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Rescued bald eagle files free over Mohawk Park, back to Bird Creek

Wildlife News
22 May 2017

A bald eagle rescued nearly dead flies away just six days later, released by one of the construction workers who helped save the weak and drowning raptor.

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Raptor killing video decisions queried

Wildlife News21 May 2017

Holyrood committee asks why videos showing birds being killed were not used for prosecutions.

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Smithfield man accused of shooting, fatally running over bald eagle

Wildlife News18 May 2017

Prosecutors say he allegedly shot the eagle before driving “over it with a all-terrain vehicle until it was dead.”

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Bald eagle returns home after injuries from geese attack

Wildlife News17 May 2017

In early April, the eagle fell into the Holston River after being attacked by geese protecting their nest.

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Input Needed for 2017 Nest Cams Repairs, etc.

Hancock Here:  We need input on 2017 CAMS Site Repairs & Nest Building.

We seek suggestions on where CAMs need repairs or specifics on cleaning, nests that need repair or where we should be installing new Nest Platforms and/or CAMS.

Below is my first draft of what work is required for repairing CAMS or repairing or building new nest platforms during our 'safe window following fledging'.  All this work must of course be done while the adult eagles are off on their northern migration.  Our safest window in this area is: Aug. 24 thru Sept. 12.


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