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David Hancock to Speak in Victoria

Wildlife News


David Hancock will be speaking to the Victoria Natural History Society
September 28, 2016 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Murray and Anne Fraser Building, University of Victoria

David's eagle presentation is open to the public.  He hopes to see some of his long time friends and acquaintances from the University of Victoria, where he did his biological thesis, as well as other home town friends.


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Bald eagle found near death recovering in Ramona

Wildlife NewsDebbi BakerContact Reporter

September 26, 2016

A sickly bald eagle was found this week in Ramona. (Ali Crumpacker/The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center.)

A sickly bald eagle that was found lying on a trail in Ramona earlier this week and which may be suffering from West Nile Virus is recovering at a rescue center.

The majestic male adult bird was found lethargic and barely moving Monday night by a man hiking on a trial off Montecito Road. He wrapped the compliant eagle in a piece of clothing  and delivered him the next morning to The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, said Director Ali Crumpacker.

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Melatonin, Internal Clock Keep Fish Humming at Night

Wildlife NewsSep 22, 2016 05:50 PM ET

Researchers learn the secret to the nocturnal songs of the plainfin midshipman fish.

Melatonin, the same hormone that helps humans sleep and combat jet lag, teams with circadian rhythm to control the nocturnal mating song of male plainfin midshipman fish, a new study out of Cornell University finds.

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'World's saddest' polar bear offered new home in UK

Wildlife NewsPress Association
Monday 19 September 2016 13.50 EDT

Pizza the polar bear in the Grandview Aquarium, in Guangzhou, China. Photograph: VCG via Getty Images

A polar bear dubbed the “world’s saddest” because of its cramped living conditions in a Chinese shopping centre has been offered a new home at a UK wildlife park, an animal welfare charity has said.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park, in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, has made an offer to remove Pizza the polar bear from the Grandview Aquarium, in Guangzhou, Animals Asia said.

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2 Alberta parks so damaged they’re becoming unable to protect grizzly bears: study

Wildlife NewsBy Bob Weber The Canadian Press

Grizzly bears are listed as a threatened species in Alberta.
Photo Credit: Mark Bradley

Research suggests two parks proposed for the southwestern corner of Alberta are already so heavily used they’re becoming useless to the grizzly bears they are supposed to protect.

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