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Bridge construction worker wades into Bird Creek to rescue bald eagle

Wildlife News
17 May 2017

The bald eagle is under the care of Tulsa Zoo veterinarians. The zoo did not immediately have a report on the condition of the bird.

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Baby eagle in New Haven tagged by DEEP

Wildlife News15 May 2017

New Haven – Trying to get too close to a juvenile or adult bald eagles usually isn’t a good move for safety reasons, according to Brian Hess, a wildlife biologist for the state Department.

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Mary's Fuller Story

Wildlife News

May 15,  2017 –  MARY

Mary:   Brave, courageous indeed – but here is the real Mary! 

As most of you know, my Mary passed April 13 using the new Canadian Law to assist “Aid in Dying”.

I first want to thank the hundreds of individuals who have sent me personal emails, phoned, sent cards and the many more who have posted condolences on our web site and the various digital media.  Your heartfelt comments on how Mary had been a beacon of love and strength at every turn are quite incredible.  I so appreciate your kind and loving words.  I apologize for not responding back personally to all of you.  I have been running on tears for weeks.  Mary fought for the laws to legalize Aid in Dying much of her adult life.  I will try and give you some insight that drove her “bravery and courage’’.  (Following this review I have posted the brief two postings relating to this issue so I am not restating everything for those who have followed closely.)

My one regret about this whole issue is that I had only 15 years with Mary, so another of my human failings is now feeling sorry for myself.  I have lost my best ever friend.  Mary approached this all a bit differently. Sure we have nearly two years of almost nightly crying, each I am sure focusing on slightly different interpretations of the issues involved in bringing about her sudden almost complete physical incapacities and the consequences.  Reminiscing was a nightly tool.  Mary’s spirit animal was the eagle. When she was program chair for the local newcomers this meant she could invite “The Eagle Man” to give her group a talk. That was it.  Our hearts were intertwined.  So it will be no surprise to anybody that eagles played an important role in our first 15 years and even more on reflection.  She recalled our second date in the Vancouver Landfill.  She even remembered the 1620 eagles we counted that day.


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FWC Considers Bald Eagle Management Changes

Wildlife News12 May 2017

As Florida’s Bald Eagle population continues to increase, state wildlife officials are considering changes to the state’s management plan for the iconic …..

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Photographer captures rare sight of baby owl climbing to safety in Twin Cities park

Wildlife News10 May 2017

Who knew that owls could climb? When an owlet fell from its nest, the fuzzy little critter was driven by instinct to get home.

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