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First Cranes of the Class of 2009 Arrive at Necedah NWR, June 27, 2009

Conservation & Preservation

Eight whooping crane chicks arrived June 25 at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge to begin preparation for their fall migration behind ultralight aircraft.

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Bear season begins

Conservation & Preservation

April 15, 2009 3:23 PM  North shore BC


Hibernating North Shore black bears are slowly awakening, and they’re hungry.

The North Shore Black Bear Network has issued its annual reminder to locals to manage attractants – smelly garbage, dirty diapers, bird feeders, fruit trees, etc. – so bears don’t become habituated to human food in these parts.

Fed bears almost always become dead bears, and some will leave behind cubs.

That sobering reminder was underlined last week when the provincial government announced a $400,000 grant to create a 32-hectare refuge for orphaned bear cubs in North Vancouver on Fromme Mountain.





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Bear advocate calls for bear-proof bins

Conservation & Preservation

June 18, 2009 1:16 PM


Maria Spitale-Leisk


Local bear advocate Tony Webb is urging the districts of North Vancouver and West Vancouver to follow the lead of other Metro municipalities by making new bear-proof bins available to residents.

“Approximately 80 per cent of bear situations on the North Shore are a result of mismanaged garbage,” said Webb. “Obviously if we could solve that it would be great.”

Webb is talking specifically about the 120-litre Rollins Schaefer bin, a two-wheeled, hard-plastic garbage can outfitted with heavy duty clasps and steel around the lid.

The bear-proof garbage bins have recently been issued to all residents in Port Moody. Coquitlam, meanwhile, has made the bins available to its residents at a cost of $140 per bin after receiving positive results from a study in 2007 involving citizens and a hauling contractor.




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Stewart says no bear hunting

JUNE 17 2009

Terrace BC


A “No Bear Hunting” area is being proposed along the 60 km stretch of Highway 37A between Meziadin Junction to Stewart and Hyder, which would ban hunting of the animal from mountain top to mountain top along the Bear Pass.

The Stewart Municipal Council passed the motion at its meeting June 8 in recognition of the animal being a large part of its tourism draw.

“It was just kind of something that council has been talking about for a while,” said District of Stewart Mayor Angela Brand Danuser. “We rely so much on tourism, and tourism is our bears.”



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Baby beluga born at Vancouver Aquarium

June 7, 2009 | 5:37 PM PT


Aurora, the 20-year-old beluga grandmother at Vancouver Aquarium, gave birth to a calf Sunday afternoon.

Staff called it a thrilling event for the aquarium and although they couldn't conclusively comment on the calf's gender, they said it appears to be a female.

Visitors and volunteers gathered around the beluga habitat to watch the birth and, after a few false starts, the baby emerged to cheers from the crowd.

Sharon Newman has been haunting the aquarium since Aurora was put under 24-hour surveillance to monitor her condition.










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