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Our new Discussion Forum - and other updates

Wildlife News
The news that we have a discussion forum seems to have leaked out - and I've changed it from its original URL (test-discuss...) to its permanent place at even though it is still tagged with a blinking "test" - and will be for a day or two while we get some buggs worked out.

Along the way there have been a number of bobbles of various kinds, not the least of which is that the whole domain that you are supposed to be reading this under was changed at the last moment from just to the one you are supposed to be using now which is (and the above mentioned "discuss" sub-domain of it)

All this has meant that some people are having a bit of a problem with staying logged into the discussion forum (clear your browser's cookies) and others are a bit confused because links they've created don't quite work right.

Sorry for all that, really. Read on for more

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Victoria/Sidney Nest

THEY ARE GONE ! --- Victoria & Sidney & Parents have Headed North.

Aug 20 I visited the nest site this morning and did not see an eagle. This followed many reports from the local viewers that the birds had not been seen for about 3 days.

I will post a few photos of this trip here.

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Support the Eagle Cams - We need advertisers

Wildlife NewsAs you'll now see, we're set up to run advertising to sponsor the Hancock Wildlife TV - cameras, discussion forums (soon) and lots of video.

We need business supporters - and we're prepared for you. We already have in place the software to track exactly how many people see your ads and how many click through to your site. We already know that our next season is going to mean millions of people tuning in to watch and comment on what is happening in the nests and with the other sites we have in preparation - and you need to hook your wagon to our advertising horse.

Of course we're a great place for tourism advertisers from here in Beautiful British Columbia - but did you know that over 40% of our viewers came from outside of North America? True - and we're looking for you to talk to them - about whatever it is you are selling.

Please contact us at: for rates and options.

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We want your video clips - here, not on other sites (updated)

Media + Copyright

As you all probably know, the success of the eagle nest streaming video took us by surprise - and kept us hopping full time for the past 6 months just trying to keep up with the things that you and the rest of the world wanted to know.

As the nest season is winding down, we've been catching up on all the various projects that we've had on the back burner - mostly for want of time and people to do them. One of these is getting our systems set up so that you can share your favourite moments that you've caught from the live stream without putting them up on any of the various commercial video sites that don't pay us anything at all.

You can post them to our Photo Gallery area now.

Note: you must make sure the file names you are uploading don't have special characters in them like spaces. We're hosting this on a system that seems not to like that.

Upload to Victoria/Sidney Video area
Upload to Hornby Nest Video area

Note that both uploads require that you are logged in to this forum with a valid user ID
Please --- read more --->>>

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WiTS has a NEW Exciting WEB Site

Wildlife News

The Wildlife Tree Stewardship Program has NEW Informative WEB Site

The WiTS Program has now brought together a great supportive WEB site for our stweards, the public and as a great resourse for schools.

If you want to know about habitat preservation on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland or the Okanogan, where the WiTS programs is functional or being initiated, or if you wish to see how a good community stewardship program functions please check out this site.

Stewards and their combined efforts are the backbone of conservation.

Go to it.
David Hancock.


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