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Saanich home to five eagle nests

Wildlife NewsSaanich home to five eagle nests
Saanich News also appeared in Oakbay News
June 13, 2008

Sam VanSchie
News staff

Three pairs of bald eagles are raising their young in Oak Bay nests this spring, while neighbouring Saanich has five active nests.

This is a high number for urban settings, especially because the birds protect their large hunting territories from other eagle families.

"It would suggest there is a good food supply in the area," said Gwen Greenwood the volunteer coordinator at Wildlife Trees Stewardship Program. "There are more (eagles) nesting in the area than in previous years, for sure."

Eagles are opportunistic carnivores, they eat fish and smaller birds, such as sea gulls, as well as rodents, including rabbits and rats.

"They adapt pretty well to an urban setting,” explained Greenwood, who has been researching eagles in southern B.C. for eight years on behalf of the organization that helps protect eagle habitat.

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Urban Eagle SightingsFROM 'VICTORIA NEWS'
Urban eagles June 12, 2008

It’s not uncommon for eagles to go for years without producing any young, such is the case for eagle pairs in Victoria and Esquimalt. File photo

While Victoria and Esquimalt have a single bald eagle nest each, neither mating pair that inhabit the nests have successfully reproduced since 2004.

There are many reasons why the birds, who share a nest with their life-long mate, wouldn’t have any eggs hatch. They might be too old or under nourished. Or there may be some human-made factor, such as pesticides damaging their eggs or nest disturbances.

Gwen Greenwood, volunteer coordinator for the Wildlife Trees Stewardship Program, said somebody would have to monitoring the nests quite closely to know the exact reason they haven’t been productive, and they’d rather not disturb the birds.

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'saanich eagle nest'

Wildlife NewsIt would be interesting to have David's commentary on this article, as it's in his territory!!
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Polar Bears Listed as 'Threatened'

This is the first time that a species has been listed under the Endanagered Species Act in US, as a direct result of Global Warming. The polar bear depends on sea ice, as part of its habitat, and the sea ice is melting! No doubt, there will be more debate on this subject after today's historic announcement.....

Polar Bears Listed as 'Threatened'

Jane Kay, Chronicle Environment Writer

Wednesday, May 14, 200

(05-14) 12:59 PDT WASHINGTON -- Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne announced Wednesday that the U.S. government will list the polar bear as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, making it the first animal species to win protections because of threats from global warming.

The Arctic sea ice is vital to the bear's survival, its habitat has dramatically melted and computer models show that the pack ice is likely to continue melting in the foreseeable future, Kempthorne said.

Environmental groups had pressed the Bush administration to list the polar bear in hope that it would force the U.S. government to pass restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions from factories, utilities and vehicles, saying that strategy is the only way to avoid the harshest effects of climate change.


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