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Audubon Society reports 2 eaglets at Harmar bald eagle nest

Wildlife News
5 April 2017

Just a glimpse of the tops of little gray bobble heads above the crest of a nest on a Hamar hillside has provided visual confirmation of the successful hatching of two bald eagles. Early Wednesday the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania reported an adult eagle was …

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Bald eagles make big comeback in San Francisco Bay Area

Wildlife News5 April 2017

Endangered bald eagles making a comeback in the San Francisco Bay Area as part of a national boom following decades of environmental investment. Nineteen nests have been tallied in eight Bay Area counties, including at Stanford University, a mall and a water park, …

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Bald eagle dies after eating trash

Wildlife News3 April 2017

Several bald eagles have died recently in Western Washington, despite efforts to save them at local rescue centers. Many of the deaths are connected to human activity.

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Mystery over Golden Eagle’s ‘disappearance’

Wildlife News2 April 2017

A wildlife charity fears the bird may be dead, but estate workers think they have seen it alive.

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Fan guilty of trying to punch Crystal Palace bald eagle

Wildlife News31 March 2017

The Charlton Athletic fan was arrested after trouble broke out at the match against Crystal …

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