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2014 Funds For Forum September 13

What Does It Take to Make a Forum...?

Here are images from a few of our many discussion/observation threads:

Photo Credits: Thanks to algonquinlover, anna-holland, BET, byline, cococat9, debs, deewerms, eaglewoman, edkeagle, elle, Ferenz, Gabi, gemini, golden1, HikerBikerGram, IrishEyes, Janet Preston, JudyB, Karen Saunders, lianaliesma, Linda Frazier, Lonette, MaryF, mia, mjb, ostrich, queenie, sassyk, shrub, SMW, sunshinecoast, urdognu for the wonderful screenshots and photographs I used in the collage - and I could have easily made one twice as big with equally wonderful pictures from other threads, if only there were a few more days in the week!

Please click the Read More link to see where each image was taken - and by whom!

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2014 Funds For Forum August 25

What Does It Take to Make a Forum...?

As many of you may have noticed, through much of June and July we were raising money to do the annual maintenance and updates on as many cams as possible at our four primary nests, Delta 2, Harrison Mills, Lafarge and White Rock.

And I want to say this part early on - we need help with fundraising! We have not raised enough for that maintenance, so some cams will not be cleaned this year. If you have thoughts or skills you can donate, please let me and/or Karen Bills know - those of us who did much of the fundraising this year are very committed to HWF's mission to promote the conservation of wildlife and its habitats through science, education, and stewardship, but fundraising is not our primary skill - and speaking for myself, I know there are folks out there who could do this so much better than I can!

Anyway, because of our focus on the annual cleaning and maintenance, it would be easy to think that's our major expense for the year. And it is a major expense - but not the only one.

I suspect that everyone who watches our primary cams has already given all they can right now to make sure we can do as much as possible to get the cams running smoothly before the eagles return (if not - there's still time! Smile ).

But this isn't just a place to watch and report on four eagle nests - it's so much more! Here are images from a sampling of our hundreds of other threads (this clicks bigger):

How many nests/habitats do you recognize? (I'll post a list - and credits for the wonderful images! - in a couple of days.) We're watching penguins in Antarctica, albatrosses in Hawaii, eagles, osprey, pandas, falcons and more - not to mention having some spectacular pictures taken by our members of the wildlife in their own neighborhoods and back yards. And let's not forget our less formal areas, the Garden Fence Chat, Creative Inspiration, the Games Room and more.

We have over 600,000 posts here - and I'm guessing over a million attached images

For better or worse, there is a cost for all of that. I haven't seen a recent breakdown of the expenses, but last I knew, the basic systems costs - the servers that host our forum and website and the media gallery, the internet connections that link them to us and the world, and the technical support to keep it all running - were more than the $20,000 per year needed in order to do maintenance on all our current cams.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ please ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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2015 Calendar August 18

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2014 Matching Drive July 24

Thank You!

clicks bigger:

Did you wonder why JJ at Lafarge was jumping for joy? Or what Indy and Jules were really discussing after returning from their initial exploration of the White Rock neighborhood? Or why Mrs Honeycomb from Harrison Mills took a break from her vacation to return to the nest? Or why Hunter, the younger eaglet at Delta 2, was so excited that he branched on Saturday?

They have learned that thanks to all the wonderful members and friends of Hancock Wildlife - and of their cams - we raised $4289 in our three-day matching drive! And when that is added to the $2550 pledged by a small group of long-time supporters -

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FledgeFest 2014 Report

Wildlife News

Hancock here: FledgeFest 2014 & Hancock Open House: What a wonderful day for Mary and me, great weather, totally wonderful guests and so much exciting reaffirmation and good talk. The day started with a small caravan of 5 cars on a tour to various Lower Fraser Valley Bald Eagle nests. Most of the participants were out-of-towners who were up for FledgeFest and we got to visit a few nests. Mary suggests I left on the tour to get out of the final food prep!

Many of the nestlings were already fledged. The lone surviving chick from Nest #169 in Delta was feeding on the nest. The previous day we got sad news. While electrocution is still the largest killer of eagles, roadside kill by vehicles is a close second. Now we have to sadly add trains to the category of "killers". The juvenile at #169, on its 2nd or 3rd day of flying landed on the railway tracks and then flew off but in the wrong direction. It was run down by the approaching engine. OWL collected up the badly damaged bird but the vet decided the broken bones and huge open wounds were too much and the bird was sadly put down. My records will read: HWF Nest #169: 2 young fledged, 1 fledgling died 2-3 days after fledging when run over by a train engine - July 12, 2014


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