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INVITE to Hancock’s Open House – Our FledgeFest: July 13, 2014

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INVITE to Hancock’s Open House – Our FledgeFest 2014:  Sunday, July 13

The Hancocks and their Sandhill Cranes etc. welcome friends to our home:

"Open House -- Open Fields - Afternoon Appys” -- 3 to 7 pm, July 13, 2014”

We welcome all our HWF, eagle and biology friends. Mary and I extend this invitation to our annual Open House -- or FledgeFest 2014, July 13, Sunday 3 to 7PM.

Our party is simply an opportunity for Mary and I and the Hancock Wildlife Foundation to personally say, "Hi, welcome and thanks for your interest and support." Very few of the hosts bite - severely! Not to sound morbid but having gotten this old I want to make sure we celebrate our friends and supporters while I/we am/are still here.

We call this an Open House or FledgeFest 2014 as it is timed to coincide with our eaglets fledging in all of our nests, not just one in particular. In the morning of the 13th I will be taking those who wish to a series of the local eagle nests to view some of our eagles more closely. Please indicate to Karen if you wish to go in a car caravan to some of the eagle nests.

OPEN INVITATION: Again, this invite is to all our HWF friends, mutual supporters, people we know personally and those who just occasionally watch our cams or “lurk” on our forums or are associated with any of the conservation projects so dear to my heart. All are welcome. If you know us or our eagles from our website or other sites, associated TV or community projects, we want you here to celebrate life. We understand a few people from considerable distance will be in our area during that time and we especially hope to meet and share these visitors with our local supporters.

To help Mary our Foundation Directors, Susan Muraja & Rosana Inacio (soon-to-be-Sasse!), and my hard-working Project Coordinator, Karen Bills, will be on hand. Other helpers will be appreciated if the weather fails us. Mary and David will provide food and drink. Susan and Karen have convinced us to gladly accept locals bringing additional plates of “finger food” and/or their drinks so we greatly appreciate that contribution. The RSVP is very important as we need to know how many are coming and who is bringing what.  Will there be 25 or 125 guests? Please notify Karen at to be put on the guest list.

Thanks and we look forward to greeting old and meeting new friends.

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Parksville eagles engage in unusual method for setting up a 'household'

Wildlife News

Neil Dawe / Special To The Daily News
June 12, 2014 12:00 AM

There's an unusual menage a trois within Parksville city limits. A trio of bald eagles has set up its household and is in the midst of rearing two young. 

I first noticed this arrangement while keeping an eye on a pair of Bald eagles at their nest. On one occasion, a third adult eagle flew in and perched on a snag, about 250 metres away from the nest. The nesting pair made no fuss.

Read the rest of the story here:

Note from Hancock Wildlife Foundation:  We also observed a pair of females with a male helping to raise chicks down in California on one of the Channel Islands a few years ago.


Neil Dawe / Special To The Daily News
June 12, 2014 12:00 AM - See more at:
There's an unusual ménage à trois within Parksville city limits. A trio of Bald eagles has set up its household and is in the midst of rearing two young. - See more at:
Neil Dawe / Special To The Daily News
June 12, 2014 12:00 AM - See more at:


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Season of the Eagles and Salmon

Wildlife News


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Season of the Eagles & Salmon

Harrison Mills is not just the Home of the world’s largest wintering population of Bald Eagles and the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival but, due to popular demand, the entire fall salmon spawning & eagle feasting have been expanded and given the name of the “The Season of the Eagles & Salmon”. Now 3 separate weekends are devoted to honoring this wildlife phenomena as follows:
The Season of the Eagles & Salmon: at Harrison Mills - Bald Eagle Wintering Capital of the World.
1st Weekend: Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival: Nov. 15 – 16 2014
2nd Weekend: Sts’ailes Salmon Festival: Nov. 22 – 23 2014
3rd Weekend: Pretty Estates Festival – Photo Contests: Nov. 29 – 30 2014
Bald Eagles continue to feast along the Chehalis – Harrison Rivers at Harrison Mills during the rest of the winter as long as the spawned out salmon carcasses are available into the new year. However the peak viewing for both feasting eagles and spawning salmon is during November and December. See map for viewing sites at Harrison Mills.

For details on the full schedule of events for the Season of the Eagles & Salmon see: ... -schedule/

The Season of the Eagles & Salmon events are coordinated by several community groups:
Hancock Wildlife Foundation:
Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival:
Sts’ailes First Nations:
Harrison Salmon Stronghold: ... stronghold
Pretty Estates:
Kilby Historic Site:
Harrison Mills Regional Association:

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Setting Up Live Streaming Cams

Wildlife News

Hi All:  Some comments on the frequently asked questions about setting up live streaming cams. 

First off, our approach is to utilize the abilities and long-sought experiences of WildEarth -- the people who undertook the world's first public live streaming cams and carry all the Hancock Wildlife Foundation streams.  WildEarth (www.WildEarth.TV) also is the premier distributor to the world of live wildlife streams.  This system also gives a ready access to the viewing world relatively free of distribution costs.  As a second caveat the originator of the stream should probably have some advance knowledge that the extent of the world distribution he gets will often be dependent upon the promotion he or his group gets through supplying background data on the species broadcast and on the extra efforts they make on communicating with the social media.

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Delta 2 Eagle Cam Broadcast on SHAW TV 4

Wildlife News

Hancock Wildlife Foundation is pleased to announce that SHAW TV, channel 4 in Metro Vancouver this year is once again showing our Delta 2 cam. 



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