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Hornby Island Eagle not SHOT!

Hornby Island Nest 2006-2008

Another interesting misinterpertation!!! The Horby Island Eagle has NOT been Shot!

I guess one has to chalk up to human behavior, or misbehavior, the inabitlity of some people to look for problems, create them from nothing, or read something bad into whatever they want. I had thought earlier that we shoud save the total Forum responses, not just for the interesting, thought provoking and sincere questions, but perhaps for the exceptional few who are not at all interested in the eagles, their incredibly facinating behaviior or questions about their environment, but seem hell bent on finding something to bicker about or distort -- for whatever reasons their contorted minds have conjured up. Could these demented souls be more interesting than the eagles? No -- I go for the eagles.

Here is Doug Carricks simple comment on the latest misunderstandings or bs ! He still has the live feed from the camera coming into his livingroom and knows of what he speaks.
David Hancock


FROM : DOUGLAS CARRICK on Hornby Island Date: August 9, 2006 10:25:16 PM CDT

I was informed about the BB shot rumour for the first time just 20 minutes ago. There is absolutely no truth to it. One problem about being shot in the nest is that they just don't use the nest any more. More important, I have seen them in surrounding perch trees every day up to July 29. On July 30, they went on migration.

I have been watching them particularly closely this year because so many people would be interested in the life of these "senior eagles" and I visualize myself as becoming an eagle geriatrician. Over the years, I have observed the average migration date for Hornby eagles is mid-August. But delays in migration occur in the case of late-hatching and late-flying eaglets. About six years ago, the eagle family two miles down the beach, which I call the "Dysfunctional Family", had an eaglet that fell from the nest too early and was ever so slow to learn to fly. Because of this, the family didn't migrate until mid September.

On the other hand eagles not burdened with offspring generally leave earlier. This year, I was watching closely to confirm just that. And they did leave earlier. All this is to say, that I have been watching the eagles especially closely this year and that they were managing very well until the date of migration. Neither eagle was shot by a BB, I can assure you.


PS -- NOTE: this is the bald eagle pair that so valiantly sat their two infertile eggs. We are hopng that they will do better next year. =======================

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Perspective Changes over Time -- well MAYBE? Maybe Not!

Victoria/Sidney Nest

UPDATED --- Aug 5th Posting:

Now, Aug 5, 2006, it is interesting to point out that what was said then (April 8/06) -- is largely the same now, except that the cost of the computers and 60+ hard drives, Richard's travel and costs for over 6 months, not to mention my travel costs and time, have greatly extended our initial investment. --- read more ---->>>

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Do You Have a Summary of Eagle Data?

Victoria/Sidney Nest

Nesting Eagle Data Needed: --- A couple of Requests ---:

--------------- ----------------- ------------------- ------------------
HI Live Eagle CAM followers:

I would love to post on our site some summary data and it has been suggested that several of you might well have been keeping notes:

--- read more --->>>

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Victoria/Sidney Nest

David Hancock reports in: July 27 --- Great visit to nest today.

Richard and I arrived at the nest 1000 and saw several long and gracious flights by both Victoria and Sidney -- both were beautiful on the wing and doing very well. Here Ihave posted some video I shot of our kids flying. I only saw two landings by Sidney but both were accurate and gracious. On his last flight Sidney took off out of sight to the west.

Victoria's first flight covered over 2 miles of flying and soaring. Over a two hour period she made about 5 flights out over the nest, the bay and the surrounding countryside. Dr. Bird was also there and we were equally impressed with the strength of Sidneys flights. His second flight took him a long way to the west out towards the northern tip of Pat Bay -- and then he did not return. Both parents sat the entire time (actually one did take a short flight to go over to where Victoria had gone out of sight -- but returned as did Victoria) but they basically spent the two hours on two of their favorite trees overlooking the Bay.

Our babies are well on the way to independence. They will likely spend less time in the nest and a few days after the parents think that they have done enough and both disappear, our kids will enter their independent life. I sure wish them well.

We've had to cut the original video down substantially due to the huge file size it was - far larger than the streaming video resolution you've been used to. Here are the flight bits from both birds - enjoy.

Victoria's Flight
Sidney's Flight

David Hancock

See below how you can now post your video clips to our site:

The following pictures were taken on July 27 by Richard. --- read more ---->>

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Update on Naming of "Victoria" and "Sidney"

Victoria/Sidney NestFirst, much thanks for all the kind comments and understanding. As stated earlier 'naming our kids' was a difficult and 'emotionally charged' issue for most of us.

Our contest had very specific rules set out on the Hancock House forum which we followed.

Read on for more info on our special offer to all entrants:


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