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The Hancock Channel - now online

Wildlife News
As part of our ongoing expansion of wildlife viewing, we bring you the Hancock Channel - where you'll see clips and live streams from various sources. Live sources will include things like live interviews and events. Clips may be from our current cameras or from archival footage, both ours and others'.

An expanded version of the Hancock Channel will be included in each of our subscription packages through Insinc starting shortly.

Our first session is from Saturday, November 17, 2007 - during the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

It was our hope to live-cast from the Eagle Point viewing platform for most of the two day festival, however technical problems and bad weather have shortened the session to just over an hour, now playing as an archive on the Hancock Channel.

Watch for other specials, and watch the channel for replays.

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Canada's Great Basin Landbird Conservation Plan

Conservation & PreservationCANADAíS GREAT BASIN

    Executive Summary
    This plan is intended to help guide and focus landbird conservation in the Canadian portion of the Great
    Basin Bird Conservation Region (BCR 9), encompassing British Columbia's Southern Interior
    Ecoprovince. It represents a cooperative effort among a wide range of partners in the region: various
    levels of government, conservation organizations, industry, landowners and academics interested in
    landbird conservation.
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Robson Bight, Springer has returned

Thank you Paul and Helena for sending this update.

November 14 2007

Hello everyone,

We have good Springer news... Springer has returned to Johnstone Strait, and she looks great!

Almost 3 anxious months have passed since the tragic oil spill in Robson Bight, which exposed fully 25% of the Northern resident orca community to toxic diesel fumes. Springerís family, the A4 pod, was one of the groups which spent several hours amidst a dense diesel fog in Robson Bight the night after the incident. During the 2 weeks that followed, none of the A4s, including Springer, displayed obvious symptoms. But just the same, we were worried about them, and when they left we wondered if we would see all of them again.

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Captive Breeding Program for Northern Spotted Owl

Conservation & PreservationA habitat for one of Canada's most endangered birds is taking shape in Langley, British Columbia.

A few months from now, owls will hunt prey among tree trunks and saplings in a forested region near Fort Langley.

They will be one of the rarest birds of prey in the world, the Northern Spotted Owl.
The birds won't be living in the wild, however. They'll be enclosed in a large, brand new aviary being built on the grounds of the Mountain View Conservation Centre.

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Chehalis River Estuary Above Ground Eagle Cam

Wildlife NewsIntallation Progress:

Installation of the above-ground eagle cams on the Chehalis Estuary will be delayed until after the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival due to continued high water levels.

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