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Alarm sounded over poor B.C. sockeye return

Wildlife News

November 5th, 2015

By Staff:  The Canadian Press

KAMLOOPS, B.C. – Environmentalists are sounding the alarm over poor sockeye salmon returns on one of British Columbia’s most iconic rivers.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada calls the return of sockeye on the Adams River, near Kamloops, B.C., one of “nature’s great spectacles.”

The government pamphlet published online says between 1.5- to two-million sockeye return every four year during dominant runs.


But Jim Cooperman of the Shuswap Environmental Action Society says only 3,000 sockeye returned this year,

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Amazing Return of Salmon in Burnaby Creek

Wildlife News

As we are now seeing more salmon swimming by our underwater cam out at Harrison Mills, BC, I was interested in this email I just received with this videos of a news story on Global TV Vancouver.  Click on the link below to watch the news segment on the amazing return of salmon to Guichon Creek in Burnaby (greater Vancouver).  Global journalist Linda Aylesworth takes a tour with long time Guichon Creek campaigner Mark Angelo as they look at some key recent steps, ranging from the overcoming of a complete lack of fish passage under the Trans Canada highway to an exciting new day-lighting plan for part of the stream.

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What Does It Cost - Part 1

What Does It Cost to Watch an Eaglet Hatch?

The image above is Birdie from Harrison Mills, showing the egg tooth on the top of his beak as he began to break out of his shell.

As many of you know, we have targeted fund drives throughout the year - the most recent being the wonderfully successful drive to raise the $7000 needed to build a nest - with cameras - in the Delta 2 territory, to replace the one that came down in a windstorm earlier this fall. And thank you to all of you who made that happen - you're the greatest! Left thumb up

What we don't talk about is what we need day in, day out, week in, week out, throughout the year - so when an egg pips - we're ready!

And that's why I'm here today.

First, something we don't often think about - and without which we would have no website, no forum and no ability to share our cams - we pay of fee of $800/month for the server in Vancouver which hosts the website and provides space for our articles, the pages where you view the cams, hundreds of thousands of images, and around 3/4 of a million forum posts. This does not include Ken's time when he needs to go to Vancouver to see why it's not working and get it working, or the variety of tech/web/server costs that come up - and very definitely does not include the new server we will need at some point because the current one is getting older and needing more maintenance than it did when it was new (sort of like me, come to think of it!).

This $800 is almost 1/4 of our average monthly expenses - and it's the sort of expense that absolutely must be paid.

And interestingly, almost 200 people have logged in to the forum so far this month - and if just 32 of them would sign up to donate $25/month - we would have this covered! And it's easy - there's a link to click in a couple of paragraphs!

I made this image a few months ago and it's the avatars of over a hundred of the people who had then posted recently (and who had avatars) - so I'm afraid I am missing the avatars of some of our newest members - but it does give a sense of how many we are and how diverse we are - and how we all can come together to make something much greater than any one of us alone could do (clicks bigger).

So - here's my challenge to all of you who enjoy the forum and like the fact that there is a place where those who are interested can accumulate information from year to year about a lot of nests (and some critters who don't have nests - like our wonderful threads for pandas!) - and a place where you can relax with friends in our Garden Chat area, and talk about practically anything, and keep in touch with the wonderful people we're meeting as we watch the cams.

If it's an option for you - please click the button below, and sign up for a monthly donation. I just did that - and signed up for $26/month - because I know CanadaHelps charges 4% to cover their expenses, so donating $26 means HWF gets $25. (Disclaimer - the US dollar is worth more than the Canadian dollar this month, so it will only cost me about $20 in US dollars to make my donation - and I used my "frequent flyer" credit card so there's no foreign transaction fee; if you're not in Canada, check with your credit card company as there are some that don't charge a fee - and if you're in the US, at this time the fee will almost certainly be less than the $5-6 you'll be gaining on the rate of exchange.)

Donate Now Through!

And I do know that $25/month may be too much for some folks no matter how much they love what we all have here (been there, done that) - and $10 or 20/month is also great! What we'd really like is to have a fixed amount of money coming in each month, so we know we'll be able to pay the server fees and a couple of other things every month without hoping for some sort of little miracle or taking money from a little stockpile that was being built for a needed but not within-the-next-ten-days-critical expense.

And that does bring me to a question that I've been asked many times (and, I have to admit, have asked myself now and then) - "Why can't I say that my donation can only be used for xxx nest?"

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The Harrison Salmon Stronghold Salmon Festival is HERE!

Festivals and Fun

News Alert:  Harrison Salmon Festival is about to happen but with a new and wonderful twist.  In addition to thousands of spawning salmon the Sts'ailes will be putting on a Salmon Theater and Salmon Barbeque.  Also I will be giving a talk on the Harrison Salmon Festival at Weaver Creek on October 17 - 18.

The Harrison Salmon Stronghold and the Sts'ailes First Nations are holding their first full 5 day Salmon Festival this year at the incredible Weaver Creek Spawning Grounds, just up the road from our regular Bald Eagle Festival sites.  This incredible spawning site annually hosts some 20,000 to 30,000 human visitors for close inspection of the spawning salmon.


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This Living Salish Sea

Wildlife News

 A film by Sarama, exploring the living treasures of the Salish Sea and the powerful undercurrents of resistance to the corporate fossil fuel agenda that threaten it.

 See more HERE


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