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Richard Pitt in Hospice

Richard is under loving care.

It was a tough but very rewarding visit.  Richard is now largely unconscious due to the drug dosage.  Apparently he had some lucid moments earlier this morning.

What was quite incredible was to again meet his two boys.  They have the same respectful caring approach that many of you have experienced over the phone or via email.  Richard cared, his boys care.  I mean they were not just looking out for dad, but spent much of the time attending to me who did not hold up as well.

It was an interesting reality -- I knew Richard some years longer than his kids.  Shirley, Richard's wife, had just left when I arrived but I met some other members of the family. They all exuded the same caring and reverent attitude.  What great relationships.

Last night I was going to drop by after the evening Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival meeting but the meeting went on late.  David Hathaway, some of you may remember him working for Hancock House earlier, had called during the meeting to say he was just leaving Richard and the end was close.  David Hathaway had worked with Richard for years. The family was so encouraging and thankful so many of you had honored him.  My thanks too.  I will try and see him tomorrow.



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Gardeners Wanted! For Hancock Community Gardens


Contact:  David Hancock, 604-538-1114, or email Karen:

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The Costa Rica Adventure: Looking for CAM sites and finding a new profession for Mary!


As many of the locals here know, Mary and I departed for Costa Rica to evaluate its wildlife.  The trip got a most unexpected start.  The trip south was carefully planned so we would arrive in San Jose, CR at 08:00 in the morning -- to give time to get the car and head out of town during daylight.  Great idea - but we arrived at midnight after the plane was diverted to other countries.  We had been up and travelling 41 hours!!  The first change happened "on final" into the San Salvador airport.  At the last moment the aircraft had to pull up and was diverted to Honduras -- where nobody had visas to land -- or get out of the airplane.

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David Speaks to Low Brackendale Count



Channel 4 (SHAW TV)
9 a.m. PST,Wednesday, January 18  Monday, January 23

                                                                 Mamquam River - Brackendale                                                                      

David will be interviewed by Fanny Kiefer on Channel 4 (SHAW cable, local TV channel) at 9 a.m. next Monday, January 23.  It is not known what time during the hour that David will be featured as she will have three different guests that day.  He will be speaking to the low eagle count this year at

For those who don't live in BC, Fanny Keifer is host to an hour long show on Shaw TV featuring interviews with local personalities. It airs daily Monday - Friday at 9:00 am and usually repeats again at 4:00 pm.  





Click here to listen online: 

Alternate Link:





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Costa Rica Tourist Info Wanted


Hi  to all our Eagleholics:

I thought I would ask you about Costa Rica.  Mary and I want a month in the sun and with my knee now much improved I wish to get another trip south – possibly to Costa Rica.

We will have a car so can get around on our own. We would like to eat-in some meals and out most. We have 4 -5 weeks available from end of Feb 25 thru April 7.  

We would like to possibly spend a week at four locations:

1.      SE on Caribbean side.

2.      NW end

3.      Central Mts.

4.      SW side.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?  Any specific contacts? That would be appreciated. 

Contact or call David at 604--538-1114 or toll free 1-800-938-1114 (no message machine)


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