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HWF Cams Running


HWF CAMS Running:   Of course the other big issue has been getting all the cams up and running -- and Ken has steadily been progressing.  We are a bit behind but it was marvelous to see all the Harrison Mills live cams up and running:  the Chehalis Underwater cam, the two Tower PTZ cams and the two PTZ Harrison Mills nest cams.  I think BC is a bit like NY and NJ -- a bit behind in our stinging of telephone and electric lines so we have had to suffer some power outages.

NOTE:   We will shortly have PTZ cams at all above-water sites and we hope many of you get sufficiently involved that you can devote some time to managing the pan-tilt-zoom functions of the various cams.  This is really quite exciting.  It can also be quite revealing.  During the first couple of days of the Tower cams I really realized how much disturbance kayakers, jet boats and skis could cause the feeding and resting eagles.  We are going to initiate some kind of awareness of not disturbing the flats.  We do not see boating or fishing or hiking activities along the Harrison River or even along the western shoreline as a meaningful disturbance.  The only problem is letting the eagles sit and feed and loaf on the open flats -- where they are easily disturbed.

Thank you all for so much dedicated work and I hope this fall's wintering eagles keep you excited until the upcoming breeding season gets fully underway.


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Re the 2012 --2013 Season Cam Installations & Web Activation:

Part 1:   Installation of cams and testing:
   This has been a hectic late summer getting all the nest cams, the underwater cam and the tower cams ready and installed.  This has now been completed.  All 5 nests have two HD cams with at least one of them being a PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom).  Lafarge, Harrison Mills and White Rock actually have two PTZs at each nest and also two PTZs were installed on the Chehalis Tower.  We had Ken pre-assemble each cam either at his house or here at HWF for testing.  They were again tested at the base of the tree or tower before I left so all looks good for an exciting fall.

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So Many Things - An Update


Hi All:

So many things have been happening by, in reality, so few incredible workers.  And you all deserve an update.

First, so many thanks for conducting the year's events so effectively and constantly undertaking the fundraising campaigns to keep it all going.  I do not wish to state names because so many of you have helped and you all know who has played such a key role in keeping the web and cams running.  Judyb has again tied the entire project together with help from her mods.  We all thank you.  The recent fundraising drive, coordinated by Karen, came to a finale yesterday as 10 of the keeners came here to see my birds, have a chat and we all got to meet Diana/gogee who was visiting from Ontario.  We drew the 4 names of the contest winners -- Judyb or Karen will post the results. Special thanks go to the three unnamed contributors for matching fund donations -- so so generous.


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World Rivers Day

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Greetings River Advocates,

World Rivers Day is set for September 30th this year (as always, falling on the last Sunday
in September) and, while the event is still several months away, it will be here
before we know it. Consequently, we're hoping that river advocates from around the globe
will start planning events as part of this year's World Rivers Day celebration.

In British Columbia as an example, an array of events are being planned ranging from
stream cleanups and habitat enhancement projects to community riverside celebrations
along with a major WRD promotional event and press conference a few days prior.
Across Europe, there will be Rivers Day awareness events unfolding on rivers such as the
Danube, Rhine, Seine, Rhone, and Douro led by the Uniworld cruise line.
There will be a major fisheries congress in China in the days running up to WRD,
and in Australia, WRD events will unfold across the country thanks to the International
River Foundation and shortly thereafter, the International River Symposium
will take place in Melbourne. And the list of global events will grow dramatically in the weeks and
months ahead.
Visit our Web site at: to find out more about
World Rivers Day, and please let us know about your event plans.
We can help your promotions via our Web site, and with e-mails like this one.

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Richard Has Joined the Eagle Spirit World

I just got the call that Richard passed away during the night.  It was  peaceful, quiet and the family were present.

When I checked in yesterday his son said Richard had just opened his eyes and maybe some lucid moments were coming. I rushed over but he was still sleeping, well under the influence of the peace-giving drugs.  I stroked his hand and again told him all the mods and supporters loved him and wished him a fine journey.

The family got into discussions about his life and surprisingly a son and his last surviving brother both stated that birds were his greatest love.  Certainly our many journeys over more than thirty years focused on birds and how to make people more aware of their habitat needs.  Here was his devoted and loving family saying that our private times were also a highlight to Richard -- quite wonderful.

Just before he was moved to the hospice last week he insisted upon my arrival, that we do an interview on his new camera.  He organized the hospital room, where we could sit and how the camera should be placed.  We started an interview that must have been tiring for his emaciated body but he insisted. He was having a ball - he was producing another video, another broadcast program. The joy was apparent to all.  After the first hour of discussion the battery failed.  The sister-in-law went home to get us another -- a two hour wait.  During that time Richard pulled out the laptop, went into the White Rock nest program to try and find out why the cams were not broadcasting through WildEarth.  After an hour he called Ken to try and resolve it.  Then the new battery arrived and we continued reminiscences of our time shared with David Ingram, our mutual friend who died last year, and how the cams had worked but he also referred to the disappointments.  We shared the lament that neither of us was a fundraiser as our big ambition had been to develop the Production Facilities to support the Education Facilities where teachers, editors and techies could assemble a more impactful message for the schools of North America - and the people of the world.

Last Thursday, the day of interviews, was really the last time I saw him meaningfully focus on the world -- our mutual world.  The pain necessitated the heavy drugs and the long sleep.

Richard, you brought us all so much and most viewers don't even know of your commitment.  Of course, the mods and the keeners know it well. 

As some of you recall, Richard orchestrated his own good-bye party in February -- and over a hundred people who touched his life came to rejoice that life -- and say good-bye.  If the family plans something else we will let you know.

Thank you, Richard, for so enriching my life -- and that of many others.

Love, your friend and admirer,

David Hancock


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