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Do You Want a Bald Eagle Nest in Your Yard?

Bald Eagle Biology

Bald Eagles: ----- Constructing Artificial Bald Eagle Nests to Expand Nesting Range

The Bald Eagle has invaded the Vancouver BC urban area. In the past years, lacking adequate tall trees sturdy enough to support their bulky nest, the eagles has started to nest in man-made structures.

Do you want a Bald Eagle Nest in Your Yard? In your neighborhood Park?

If so we can now put it there!

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Banded Bald Eagle Observed -- Who Banded it?

Wildlife News

Juvenile Bald Eagle seen Dec 8, 2005 along the Harrison River wearing BLUE wing marker on Right Wing.

Does anybody know about this marking? Where is the eagle from? When banded? We would like to know of your study?

OUr incredibly interested group of eagle followers here on the Chehalis -- Harrison River complex is keeping notes on this bird but we would like to pass these along to the biologist who did the baniding. There are likely already over 1000 eagles on the river today and the numbers will likely double by early January. My point is our group of eagle watchers could provide various studies with some interesting notes.

FURTHER REQUEST: --- Eagle Study Clearing House? ---

I would love to offer a site / forum here for anybody to submit notification of eagle studies, your contact details. This could act as a clearing house for observers to hone in on marked birds and who to tell. I havd been given numerous sight records over the years but I have never known where to track down the study supervison and who to tell. This might readily be a possible service here -- and at no cost to anybody. We will provide the Web space.

Please call David Hancock 1-800 938-1114 or email me at:

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UBC -- Sells out the Alumni

Wildlife News

Dec 3/05 UPDATE: a great many responses have come in here (our WEB site) after I posted this item and it was picked up by many press and other WEB servers for distrilbution: This travesty has pricked a few ears and rightfully! Now newly attachd are the minutes of the meeting between UBC, its realators and the Public at a very "public restricted" meeting. I see nothing less than saving this incredible piece of land as a Park as acceptable -- the Government ministers must stand up to the plate and be counted! ---{{{{ Seeking to have the new owners show responsibility is TOTAL NON-SENSE! A buck is a buck as we see UBC stating so clearly and unconsciencely. The ONLY solution is total preservation of this site as Parkland.}}}--- DONORS BEWARE -- UNIVERSITY SELLS OFF LAND GIFTS FOR QUICK PROFIT.


A November 28, 2005 meeting in Campbell River of the UBC / Realty company and the Community members accentuates the behind the scenes shannigans that UBC has been invoilved in. The minutes of the meeting presented below show:

--- That UBC largely kept the sale secretive from the community.

--- UBC did not even tell its tenants such as the hatchery and numerous community volunteer based organizations using the property of the pending sale.

--- the Campbell River Meeting was not open but RESTRICTED to only 1 member of a few community groups involved in the use of the property or working within the community as a whole.

My conclusion, and I don't have to live in the community and have to face Realators unhappy at the prospects of loosing a jewel to sell or pay dues to UBC greedy policies, is that I want people who might be contemplating donations to the University -- and this might well apply to any University or Alumni -- to give second thoughts to this. Are your donations going to be a continuing asset to the community as you hope or be sold off as some greedy financial manager sees fit? In this case the Oyster River Farm has been a contributor and receipient of hundereds of thousands of hours of donated time and dollars to develop the projects on its grounds. It has been a community asset and should remain one.

Perhaps the government should simple step in and pay the University a reasonable price for the property and turn in officially into a park -- it largely is and has been one for the community for years and should remain that.

The details of the limited access meeting are attached immediate below:

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Festivals and Fun

Haines--Chilkat River Bald Eagle Festival Again GREAT Success

November 2005 saw winter close in early on the norther bald eagle habitat. By the time of the Haine-Chilkat Bald Eagle Festival of November 7 - 13 happened most of the northern rivers were frozen and on that weekend before a 6 inch snowfall throughout the northern areas sealed off the salmon carcasses and drove the eagles to the Chilkat or south to warmer climes.

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Brackendale / Squamish Bald Eagle Festival

Festivals and Fun

Brackendale / Squamish Bald Eagle Festival, North of Vancouver, British Columbia


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