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Pretty Estates Bald Eagle Observatory getting ready!

Festivals and Fun

Hancock here: Wow -- the Pretty Estates Bald Eagle Observatory is nearing completion.

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This site will offer the public the greatest opportunity to view Bald Eagles anywhere in the world. The attached composite of Christian Sasse will be part of a regular count that we perform throughout the season to help us determine the seasonality of the eagles.

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Hancock and Sasse Count: Nov 8, 2013

Festivals and Fun

Indeed the eagles are arriving. - This morning at light Christian Sasse took a composite image of the Chehalis Flats and I just finished counting the birds present.

Nov 8, 2013: Composite Image of eagles sitting on the Chehalis Flats. I did not try counting eagles in the trees!

Adults: 343
Juveniles: 638 + 1 = 639

TOTAL: 981 + 1 sitting on our Chehalis Live Cam Tower. I didn't initially see him as he was above my count area on the first run through.

((NOTE: Here is the url to Christian's composite image. If you wish to look in more detail please allow the 20+ images to expand. I have to copy the image to my desktop before I can enlarge. Note that our Chehalis Tower is surrounded by eagles and one juvenile sits on the top. Probably that bird is full!


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2013 Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

Wildlife News




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982 Eagles spotted on the Harrison/Chehalis Flats and counting!


 You too can see this magnificent sight as the eagle numbers climb daily!

Come to the

Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival

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Gray Whale Dies

Wildlife News

This whale's death shows us what man has done to wildlife 

Gray whale dies bringing us a message — with stomach full of plastic trash

July 29, 2013, a sperm whale was stranded on Tershelling, a northern island in the Netherlands. A rescue attempt was attempted, but unfortunately the whale died. A young adult at 13.5 meters was taken for a necropsy at the port of Harlington. The sperm whale had plastic in its stomach, an increasing common phenomenon say researchers at the Biodiversity Centre Naturalis.  

See the rest of the story here ~

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Chehalis Flats Update

Wildlife News

Hancock here:  Attached is a Chehalis Flats image by Christian Sasse taken yesterday AM after the fog lifted and the fishermen passed by.  His big image showing part of the flats had just over 310 eagles on the ground and in the attached shot showing our tower, being used by two juveniles with just over 110 birds in the surrounding area, gives some indication that the eagles are already moving into the area.

Earlier I predicted that we would have the eagles likely arriving later than usual since there are good quantities of fish spawning on many of the northern BC and Alaskan rivers.  The long-time tradition is that the eagles stay feeding in the north until the fish are eaten or they are frozen under the ice.  Then the eagles come south.  On top of this of course are those eagles that have already in previous years learned that the Harrison-Chehalis area is a bonanza for much of the fall and winter and they come early.

Just over 60% of the eagles present are sub-adults which is a very high ratio.  However, when we reach 5000 to count the ratios will be more significant.  As one can see in Christian's attached image there are lots of fish scattered along the river banks and the main spawn has yet to happen.  I am looking forward to my trips with Jo and Rob (Fraser River Safari Tours ) in their boat for a closer look.  The first eagle tours begin on Nov. 16, the first day of the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival (FVBEF

Hope to see many of you at the FVBEF (see detail of activities at the above website) Nov 16 and 17 plus at the Sts'ailes Salmon Celebration, also held at Harrison Mills, on the following weekend: Saturday, Nov 23.  By the way Christian will be holding a photo exhibit of his "eagle prints" at Pretty Estates for a whole month.  Make sure you drop by and say hi to him.

For me one of the biggest pleasures this fall season will be seeing the eagles from  Betty Anne's new Bald Eagle Observatory -- located right on Pretty Estates just 100 meters from our -- her -- Harrison Mills Eagle cams.  Of course her tower is right on the edge of the Chehalis Flats looking out towards our tower with the two cams.   If you have not followed the Harrison Mills events take a look at the Chehalis Tower cams and click on Live Cameras and follow our "zoomers" who are constantly using the pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) function of the cams to find the nearby eagles.  Note in Christian's image that two juveniles are standing on the tower  -- our AXIS 35 X zoom can give an eyeball view at the range!  The Vivotek cam is 20 X zoom.

By the way I spoke with Ken earlier yesterday and he was on the way to the Pretty Estates Eagle Observatory.  We are trying to get live coverage of all the eagles and festival events taking place right at the Observatory.  We're trying!



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