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Record number of eagles expected at Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

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A record number of eagles are expected to be on hand for the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

Photograph by: Submitted, Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

A record number of eagles are expected to be spotted during this year's edition of the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival. More than 2,000 bald eagles have been seen near the Chehalis River at Harrison Mills and organizers hope an even greater number of birds will appear when the festival kicks off next week.

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Eagles Loved to Death - CBC Interview

Chehalis River + Eagle Point

November 11, 2012, interview with David Hancock


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World's Greatest Bald Eagle Gathering on the Chehalis Flats is Threatened.

Chehalis River + Eagle Point

We have stated for years that the winter gathering of bald eagles at Harrison Mills, the Chehalis Flats, is the world's best kept conservation secret.  Possibly the secret is out of the bag!  Perhaps we Canadians with our fellow US visitors are in danger of loving the eagles to death.

This coming weekend, November 17th - 18th, will be our 17th annual Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival and we have been striving to use these eagles to promote the wise use of these incredible Chehalis - Harrison waterways and their incredible wildlife.  This site is on the doorstep and vulnerable to the largest human population concentration in British Columbia -- Greater Vancouver metropolis.   Obviously our message is getting out -- but we (I) have only heard a few negatives.  Now with our Live Streaming Video Cams coming in from daylight to dark each day we are beginning to see what some observers have been warning about.  The Chehalis - Harrison flats, where the eagles feed and loaf, while surrounded by steep forests beyond the busy boat and fisherman traffic of the Harrison River running down the east side of the valley and the heavily human occupied subdivisions of the east side of the valley, seemed isolated and protected by the shallow waters of the large alluvial gravel outflow out on the flats itself.  But now with our cams recording what is taking place on the flats it is obvious that the eagles are suffering greatly from recreational human activities. 

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Further Details on the Bald Eagles of the Chehalis - Harrison Confluence.

Chehalis River + Eagle Point


The Chehalis - Harrison Confluence Flats   -- houses Canada's richest salmon river and  the world's largest gathering of bald eagles .. but ... some challenges. 


In 2012 large numbers of bald eagles started to arrive at the Chehalis Flats very early in November.  By the first week of November 736 eagles were counted on the Flats between the CAM Tower and the Chehalis River mouth to the north - a distance of about 500 meters.  Probably over 2000 were already in the Chehalis - Harrison flats  area and resting in the nearby trees.  Normally the big numbers of eagles don't arrive until late November and early December -- peaking by mid December. The eagles leave when the carcasses disappear, wash away or are eaten out, by the end of January or February.



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Abe the bald eagle recovers from surgery as his shooter is still sought

Wildlife News


Posted: Nov 02, 2012 8:07 PM PDT Updated: Nov 02, 2012 8:25 PM PDT


The eagle named Abe just got out of a complicated four hour surgery to repair a shattered leg and severely broken wing. He is recovering at Memphis veterinary specialist in Cordova. 

"It just took a lot longer than we thought. There were a lot of pieces to put back together, but it went well," said veterinarian Dr. David Hannon. 

Photos of the surgery give you an idea of how complicated it was. Abe, of course, had to be put under. Then the areas for surgery had to be plucked. 

"These are just major bones in a very large bird what happens when the bone break the muscle contracts pretty heavily so we to fight against that," Dr. Hannon said.

Read the rest of the story and view the photos and video here: ... ill-sought


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