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Bald Eagle Nest Protection: an increasingly important action.

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Protection of Bald Eagle Nests:  The British Columbia Wildlife Act

During the past few decades bald eagles have seen an unprecedented recovery across North America.  In eastern North America a big part of the eagle’s demise was associated with rampant use of pesticides in the late 1940s through 1960s.   The world recognition of this environment threat, brought to the world’s public largely through one publication, Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, was simply another clog in the bigger shift by society as a whole.  This was the shift from considering all creatures that compete with humans in any way as “vermin”, to our understanding that many predators are essential components of the ecosystem that we all share.  Eagles went from being ‘shot at will vermin’, a species upon which Alaska offered a bounty, to being a treasured key species of the environment that we then cherished and protected.

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Eagle Video

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Hancock here:  If you want something more than the stars -- see this:


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The Story of Blueberry:

In more than 60 years of dealing with eagles, not counting our incidents getting world coverage on TV and live streaming Web, no actual bald eagle nest has resulted in more people simply asking me directly: "Do you know of the eagles nesting on the tower by Boundary Bay?"

So here is what I know from my records of "HWF Nest #152" -- but one of nearly 400 nests we have documented in the Fraser Valley. I would call it just the 'Tower Nest' but I have 9 pairs locally nesting on similar towers -- and several in and around Boundary Bay because we humans have long-ago chopped down most of the trees in which they would prefer to nest. But no doubt, this is the most obvious nest to many: the Boundary Bay Highway 99 Tower Nest #152 -- okay, the Tower nest!!

In the fall of 2010 I noticed adult eagles perched on the tower where earlier that year, and for the 3 previous years, Red-tailed hawks had successfully nested. Comments from neighbors started during the spring and summer of 2011. The eagles were so obvious standing on the tower and the nest was growing throughout the spring to a noticeable size. I had seen considerable nest activity during the spring of 2011, including seeing an adult sitting in the incubation position suggesting she had eggs. However the pair was not successful that season. By late summer the adults had departed, as all our eagles do, on their northern migration but were back on the tower by early November 2011 -- getting ready for the 2012 breeding season.

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A Young Bald Eagle's Struggle to Survive

Wildlife News

Mark Horner put together this compelling story of a young eaglet who apparently fell from its nest before it was able to fly.  Eagle photographer and educator Jeff Butts learned about the eaglet, and provided some of the images used in this video, as did Christian Sasse.

David Hancock is seen and quoted in this story.

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2013 Fund Drive July 31

The Friends We've Made

Hi everyone! As you've probably heard (So Near, and Yet So Far), we need another $4000 to cover the costs of cleaning, upgrading, replacing, etc all of our cams for the next nesting season. We'd like to add a second cam with night vision at Delta, sound at Harrison Mills, more bandwidth at Lafarge - and it would be nice if eagles nested successfully at White Rock, though that is a bit beyond our ability to organize. But the rest is possible, if we have the funds.

However, that's not the only reason we need money. It costs in the neighborhood of $30,000/year to keep our website, forum, and cams physically streaming to the internet. Part of that is included in the cost for each cam - but that $30,000 per year also covers the expenses of our forum and website, and the media gallery - and a whole lot of photos that have been uploaded over the last few years for everyone to enjoy.

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ please ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

I used this image below (which clicks bigger) last year (with a few changes - my avatar in the lower right corner is now Birdie from Harrison Mills - almost ready to fledge!) - but the message is still the same. There are now lots of cams on lots of nests all around the world - and lots of places and ways to gather to discuss what's happening at your favorite cams - and to paraphrase what forum member terrytvgal says so eloquently in her signature line - I'm here because of the friends I've made. love


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