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By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Sunday, May 22 2011 @ 09:01 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

Jazzel i was at the Middle Cove nest until 9:10 p.m or a little later,i never ever seen pop's there,so i'm off to the area again at the crack of dawn
as i never feel very comfortable unless pop's return's,i have
witnessed osprey's fishing as late as they could until dark but wasn't too happy that after dark pop's was not there,possibly he might have went
a distance to find a fish considering we have had
a day of rain yesterday and the river's and pond's are a bit murky and the temperature is cold like 37 degree's and windshield factor put's it
below the freezing mark and the
fish may be down deep.But besides all that i decided i would post some more pic's of the area to give you a better idea of the area,the first picture
is of the distance that i watch the nest
from,a nice couple allow me to park in their driveway and watch away,they have spotted me with binoculars in hand at the start of their driveway
and they invited me to come into their property
to watch the nest whenever i want,thou i do ask if i'm a bother at the start of each year but they love to hear about the facts of ospreys and appear
enticed at my love for them.I have even been invited into their home
also,quite nice i have to admit,so to give you a good picture of the site,at the back of their driveway the first picture is of the distance i watch
from,it shows the garden field,which leads to a valley where a small stream
run's thru,then up from the valley on the other side at the top of the dead woods is the nest,approx. 600 feet in a straight line from there driveway.
the second picture shows what i call the gorge,and it's to the left of the nest,
as if they are on the South side of the gorge,and the second picture is on the north side of the gorge.The third picture is of the ocean which is
approx. 1000 feet to the left of the nest where there is a huge colony of Herring gulls
who love to tangle and harass the middle Cove osprey's,now momma is nesting and so are the herring gulls so for now there is peace in the valley.
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By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Sunday, May 22 2011 @ 09:03 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

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By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Sunday, May 22 2011 @ 09:06 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

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By: jazzel26 (offline) on Monday, May 23 2011 @ 01:02 AM EDT  

Quote by: Gerard

The female arrived on the 26th of April,the male on the 29th,nestorations were started and the nest is a beauty.There is a male
intruder that has been disturbing the nesting season,
however the resident male and female have been trying to run him off.On the tenth of May the intruder stole a fish off the nest
that was obviously left by the
resident male for the female,it was upsetting to see where-as the female had been gone from the nesting site i gather due to
the disruption of the intruder,it has been difficult
for the resident male to deliver fish with the intruder alway's on his tail.I spent two early morn'in's at the site on the 11th and twelved
and the resident male did deliver a fish to momma,
that made me very happy,although i'm alarmed that after 14 day's with the resident male,there is still no egg at this nest,i'm hoping
thing's go well but we
all know what went down at Black-water so i have my finger's crossed.Jazzel,do you have info you could provide me to as when egg's
are earliest expected as
according to the info in this post,that would be greatly appreciated.

Gerard, are you sure the resident male arrived 3 days after the resident female? This would explain intruder issues. Do you know the history on the nest?

When a resident pair return to their nest, they fish for themselves. Fish are not delivered to the nest by the male until eggs are laid, or a hatch. After eggs are laid a male may bring fish to the nest, the female will take the fish off the nest, the male will incubate. Some males just come in to incubate and the female fishes for herself. After a hatch, all fish (except EJ, LOCH GARTENTitter) are delivered by the male.

Fish left on a nest, are a sign of intruder/territory issues. Your "intruder" is likely the resident male trying to keep the intruder off his nest. The intruder would be the one leaving fish on the nest, to attract the female. And yes, females will stay off the nest when this type of dispute is going on...she'll be off fishing.

Established osprey pairs returning healthy, and without major nest repairs or intruder issues, should have eggs in 2 or 3 weeks. In a perfect nesting season there should be eggs now...this does not appear to be the case. Be patient, nature is at work...just are very good at observing, I know that from Ayers Island last seasonClapping

If you have more detailed observations or questions, just let me know...I'll do my best to helphug



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By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Monday, May 23 2011 @ 02:34 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

Thank you so much for that info,i have been familiar with that nest for three years but your infomation will help me a lot,most of your infomation i was aware of,but some of your information
is of great interest and a learning tool for me.I have devastating
news to deliver today Jazzel,the female was incubating last night,i waited well into the dark and the male never did show,really odd when he never showed up 40 minutes past sunset,as
i do observe this nest closely i was alarmed when the
female arose from the nest,it was practically to dark to see,but she stood up straight off the nest and disappeared,i was very alarmed as i know that usually when the sun set's,shortly after
as i have watched osprey's fishing during sunset and a little
later,but this was just too late and what i witnessed last night came to fruition fully this morn'in when i rushed to the site.There were those herring gulls again,both on the osprey nest and i
know that means the egg's were destroyed,whether it was the herring gull's
or the crows i will never know,but seeing two herring gulls told the story,i will now post that picture,there was no sign of momma,obviously she had to abandon the nest and fish for herself
for survival,truly heartbreaking for me but i
understand nature in it's beauty and brutality,and i have to accept what has happened.As i have witnessed on Hancock House Wildlife,the female comes back later to see that her egg or
egg's have been destroyed,i will leave this site after posting and relay
this on NF.BIRDS to see if anyone has any infomation and to be on the look out for an injured osprey but to find the bird and to know what has happened to him will more then likely
remain a mystery.The female did come back to the nest this afternoon
and was looking down at her destroyed egg's,this may be her only experience for this to happen to her,it was heartbreaking watching her looking down at the egg's,i will post the picture.
I have one question thou,if thee other male is still around and has not found a
mate is there any hope now for this season,i think not but you are an expert and i'm asking for your help,i never get emotional,but just writing this post has brought tears to my eyes,as
i used to be under the user name osprey83,that's when i spotted my first osprey in Fresh-Water bay,
that nesting site lasted till 2005,then no more,the other nest was in Portugal Cove but they moved somewhere else the next year,this was my last site where i can get to a osprey nest
and i feel like karma has hit me big time,a
lesson that has really devastated me and i will have to move on but it will take time,they are everything to me,i live and breathe osprey's and was so attached to this pair,Thanks from
the bottom of my heart for all the great information you provide to me.

By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Monday, May 23 2011 @ 02:38 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

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By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Monday, May 23 2011 @ 02:41 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

By: Anonymous: Gerard () on Monday, May 23 2011 @ 02:44 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Gerard

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