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Nightly Replays

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Now that we have our own Windows Streaming Media server, we've implemented a number of features and likely will implement more.

The one that most people will appreciate is the replay each night (camera time) of the day's video. This article is to let you know how this works and why it can be a bit fragmented at times.

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We've Done It - the Sidney Bald Eagle Nest is Online!

Victoria/Sidney Nest It has taken far longer than anyone ever expected, but we finally have the Sidney nest cameras online in full motion video and audio. Thanks very much to the people at Insinc for giving us a hand with our own Windows streaming media server - getting it to the point where it is up and running and serving up beautiful video from all our cameras.

We'll continue to serve up the smaller 2-frames/second versions on the various sites' main pages so you can quickly see if there is anything happening on the nest - and because so many more people can watch them than can currently watch the full feeds. I'll be adding the Goldstream cameras to their page shortly.

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The Herons are Back

Stanley Park HeronryAs of Valentine's Day, February 14th, there are herons in the heronry at Stanley Park. According to Dalyce (Raptore) there were 3 birds visible on the camera that day. We've had the camera going for some time now, but there has been nothing to watch. Now our patience has been rewarded.

Yesterday (Feb 27th) I was sitting at my desk with the minimal versions of the cameras up on one of my screens when some movement in the Heron cam caught my eye. The host of our camera position was home and had taken the time to re-focus the camera on some of the birds that were there, zooming in for a better look. I phoned her and we discussed the camera settings, and she got it set on one nest with a bird in it. We got some great shots of the bird for a while, then it decided to walk off the branch and fly away, so she again set the camera to point at and take in several of the nests in the "B" tree.

Yesterday was one of Vancouver's reasons why we all live here - bright, sunny, blue sky, clear air and lots of snow visible on the North Shore mountains after the light snowfall of the previous day. I told her that I might visit if I got the chance. I decided in the early afternoon to ride the Honda down and take some pictures of the birds.

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Close but not here yet

Victoria/Sidney NestDavid Hancock and I just got back from visiting the site of another nest - this one of an osprey on the docks in Esquimalt, near Victoria.

While over on Vancouver Island, we visited the Sidney nest site where I did some minor maintenance on one of the servers and David took some photos. I've been watching the feed off and on for the past couple of weeks while working on getting one version of our free streaming working (or not... seems I'm still learning that anything that can go wrong, does). Most times I've been watching the birds have not been there, or have not been doing anything. Only one time in over two weeks ago did I see them building.

Today they were both in the nest and I grabbed some of the high-res from the archive server to show you.

Read on for more on what has been happening and why

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Campbell River BC (Vancouver Is) Bald Eagle Festival: March 3/07

Festivals and Fun The Campbell River Bald EAgle Festival is about to hold its 2nd Annual Event.

If it turns out like last year it will be incredible -- again. Maj Birch, the organizer and energy behind the Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society, promises both great weather and record number of eagles. Actually I predict the record number of eagles.

Unlike the other west coast Festivals, the Campbell River one is set when all the local breeding eagles are on their territories. However, the area gets hundreds of additional northern birds still going north and hundreds of sub-adults that do not have to stay on a nest territory. These brids gather in this area -- right through to Doug Carrick and his Hornby Island area, to feed on the schooling balls of herring gathering to spawn.

I can't remember the name of the beautiful Museum but it is on the highway as you enter Campbell River. You can always tell it as a pair of nearby nesting birds perch beside the hghway above the Musuem doorway -- quite a greeting to most people.

Doug and I will be on hand with talks, hopefully answering questions etc. As will lots of other speakers and a whole building full of interesting exhbits.

I hope to see you in Campbell River. It opens at 10:00. March 3

David Hancock


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