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Eagles Raising Red-Tailed Hawk

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Hancock here:
Wow, Lynda and Ian really captured a great moment at an incredibly successful bald eagle nest near Victoria, British Columbia, near to our famous Sidney Nest of yesteryear!  This well known nest is not just producing 3 huge eaglets this year but on the side, and hopefully not a side-order, the family is also raising a red-tail chick.

Link to forum thread for this nest:

View video of feeding here:

We have a record of this at one of the Tsawwassen Buff nests about 10 years ago. The landowner in front of the nest recorded the parents bringing in a 'dead' adult red-tail from the adjacent red-tail territory only about 200 meters away.  It was believed that the dead or dying red-tail laid the egg that in turn was incubated by the eagles, along with their own two eggs.  I thought this was probably so unusual an event I was telling .....

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Bald eagles face deadly threat from lead poisoning

Wildlife News1 June 2017

The comeback of the American bald eagle is a success story across the Great Lakes region, and keeping them safe is a high priority for many environmental professionals. But one serious threat to the great raptor is lead Poisoning.

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Greenspace: Eagle Center celebrates bird’s big comeback

Wildlife News30 May 2017

WABASHA – Ten years ago, good news came down from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The bald eagle, a symbol of our nation, was off the endangered species list.

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Team keeps an eagle eye out for endangered birds

Wildlife News29 May 2017

Nests of new triplets are a common sight during an eagle survey of Lower Peninsula sites.

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Rescued bald eagle released in Okeechobee County

Wildlife News29 May 2017

A rescued bald eagle took its flight back to freedom Saturday in Okeechobee County.

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