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Stronger, Faster, Better - New Web Hardware to Keep Up With You

Wildlife News
Over the past couple of weeks we've pushed the limits of the web server we "borrow" from Hancock House Publishing. We pushed it to the limit and had to temporarily move the Discussion Forum off to another computer.

This is all because you, our members and viewers from the general public, have been coming to our web site in huge numbers. We're up over 1000% over last year, a tremendous amount considering we have had an excellent following ever since our first eagle camera went live.

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Valid E-mail address is a MUST!!!

Wildlife NewsHancock Wildlife Foundation requres that all member accounts have a valid e-mail address. If your address changes you MUST update it in your profile (which may require that you re-validate it by receiving and clicking on a link in an e-mail before you can continue to use the account)

E-mail today is subject to stringent policies regarding bad addresses at most ISPs as well as things like the CAN-SPAM act in the US. These policies tie our hands - please keep your address up to date.

If your e-mail address is found to be invalid your account may be either suspended (send us a new address) or removed (which means any posts you have will look as if they were posted by anonymous)

We have recently sent a couple of notifications via e-mail and the invalid bounces are being processed as I write this - and the accounts removed in most cases

If you find your account has been removed you will have to re-apply for an account


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A New Season - A New Archive Method - and we're BUSY!!!

Wildlife News2009 brings with it a whole new way to watch Hancock Wildlife Foundation's eagle nest cameras. Thanks to WildEarth.TV (WE) and the people behind it, we are now streaming to you using Adobe's flash video instead of the Windows Media we used in the past.

WE is just starting to archive our streams in time for the hatchings we hope will take place over the next few days and weeks. You can take a look at the these "Seekpoints" at their Archive page.

At this time those of you viewing via our links here on the HWF site can't directly tag the stream for archives, you'll have to go to the WE site to do that. We're working on a number of ways we can integrate things across the two sites but for now we understand that there are some of you who really want to work with the video.

The synergies between the WE site with its live video software and the HWF site with all our captures and articles is such that we know you'll come back to see and interact here. In fact we're having a banner year for both new members and the activities of the viewing public. In fact we're so busy our server (thank you Hancock House Publishing!!!) is at the limit of what it can serve. We're going to have to upgrade if we are to handle the expected even larger numbers once we have eaglets in the nest. You can help by donating, but your business can also help just by advertising here on our site.
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Turtle Bay eaglets thriving after three weeks

Urban Eagle Sightings

By Dylan Darling (Contact)
Sunday, April 5, 2009

Early in their young lives, the fluffy little bald eaglets at Turtle Bay are thriving.

Seemingly bottomless pits for salmon scraps, all three eaglets have grown to three times the size they were when they emerged from their eggs last month, said Sharon Dale, animal programs manager at Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

Read the rest of the story here:

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Subdivision near eagles' nest gets county OK

Urban Eagle SightingsSubdivision near eagles' nest gets county OK
Published: Sunday, March 22, 2009 12:36 AM CDT
The Daily Inter Lake

The Flathead County commissioners unanimously have approved a preliminary plat for a 28-house subdivision 900 feet from an active eagles' nest.

Commissioners Dale Lauman and Jim Dupont said that the nest appears to be far enough from the nearest proposed house that it should not be disturbed, according to minutes of the March 12 commissioners meeting
Read the rest of the story here:

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