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'Noise pollution' threatens fish

Planet Earth
By Matt Walker
Editor, Earth News
Cichlid fish
Sound matters to cichlids

Fish are being threatened by rising levels of man-made noise pollution.

So say scientists who have reviewed the impact on fish species around the world of noises made by oil and gas rigs, ships, boats and sonar.

Rather than live in a silent world, most fish hear well and sound plays an active part in their lives, they say.

Increasing noise levels may therefore severely affect the distribution of fish, and their ability to reproduce, communicate and avoid predators.

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Bald Eagle Population Soaring on Channel Islands

Wildlife News

by URCA News Staff and Randy White

(Ventura, CA) - A program to restore the bald eagle population on California's Channel Islands has reached a new milestone.

This week, biologists banded and tagged two bald eagle chicks that will soon leave their Pelican Harbor nest on Santa Cruz Island, just off the coast of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

The banding event—to attach wing tags and radio and satellite transmitters—was viewable over the National Park Service's live webcam.



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Plaintiffs With Fins? The Legal Rights of Oil Spillís Animal Victims

Wildlife News


A story in The Seattle Times today about an Exxon Valdez survivor, an otter that had been sickly for years after being rescued from the slick in Prince William Sound (spoiler alert: it’s a sad ending), got us thinking. Do the wildlife victims of the current oil spill in the Gulf have any legal rights?

The short answer: not really.

There are no laws that exist simply to protect animal interests. U.S. law protects animals as property. That means laws designed to protect animals exist only to protect the interests of their owners or the public, say animal activists who specialize in animal law. And some animals are entirely exempt from the laws.

“Most of the wild animals affected by the BP spill do not have any legal protections at all, and there is no penalty that can be imposed for suffocating them with oil, destroying their habitats and otherwise harming them,” said Justin Goodman, a representative of PETA.

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Bobcat spotted in another Calgary neighbourhood

Wildlife News

Bobcat carries a squirrel

This bobcat was spotted on Tuesday evening in the southwest community of Patterson. (PHOTO: Don Franklin)

Updated: Wed May. 26 2010 17:13:17

Another bobcat has been spotted in a Calgary neighbourhood.

This time the feline turned up in Patterson in the southwest.

Don Franklin snapped photos of the bobcat while it was in his front yard. "I think it stood about two feet tall at the shoulder and it was about three feet long. The feet on that thing were huge," says Franklin.


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Robert Bateman's joy and struggle

Wildlife News


As the artist turns 80, his message of respecting nature and engaging with it resonates more than ever


By Daphne Bramham, Vancouver Sun May 22, 2010

Robert Bateman is working on a painting that will eventually have mustang horses coming down to drink at a Prairie slough. It's based on something he saw more than 30 years ago and, for now, there's only landscape -- bluffs, hills and the watering hole.


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