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The nest is in Decorah, Iowa; the exact location is not publicized to protect the eagles. Local time is Central time. The pair has been observed since 2002, but 2009 was its first year online. They successfully raised three eaglets in both 2009 and 2010. In 2010 the youngest eaglet was 7 days younger than the oldest and 5 days younger than the middle chick, so newly hatched at the time the older ones were beginning to move out of the nest bowl; we were concerned that it would have a hard time getting a share of the food - but the excellent parents at this nest made sure all were fed appropriately to their age and stage. They again laid three eggs and fledged three eaglets in 2011, and one of the fledglings was fitted with a tracking device - you can follow the travels of D1 here.

Our thanks to the Raptor Resource Project for making this wonderful nest available for us to watch - and, of course, our thanks to the eagles!  In addition to the Live Cam below, the Raptor Resource Project also provides Eagle Dailies - still shots taken through the previous 24 hours.

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Live streaming by Ustream


Live streaming by Ustream


Live streaming by Ustream

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Bald Eagle D-1 travels to Wisconsin, Minnesota


By Laura Goetzinger

Arguably the most famous animal to come from Decorah has made its way to Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Bald Eagle D-1 hatched at the Decorah Fish Hatchery earlier this year, under the watchful eyes of millions of Internet viewers.

She was fitted with a satellite transmitter on July 12 and remained a Decorah resident about another month.

Then, Aug. 14, she flew away.

Thanks to the transmitter researchers have been able to track many of her moves. Researchers download data from the satellite each morning from the previous day.

Her first day away from Decorah, D-1 was logged near the Minnesota/Iowa border and near Wykoff, Minn. Over the next week, she was logged near Pepin, Wisconsin near the Mississippi River and Luck in Central.

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