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By: Anonymous: Mamafrog () on Monday, May 24 2010 @ 05:23 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Mamafrog

I went down to observe the nest today. (Monday) I had my binoculars with me. I saw no hawks on the tower at all. I looked at the entire tower, all the levels. There were also no hawks on the KJRH tower. I also think I would have seen Kat if she was there, she is very healthy. (not nice to say a young lady is huge!!)

By: DoxieMom19 (offline) on Tuesday, May 25 2010 @ 09:42 AM EDT  

Quote by: WooHoo

I finally remembered to take my binocs for checking the nest. Yesterday around 5 p.m. I saw no activity and no signs of any member of the hawk family. Then, around 5:45 when i went back I saw Kat sitting up on the edge of the nest. He/she is huge - looks even bigger than Kay or Jay - one of the parents was facing South at the KJRH tower.

I'm wondering if Kat has fledged and was just returning to the nest - dunno - but I sure couldn't see any signs of life the first time and Kat seems too large to miss if he/she were there.

Cheers Grin

WooHoo wave, I was thinking the same exact thing! - we don't know if she's already fledged since we don't have the ability to watch her 24/7!! After having just finished reading the "After Fledge" Tulsa Hawk Thread for Thunder, I realize just how often Thunder visited the nest after fledging for feeding, etc.

Thank you so much for taking the time to run by the two towers.

~~ Live Well ~~ Laugh Often ~~ Love Much ~~


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By: Anonymous: Mamafrog () on Tuesday, May 25 2010 @ 06:21 PM EDT  
Anonymous: Mamafrog

This morning I had errands to run for Papafrog. I managed to go by the nest tower twice. On the first trip, I saw no hawks. But, on the second trip I was driving South on Utica. As I rounded the corner onto 41st, I glimpsed a large bird flying into a grove of trees on the South side of 41st. It looked like it was coming in for a landing. Then, as I got close to the Mazzios tower I could see one hawk on the highest pole. I pulled into the paking lot at Whole Foods and looked up to the nest. I could see a third bird in the nest. That bird seemed to be eating. So Kat has either not fledged or she is coming back to the nest to eat. (I included all the street names for Cat's benefit)

By: Anonymous: sallyls () on Wednesday, May 26 2010 @ 08:29 AM EDT  
Anonymous: sallyls

Grin Thanks so much for the "boots on the ground" reports from the tower!! It means a lot to thoseof us "watching" from far away.

By: Anonymous: Junie () on Wednesday, May 26 2010 @ 10:01 AM EDT  
Anonymous: Junie

wave Tulsa Hawksters' I caught up with everyone's posts'.!
Terrific observations' and keep them pic's coming folks Smile

Sallyis theres a yellow star beside the time just up above you're post - if you click on star it will bookmark last post you entered. Nest time you log on click on bookmark and it takes you directly to you're last posting. It does make it quicker and saves time going through other forum pages.
Hope this helps - PEB showed me as I was back and forward, up and down like a yoyo before her helpful hint!

Junie aka weeyin wave

By: Anonymous: catgirl () on Thursday, May 27 2010 @ 09:35 PM EDT  
Anonymous: catgirl

Thank you so much for the on the ground reports and photo while I was away.
I am back and ready to also catch some Kat action. After I unpacked a bit, started a load of laundry and opened the important mail, I headed down to the Mazzio's tower this evening around 7 pm. Kat was practicing at the nest, hopping, flapping, changing directions, up onto some wires while Kay watched from the top of the tower. The Kat disappeared from view so I found a different viewing spot and could see her hopping from the nest triangle to the next one and around the tower, back and forth - all at the nest level. She again disappeared from view and I was running out of time. As I drove off, I could see Kat perched on the south triangle platform area at the nest level.
I will keep checking as often as I can but tomorrow is a busy day for me (work, more unpacking, couple of kids heading off - everyday life after a vacation!!)
One photo of Kat going from one triangle platform to another.
Click on image to download

By: soph9 (offline) on Thursday, May 27 2010 @ 09:38 PM EDT  

beautiful pictureThank You


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By: DoxieMom19 (offline) on Saturday, May 29 2010 @ 10:44 AM EDT  

Fantastic photo Cat!! Welcome home! Kat sure looks like she's having some fun jumping around, testing those wings and strengthening her flight muscles Smile

~~ Live Well ~~ Laugh Often ~~ Love Much ~~


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