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HWF Featured on Animal Planet

Wildlife News

This Sunday, Nov. 24th, at 4 PM (PST) Hancock Wildlife Foundation will be featured on the Animal Planet program called "Wild Obsession".  Here in the Vancouver, BC area it is on Shaw TV channels 134 and 274 HD.  I don't know if Animal Planet in the U.S. will be picking up the program or not.  The production company, that contacted HWF to produce the show, then sold it to AP Canada but sometimes shows are shown in both countries.

We spent a week with the film crew last June and took them to various eagle nests locations throughout the lower mainland from the White Rock bald eagle cam nest on Boundary Bay, English Bluffs at Tsawwassen, the Delta 2 eagle cam nest, OWL (Orphaned WildLIfe) and wound up at Harrison Mills at the site of our eagle nest cam and the Chehalis Flats.  So six days of shooting were done to produce a 44 minute show.  It will be interesting to see what makes it through the editing and into the actual program.

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Interview with David on Shaw TVís The Rush

Wildlife News


Watch an Interview with David on Shaw TV’s The Rush

Tonight, November 18 on Shaw TV

Channel 4, at 6:00 pm, and 10:00 pm.

Edited to add:  Also today, Tuesday, Nov. 19, The Rush with David can be seen at 10 AM, Noon and 4 PM.

If you are unable to receive Shaw TV, it will be posted on Youtube within a few days of airing.  So if you don't find it available yet just keep trying:

Update:  The interview has finally been posted here for your viewing:


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Pretty Estates Bald Eagle Observatory getting ready!

Festivals and Fun

Hancock here: Wow -- the Pretty Estates Bald Eagle Observatory is nearing completion.

Click on image to download

This site will offer the public the greatest opportunity to view Bald Eagles anywhere in the world. The attached composite of Christian Sasse will be part of a regular count that we perform throughout the season to help us determine the seasonality of the eagles.

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Hancock and Sasse Count: Nov 8, 2013

Festivals and Fun

Indeed the eagles are arriving. - This morning at light Christian Sasse took a composite image of the Chehalis Flats and I just finished counting the birds present.

Nov 8, 2013: Composite Image of eagles sitting on the Chehalis Flats. I did not try counting eagles in the trees!

Adults: 343
Juveniles: 638 + 1 = 639

TOTAL: 981 + 1 sitting on our Chehalis Live Cam Tower. I didn't initially see him as he was above my count area on the first run through.

((NOTE: Here is the url to Christian's composite image. If you wish to look in more detail please allow the 20+ images to expand. I have to copy the image to my desktop before I can enlarge. Note that our Chehalis Tower is surrounded by eagles and one juvenile sits on the top. Probably that bird is full!


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2013 Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

Wildlife News




 Click image for further information


982 Eagles spotted on the Harrison/Chehalis Flats and counting!


 You too can see this magnificent sight as the eagle numbers climb daily!

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