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Eaglet with Patagial Marker Spotted on the Sunshine Coast

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Hancock here: First wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and Festive Season -- and a New Year in which all the eaglets happily fledge.
Here is a record of another, what we suspect, California juvenile bald eagle wintering in British Columbia. Perhaps someone can get us the details on this bird's history.
David Hancock
UPDATE on 1/5/14:  The email that was originally sent to David has been removed due to request by the writer of the email.  Here is what she reported: 
A young bald eagle sporting a blue patagial tag with the number 94 on the LEFT wing was seen sitting in a tree overlooking Welcome Pass on the Sunshine Coast.  There was no letter above the number 94, thus eliminating the possibility that this is one of the eagles from the Channel Islands, California.
Further information will be posted when the origin of the young eagle is confirmed. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Alaska also marks their eagles with patagial wing tags.  They are green and do not have a small letter "A" or "K" above the number.  As green can easily be mistaken for blue, especially at a distance and also due to some people being color blind, this juvenile eagle could easily be from Alaska.  Both the Channel Islands eagles in Southern California as well as some Alaskan eagles have been spotted and documented in BC. 

Therefore this is probably an Alaskan eagle.

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Update on the Harrison Mills Wintering Eagles -- the numbers are up AGAIN!

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Hancock here;  
Here is a quick update.  Our Bald Eagles arrive from the northern salmon runs when the cold onslaught of winter freezes the northern spawned out salmon under the ice. The eagles have no choice but to move south where the rivers continue to serve up their winter buffet.  Our Harrison Mills area has traditionally been one of the southern retreats when everything to the north is frozen.  Our Harrison-Chehalis area does not freeze.
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The eagles are at the end of the rainbow.

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Here is a short clip of the wonderful eagles that David and I saw this morning.


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David Hancock Report on 2014 Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

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Nov.  15 -16,  2014  Harrison Mills, British Columbia

First, last weekend's weather was superb -- bright, sunny and cool.  However this was, unfortunately, our first cold spell of the fall or winter.  Juneau, Alaska had had only a couple of days with night frost.  Our HWF member, Christian Sasse, had returned this week from the Chilkat River in Alaska and he reported that only 52 eagles was his biggest count of eagles -- down a few from the 1200 to 2600 eagles I usually recorded at there this time.  The northern rivers of Alaska, Yukon and BC were all still unfrozen and each was continuing to yield spawned out salmon.  Until freezing weather locks all these northern salmon carcasses under the ice the eagles will stay spread across the northern region - not being driven south or westward to the "warm waters" of the Chilkat River. 

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Bald eagles descend on southwestern B.C. for salmon, overwintering

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Bald eagle lovers say thousands of birds are expected in the Fraser Valley

CBC News Posted: Nov 13, 2014 7:12 AM PT Last Updated: Nov 13, 2014 7:38 AM PT

Thousands of bald eagles are expected to return to the Fraser Valley this year to feast on salmon along the banks of the Harrison River.

Read the story and click on the small video window to see the CBC newscast story here:



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