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'Special bird' Brian is dead

Wildlife News

Bald eagle had been fitted with beak prostheses after being shot eight years ago
Canwest News Service
Published: Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brian, a bald eagle that attracted international attention after it received a one-of-a-kind prosthetic beak, has died.

The eagle had lived at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre near Nanaimo since 2001, when it was treated for a severe gunshot wound that destroyed most of the top portion of its beak.

The injured bird was nursed back to health by centre manager Robin Campbell.

"He was a very special bird," Campbell said.

The bird's remarkable recovery was aided by his namesake, dentist Brian Andrews, who with Victoria denturist Fred Leak designed the first in a series of unique beak prostheses. Leak took over the remaining designs and manufacturing of the prostheses.

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57 - NoIslRecAssnEagleBrknBeakCloseup.jpg

Photo by Karen Bills



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Hancock Wildlife Foundation and Advertising

Wildlife NewsEver since David Hancock decided he wanted to let people around the world watch the Hornby Island Eagle Nest Camera provided by Doug Carrick, we've struggled with how to pay for the costs of providing it and the surrounding web infrastructure that has grown up with it.

Today, thanks to work by WildEarth.TV, we have been relieved of the costs associated with the actual streaming of the live video; and in fact stand to receive something from the ads that run with the video. Hopefully this revenue will be enough to cover other costs such as the placing and maintenance of the cameras and the hosting and maintenance of this web site.

In the mean time we've put more advertising around the discussion forum and this "Channel" web site to help with the expenses.

The ads are largely from Google Adsense, with a facility from OpenX (an open source software project) that offers 3rd party advertising if the ads will pay more than Google does. I've set the bar fairly high because at this time we have better control over the Google ads, and Google has better control over their advertisers than some agencies I've used for other projects.

Today, Google has added another control that you, the viewer can use to narrow the focus of ads you personally see, not only from this site but from any site using Google Adsense to deliver ads. Visit Ads Preferences Manager to select your preferences and if you clear the cookies from your browser often, download the plugin they offer that will ensure the adsense selections will survive that cookie clear. You can "drill down" from the top-level to more detailed levels and really select the ads you want to see. I'll note that if you take too long selecting your categories none will show up - but if you go in and select a couple at a time they accumulate.

Read on for more about the advertising and how you can help
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Low salmon run expected on Yukon River again this year: DFO

Wildlife News
Low salmon run expected on Yukon River again this year: DFO Last Updated: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 | 12:26 PM ET CBC News

Yukoners and Alaskans who fish along the Yukon River should expect another critically low salmon run this year, federal fisheries officials warn.

Last year's salmon run on the river fell nearly 10,000 fish short of the target of 45,000 fish that should have reached their spawning grounds in the Yukon, despite unprecedented conservation measures set by the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

"There was no commercial fishery, no domestic fishery, no sport fishery either. And we had a voluntary reduction in the First Nations fishery as well," Frank Quinn, the department's area manager for the Yukon, said Monday

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Where eagles dare – to eat

Urban Eagle SightingsSurrey North Delta Leader Where eagles dare – to eat
Hundreds of eagles can be seen at the Vancouver Landfill.

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Redding California Where Bald Eagles Dared

Wildlife News

Caltrans Eagle Cam on Route 44

The Celebrity Eagles Have Landed! by Barbara L. Steinberg©

Today's technology is allowing our prying eyes into the lives of two magnificent American bald eagles in Redding, California. You will find yourself being drawn into their lives.

Patriot & Liberty, celeb eagles, arrived on the scene in fall of 2004. Young and possibly newly wedded, the pair of proud eagles didn't produce any eaglets for two years. And pre-eagle cam, no one can say for certain if they produced any eggs.The eagles have returned to their nest each year, continuing to expand their stick condo to an unbelievable size!

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