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Update: Sidney Visit Sept 6-10 2006

Victoria/Sidney Nest

Update: Sidney Visit: Sept 6 - 10

What a week I have not caught up yet so I am sorry to be late in reporting.

Update on Vic & Sids nest: One Wednesday Sept 6 I took the first ferry to Vancouver Island to check the Vic-Sid nest first to say hi to it and then to prepare for the actual camera insertion.

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More on Copyright

Media + CopyrightWe are so pleased that many of you have uploaded your videos and pictures of the Hornby and Saanich nests in the new Hancock Wildlife Media Gallery. We are sure that our viewers will enjoy watching your creative works for some time to come. (NOTE: Videos that use copyrighted audio files may have to be removed at some point in the future. We are looking into this issue.)

We ask that any remaining copyrighted imagery posted to any site other than Hancock Wildlife be removed from those sites immediately.

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Latest News

Wildlife NewsWe have created this new Hancock Wildlife Org site as an abstract of the original site. Please bear with us as we find all the little details such as URLs that don't point where they should and the general look/feel of the site which will change to reflect the Hancock Wildlife theme.

Your posted videos are here along with all the articles and other content that dealt with the Hornby and Victoria/Sidney nest sites. We'll concentrate all new postings here. The Hancock House site will return to the discussion and creation of books for publication by that company.

This area is used by our Web and Forum Administrators to tell you about their works & areas of interest. We & they invite your feedback and participation. Note: The "Contribute" button above is to contribute stories, not comments. Stories will be moderated by our moderators and not posted unless deemed of interest to the forum audience. Comments should be done via the "xx comments" link at the bottom of each story.

Our new media system includes the ability to vote on an item's rank on a scale of 1 to 10. Here are some that rate 10 with more than 4 votes:

  • Far far away shot of Lil Sid & Big Vic by Frank L.
  • You Are So Beautiful by TropicalRain's Vision
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    Our new Discussion Forum - and other updates

    Wildlife NewsThe news that we have a discussion forum seems to have leaked out - and I've changed it from its original URL (test-discuss...) to its permanent place at even though it is still tagged with a blinking "test" - and will be for a day or two while we get some buggs worked out.

    Along the way there have been a number of bobbles of various kinds, not the least of which is that the whole domain that you are supposed to be reading this under was changed at the last moment from just to the one you are supposed to be using now which is (and the above mentioned "discuss" sub-domain of it)

    All this has meant that some people are having a bit of a problem with staying logged into the discussion forum (clear your browser's cookies) and others are a bit confused because links they've created don't quite work right.

    Sorry for all that, really. Read on for more

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    Victoria/Sidney Nest

    THEY ARE GONE ! --- Victoria & Sidney & Parents have Headed North.

    Aug 20 I visited the nest site this morning and did not see an eagle. This followed many reports from the local viewers that the birds had not been seen for about 3 days.

    I will post a few photos of this trip here.


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