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Amazing Rescue of Drowning Bald Eagle By Lobstermen Off The Coast Of Maine

Wildlife News
31 July 2017

Innovative thinking by some Maine lobstermen saves the life of a struggling bald eagle.

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Rehabbed eagle back in the wild

Wildlife News30 July 2017

DEERFIELD A young bald eagle that injured its wing four months ago got a rocky and wet reintroduction to the wild outdoors last Monday morning in Deerfield. Tom Ricardi of the Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Center in Conway had been caring for the

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B.C. hawk raised by bald eagles thrives in rare inter-species family

Wildlife News27 July 2017

Bird watchers were worried that the much smaller hawk would be killed by the eagle family but, so far, the eagles have accepted him.

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Also follow the adventures of Spunky the Hawklet on our forum discussion thread here:
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Who is that bird? Raptor gets attention, keeps pigeon population down at Placer County Jail

Wildlife News24 July 2017

A bird believed to be a red-tailed hawk has made the Placer County Jail at least its temporary home, and in the process is making it tough for pigeons to find peace there.

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Bald Eagle threat: Lead ammo left behind by hunters

Wildlife News16 July 2017

ALBANY, NY Bald eagles have made a remarkable recovery across the United States since the pesticide DDT was banned 45 years ago, but the majestic birds are still dying

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