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Nov 6 -- Hornby Island Bald Eagles - UPDATE

Hornby Island Nest 2006-2008

Doug Carrick Reports from Hornby Island: November 6, 2006

Although the Hornby Island Eagles failed to hatch any chicks last May, they remained in their territory for the remainder of the season, feeding mainly on midshipmen - eight inch fish found around tidal pools at low tide. In mid-August, most eagles on Hornby leave on migration for the salmon rivers up the coast, but the actual date of leaving depends on the family situation. In the year 2000 for example, our eagles had one eaglet, Squeaky, who was very late learning to fly. As a result, the family was late to begin migration, not leaving until September 2. This year,in contrast, when our eagles had no eaglets to be concerned about, they left much earlier, on July 28.

In September, while the eagles were on migration I had Jed Young, the arborist, install a second camera up the tree. It is placed behind the first camera, up higher and has a wider angle of focus so as to take in, not just the nest, but also the branches around the nest where future eaglets (if there are any) will practice flying. I feel optimistic about future eaglets ever since I was informed about the Winnipeg eagles, 40 years of age, fledging an eaglet. Ours are 23 years of age.

They were expected to return on October 2, and they did return, right on schedule to the day. There seems to be little variation on the expected return date of the eagles (1 or 2 days) compared with the variation in leaving dates (1 or 2 weeks). As in other years, the eagles came back to their territory, using all their perch trees for 20 days, but totally ignored their nest. The previous two years, they finally landed in the nest on October 22. This year, they were one day later - on October 23. From then on they started re-arranging sticks in the nest and then started bringing new sticks and branches. By November 3,4 and 5, they were in full swing - bringing 7 or 8 sticks per day. They also brought several small branches with their needles still on and threw them in the center of the nest. They leave them there until the needles fall off and then discard the empty twigs to the edge of the nest. They seem to like the needles for insulation and padding.

Will keep you informed.

Doug Carrick

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Hornby Island Update

Hornby Island Nest 2006-2008 While the eagles were on migration, the original camera was raised up a foot to keep up with the eagles adding 6 inches of material to their nest each year. Also, a second camera was installed back further to take in the wider view of the branches surrounding the nest. While up the tree, Jed Young noticed a section of the nest had fallen away but we assume the eagles will fix that up. On October 2, right on schedule, the eagles returned to their territory and, as usual, used their perch trees only - totally ignoring the nest. On October 23, also right on schedule, they had their first examination of the nest and were totally unconcerned about the second camera. By October 27, the eagles were in full swing - adding new branches including a maple with six yellow leaves and a long straight stick which they haven't placed yet, not knowing what to do with it? They also brought a three foot branch with green needles on it. They lay these in the nest waiting for the needles to fall off, then move the twiggy part to the side of the nest. They seem to like these needles for insulation, softness, and possible to fend off parasites? This is their eighteenth year in this same nest - a very rare thing. In a study I made of 14 eagle families over a 6 year period, half of them had moved locations at least once in this time - which makes it difficult to keep track of each family. Will provide up-dates on the Hornby Eagles from time to time. Doug
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Update: Sidney Visit Sept 6-10 2006

Victoria/Sidney Nest

Update: Sidney Visit: Sept 6 - 10

What a week I have not caught up yet so I am sorry to be late in reporting.

Update on Vic & Sids nest: One Wednesday Sept 6 I took the first ferry to Vancouver Island to check the Vic-Sid nest first to say hi to it and then to prepare for the actual camera insertion.

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