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Owl feeding controversy ruffles feathers

Wildlife News
13 March 2017

The controversial practice of luring owls with mice to photograph them in action and up close has come to a head in northeast Minnesota this winter, leading to angry confrontations over ethics and animal welfare.

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Wildlife started breeding season early due to warm weather

Wildlife News11 March 2017

We talked to a naturalist at Bays Mountain, who says some animals started breeding season early because of warm weather.

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We are family: Wolf recovery effort finds wild wolves almost all brothers and sisters

Wildlife News7 March 2017

Right now, roughly 100 Mexican gray wolves roam the wilds of Arizona and New Mexico.

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Barn owl found hidden in aircraft’s landing gear – Times of India

Wildlife News10 March 2017

MUMBAI: A barn owl was found hiding in the landing gear assembly of a United Airlines aircraft on Wednesday night.

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American Bald Eagle that was shot, rescued now at San Antonio Zoo

Wildlife News10 March 2017

An American Bald Eagle that recovered from a gunshot wound and was rescued has found a new home in San Antonio.

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