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Owl nest at Lowe’s prompts ‘do not touch’ sign

Wildlife News
21 April 2017

An owl family has decided that a Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Colorado makes the ideal home.

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Man climbs 95ft. pole to return baby bald eagle during storm

Wildlife News21 April 2017

An eaglet at the National Arboretum is on the mend after being rescued from its nest Thursday night.

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Hatched! Baby bald eagle attracts shutterbugs at Milpitas school

Wildlife News21 April 2017

Baby eagle near acres of sludge lagoons in a waste water treatment facility – proof that even in the mess of humanity, there’s room for a wild symbol of freedom.

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Note from David Hancock

Wildlife News

I just received this from David: 

Karen, Can you please send my apologies for not answering all the emails personally.

Thank you everyone who has reached out to David either personally or through me, his assistant.  I've been sending him all the condolences posted in our forums, facebook or emails sent to me.

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Response from David Hancock to Condolences for Mary

Wildlife News


As most of you know Mary was not just a compassionate loving and respectful individual but the word 'individual' with self-determination was so characteristic of her. To the last function, the 35 gathered in our living room for 'good-byes', Mary directed the agenda, trying to get the speakers to unsuccessfully talk about others and not her, but as you can imagine the many tear-jerking speeches were stories about her.

The last moments with Geoff, Fraser, Don, Mia and I holding her hands were wonderfully peaceful. She joked to the Doctor 25 seconds before her final, 'I was so privileged to have loved you.'

She has requested we spread a few ashes in our pond, in the Salish Sea, my garden and below as many eagle nests as possible.  I will never see an eagle again without seeing Mary my very best-ever friend in the world.

Thank you all.




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