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Frenchman hoping to be first to paraglide across Channel

Wildlife News

A French falconer will try to become the first man to paraglide across the Channel later this month – and the bald eagle he taught to fly will soar alongside him.


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French Jacques-Olivier Travers flies with his eagle Sherkan in Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet during the 34th Icarus cup, September 2007

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Senate hearing focuses on threats to wildlife

Conservation & Preservation


WASHINGTON (AP) - From a mysterious fungus attacking bats in the Northeast to the emergence of Burmese pythons in Florida, native wildlife is facing new threats throughout the country.

Protecting wildlife from new diseases and invasive species is a top challenge facing state and federal officials. Experts and public officials will talk about the threats - and ways to combat them - at a Senate hearing Wednesday.

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Biologists begin monitoring collared jaguar

Conservation & Preservation


Animal determined to be oldest known jaguar in the wild

Early data received from the tracking device on the recently captured and collared jaguar in Arizona is already giving biologists a better understanding of the cat’s movement and foraging patterns.

With nearly a week’s worth of data, the Arizona Game and Fish Department noted that the jaguar moved several miles after collaring to a very high and rugged area that the cat has been known to use in southern Arizona. The animal has stayed in that general vicinity for a few days with apparent patterns of rest and visits to a nearby creek. During the collaring, the cat appeared to have just fed on prey, which will aid its recovery and allow it to go for a period of time without feeding. 

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The eagle has landed

Wildlife News


Lions-sponsored sculpture becomes centrepiece of Comox Town Circle

  A very special bald eagle has landed right in the heart of Comox - and has decided to settle there for most of the next ten months.

The bird in question is a sculpture unveiled Wednesday as the new centrepiece of the Town Circle on Comox Avenue.

It is one of 130 similar eagles that are appearing all over British Columbia as part of a B.C. Lions fundraising initiative. Another has already touched down outside Comox Valley Art Gallery in Courtenay.


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How to properly rescue a harried hummingbird

Conservation & Preservation

Campbell River Mirror


Published: July 09, 2009 3:00 PM  


A teeny bejeweled creature lay struggling on the lawn, still clinging to its little marshmallow-sized nest. Flung from the highest boughs by a fierce gust of wind, its survival was doubtful at best. One of nature’s most common summer disasters played out in Courtenay last week, following an intense storm.

Relatively speaking, the drama unfolded in the Balcombe backyard, just prior to a visit by Campbell River photographer Brian Kyle. Doreen Balcombe, Kyle’s sister-in-law, rescued a wee hummingbird after a branch, nest AND baby fell from her alder tree.


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