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Fish Carcasses Still in Abundance -- and so are the Eagles

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Last Saturday was again a wondrous day on the Harrison River with the Fraser River Safari Tours -- a boat load of people saw some 3500 eagles -- an incredible sight.

The spawning is over and only dead fish carcasses are still around though we did see a few "dying salmon" in a deeper pool near the Harrison River Bridge.  They were spawned out and waiting to die -- and being watched by many eagles.

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Snowy owls make a rare appearance in Delta

Wildlife News


They are a beautiful, but unusual sight in the Boundary Bay area of Delta.

Snowy owls usually live and breed in Alaska and the Yukon. But this year, they've come south because their food supply of lemmings was lacking.

However, the snowy owls have also been seen even further south from Washington to Illinois and Maine. And believe it or not, one was even spotted as far south as Honolulu.

Here in Delta though, it’s been more than five years since there's been a display of these majestic animals.

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Beluga whales trapped in ice floes of Bering Sea

Wildlife News


Posted Dec 14, 2011 by Lynn Herrmann
More than 100 Beluga whales are trapped between ice floes in the Chukotka region of Russia, with government officials seeking an icebreaker, as the whales are at risk of death from exhaustion, lack of food, and predators.
Beluga whales.
Beluga whales.
The Belugas are trapped in the Sinyavinsky Strait near the village of Yanrakynnot, just off the Bering Sea. They were discovered by fishermen who said the whales were concentrated in two small ice holes where, for now, they are able to breathe freely. The government of the Chukotka Autonomous Region is seeking federal assistance in the form of an icebreaker to help with a rescue of the whales, CNN reports. Ice floes are increasing which may lead to rapid exhaustion and death by suffocation or starvation. The trapped whales are also at risk from predators such as polar bears and killer whales.

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Poor spring blamed for affecting sea eagles

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12 December 2011

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Three fewer white-tailed sea eagle chicks fledged in 2011 than the year before, according to the latest breeding figures from RSPB Scotland.

Bad weather in May was thought to have been a factor behind the dip, from 46 to 43, with some nest sites damaged by the stormy conditions.

However, 2011 did see an increase in numbers of territorial pairs with 57 compared to 52 last year.

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Bear captured in downtown Vancouver

Wildlife News

CBC News
Posted: Dec 12, 2011 3:45 PM PT

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Conservation authorities have successfully captured a black bear that had been standing on top of a garbage truck in downtown Vancouver.

An officer shot the bear with a tranquillizer dart Monday afternoon outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

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