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Woods & Waters: Tenacity of bald eagles helps symbolic bird weather storms

Wildlife News
23 September 2017

One of the benefits of writing an outdoor column is getting to meet people that I might never have otherwise have had the chance to talk with.

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Bald Eagle fully recovers and will be released

Wildlife News20 September 2017

It’s almost time for Rocky, the bald eagle, to fly high.

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Bald eagle who suffered electrical burn on his head is released back into the wild

Wildlife News19 September 2017

The bird, who became known for his feisty personality as he grew stronger, was nicknamed Bolt.

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Man Saves Injured Bald Eagle

Wildlife News13 September 2017

Wednesday morning, a man driving home in Dogtown, just west of Evansville, came across our national bird the bald eagle. But the eagle wasn’t flying …. It was hanging from a power line 30 feet over the road.

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Once-endangered bald eagles are now flourishing in Arizona

Wildlife News14 September 2017

Arizona’s bald eagle population expands with a record number hatched this year.

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