wings


Rehab centre tends to fledgling after it falls from nest


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Correction:  Ralph Smith released Oreo to freedom, not Ralph Whit.

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Students keep an eye on eaglets

South Delta Leader


A view of Tsawwassen eaglets from the Delta 2 camera. David Hancock Wildlife Foundation photo


The birth of two baby eagles has become a learning opportunity for a Tsawwassen classroom. In Judy Davis' backyard near the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, two live stream web cameras are installed in a tree with their lenses focused on a Bald Eagle nest.

The Beach Grove Elementary teacher is using this as a chance to teach her Grade 2/3 students about the birds, habitat protection, and technology.

Through the Hancock Wildlife Foundation's web site,, the young students have followed the "Delta 2" eagle cam as it captured the Bald Eagle lay two eggs which hatched on April 11 and 12.

"I think it's a really powerful tool because it's live, and they get to actually watch rather than seeing pictures and reading," Davis said.

"And I find it's a really great thing for some of the children who are maybe struggling with reading—they don't have to struggle because they can sit and listen and learn."

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And then there were 2!

Just this morning, David Hancock and I were wondering about Delta2's second egg and when would that hatch? David figured in the next few days and we were just delightfully surprised to see BOTH eaglets are now hatched. We clearly saw both little eaglet heads during the last feeding and there are a few pictures within the forum already. I will likely have some video to post a little later on today, once I wrap up my first editing project from this morning. A very exciting day and who knows, we may see an eaglet with Ma and Pa Sidney later today and Delta O.W.L. is also due any moment.

The Link to the forum is here 

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First hatch!

I'm an email hound. I have been for many years now, due to a previous long term stint at an email company. One of the things I adore about my ever-present iphone is my ever-present email. You can never accuse me of being out of touch through a large variety of methods. So, Richard Pitt and I were out having a bite to eat, and as I tend to do, I checked my email. And, within there, I saw 10 new site registrations in a very short period of time in my inbox. "Hrm, something is decidely up" and given Delta2 is now a couple of days late with it's first hatching, my money said that was the likely area of activity. And sure enough, that's exactly what had happened, the first eaglet had been hatched at the Delta2 nest. Judging by forum traffic, I'd say the closest guess to the actual hatching is roughly 2PM PDT, April 11th. Little Kopit from the forum posted a picture just after this and there's already video up on Youtube that would seem to confirm definite movement in the nest bowl.


Next up? Likely Ma and Pa Sidney, quite possibly tomorrow at some point. Keep your eyes on the cam...  

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About Delta-2 - From David Hancock


This nest is located on the property of JudyD, one of the first teachers to talk about our eagles in her classroom at Beach Grove Elementary in Delta. Two years after she started these discussions, a pair of eagles returned to the old nest on her property and have re-established themselves. What teacher has an eagles' nest 150 feet outside her kitchen!

This pair's territory, which I have been following since the late 1990's, became our first pair to move to a 140 foot high tension power pole and establish a nest and raise young in this region. Historically the nest suffered great difficulties, annually falling out of the tower and the young often falling and dying. A few years later, they moved to an adjacent tower and had more success. However, last year they abandoned the second tower and moved back to the tree nest they now occupy.

In the intervening years the site was re-occupied by red-tailed hawks for a few years and after the red-tail chicks were killed and eaten by the eagles in 2006 I thought someone, red-tail or eagle, would occupy the site in 2007.  So I placed two cams in the nest that 2006 fall.
No one lived in the site for the next two years so we removed the cams in the fall of 2009 and used them elsewhere.  As stated, the eagles returned in 2010 and reared young.


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